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Instagram, a popular mobile app that allows users to quickly share photos with their social networks, is officially the king of mobile. As of August 2012, the app has beaten Twitter in daily active users and average hours spent on the app. With the app's growing popularity, businesses cannot afford to ignore Instagram. In this presentation, Vancouver-based Internet Marketing company Global Bend offers an Instagram 101 that covers the following topics: - Instagram's features and why businesses should take notice. - The app's rise to fame — from quietly launching on Apple's App Store to being acquired by Facebook. - Best practices and tips for businesses and organizations when using Instagram Based in Vancouver, Global Bend provides digital marketing solutions for small and medium sized enterprises looking to grow their online presence. Visit for more information.


  • InstagramFor BusinessesPresented by:Global Bend@globalbend
  • WHAT IS INSTAGRAM?We looked at digital photos andrealized very few exciting thingshad happened in the last 5 years.Were setting out to change that,and this release is our first step along the way. - Instagram, 2010
  • WHAT IS INSTAGRAM?Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos withfriends and family.>>> A free photo application for iPhone or Android>>> Lets you take photos (or use existing ones in your photo library) andapply filters to them.
  • HISTORYNovember 2010>>> Instagram was released in Apples app store.January 2011>>> Added hashtagsApril 2012>>> Made available for AndroidApril 2012>>> Acquired by Facebook for $1 billionAugust 2012>>> Instagram trumps Twitter in daily mobile us-ageSource:
  • FEATURES>>> Easy-to-apply filters to change the lookof your photos>>> Integration with the biggest platforms:Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare>>> Option to use flash>>> Likes and comments to facilitate engage-ment in the platform>>> Geo-tagging>>> Explore feature to find popular posts
  • WHY USE INSTAGRAMMobile- Instagram is #1 in mobile, which is increasinglybecoming more important for marketers as tablets andsmartphones become more popular.Visuals- Social is becoming more visual and users of socialnetworks expect photos. Studies after studies haveshown that photos get higher engagement.Facebook!Since Instagram has been acquired by Facebook, youcan only expect deeper integration between these twoplatforms in the future. With over 1 billion monthlyactvite users, Facebook is still the most popular socialnetwork.
  • BEST PRACTICES1. Complete your profile. > Add an introduction > elect an Instagram ID thats con- S sistent with your other social me- dia profiles. (Tip: Have the same Instagram ID and Twitter handle.) > Add a profile photo.
  • BEST PRACTICES2. Add information to your photos. > se hashtags for exam- U ple, when at events, use the applicable hashtags. > dd the location to your A photos. > hen appropriate, tag W people or businesses with their Instagram ID.
  • BEST PRACTICES3. Integrate other social networks. > onnect Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, C and other social networks. > hen appropriate, cross-post W to other pages using Instagrams interface.
  • BEST PRACTICES4. Be creative with your photos. > emember the basics of photog- R raphy: look for interesting lines, great composition, and colours when taking photos. > hare a variety of visual content S show off your products, show- case your employees, provide a behind the scenes preview, and share interesting and adorable photos.
  • BEST PRACTICES5.Engage! > ollow interesting individual and F business accounts on Instagram. > Like great photos on your stream. > ind popular photos using the F Explore functionality. > hen appropriate, leave a com- W ment to photos. > romote your Instagram page P on your website or through your other social networks.
  • About Global BendBased in Vancouver, Global Bend provides digital marketing solutions forsmall and medium sized enterprises looking to grow their online pres-ence. We drive traffic to our clients through media giants like Google,Facebook, MSN and Twitter and maintain a strong focus on convertingthat traffic into business for you.Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Global Bend leads through inno-vation while being true to its geographical roots. Committed to deliver-ing a unique digital experience to our customers, Global Bend focuseson real-time customer interaction with top-quality topical content.For more information:Contact us at (778) 870-2276 or email us at