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A monthly compilation of tips, articles and other resources for teachers


  • 1. March 2012Volume 6, Issue 3 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching also available on the blog. This month. teachers must be literally Teacher Plus is an excellent It has been a long pending Gods on earth (parents!) for children who are first magazine for school initiative, but I think the time generation learners. I teachers, coming up with a is right NOW! This is just the share an experience with special issue on English first step on the long road to all of you in this issue. A teaching. Get yourself a fully on-line content. I guess,First generation number of new links copy! Enjoy the cartoon as always, things will happenlearners..2 caption, the jokes.. and get in time. Yes, we will be going pointing to resources andFaculty of the month stories of success are busy with your exams. on-line this month.. . 3 Uma Garimella Acharya Devo Bhava being shared. They areInteresting links 4 Going online with LENSOO a new direction for Teachers AcademyPicture caption andjokes ..4LensooEcoSystem..5Teacher Plus double Lensoo is a new online learning marketplace that provides the complete ecosystem for e-issue on English learning incorporating social technologies. It provides opportunity for learners, expertsteaching 5 and publishers to create a social technology driven global e-learning marketplace. Teachers Academy has signed up as a publisher on Lensoo and will be shortly offering training programs online. Both offline and online workshops will be followed by interaction on the Lensoo platform, in order to get the benefit of continuous collaboration among the members of Teachers Academy. Read page 5 for benefits of using Lensoo. Other than enrolling for courses published by Teachers Academy, many of you can sign up as experts and publishers. All you have to do now is: 1. Register on 2. Go to the Facebook page of Lensoo and hit the the Like button. 3. Go to Youtube and go to the Lensooinc channel/page and subscribe to the channel. 4. Start using the features of community 5. Use the groups feature when it becomes functional shortly!
  • 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6The challenges of first generation learners - Uma Garimella were changed in any way. AsFor want of an appropriate These two are the sincere a college teacher, I knowword, I have made up the students who came for my adult students still in thatword schooler. A scholar is Sunday School which I ran for state.generally used for a very an year at Sainikpuri, a few Frustrated at the state oflearned person and the word years back. affairs, I had gone to alearner need not mean The parents of these children school named Anandasomeone learning in school! are not educated but are very Bharathi. Started in 1989Since I want to write about keen on their childrens by Late Mrs. Janaki Iyer, itchildren who go to school I education. They pay fees and runs with the support ofwill use the word schooler. admit their children in volunteers and fewMy daughter and I were reasonably good schools, but employees. Anandahaving dinner at an Udupi teachers cant pay attention to Bharathi conductsrestaurant on a Saturday every single child in school and nonformal classes innight, and due to the crowd, private tutors arent doing any Secunderabad for youngthe waiter seated a young better. domestic workers who livecouple with a three-year old Initially when I looked at their in a nearby slum. There areson at our table. The boy school books I was shocked about 30 students between 5started looking at the menu that these children couldnt and 16 years of age.card and spelling out all the read individual alphabets The goals differ from oneitems. I-D-L-Y, S-A-M-B-A- quickly and didnt understand student to another--thoseR etc. He didnt have to be the words in the sentences. For who have dropped out ofprompted and he wasnt example, they said Kashmir is school fairly recently aredoing this to show off! The in the north of India but encouraged to give boardmoment he saw a book it didnt understand the meaning exams privately; otherswas his natural instinct to of any word in it. They had acquire basic literacy inread from it. division in mathematics but English, Telugu and Hindi.I contrasted this scene with didnt know even subtraction. The curriculum for all thethe one I used to have every They were literally at nursery students includesSunday. Two children in 4th level but studying in higher knowledge about theand 6th standards, and who classes. And they were environment, health andhave scored good grades and completely relying on some hygiene, and crafts.double promotions in their pattern matching technique One of the teachers thereschool, struggle to identify combined with teachers giving told me not to try correctingalphabets or understand important questions to pass the education which thewords, while they can reel their exams (with flying children were receiving inoff answers from memory or colors). They wouldnt know school in the four hours Ieven write them down. the answers if the questions spend on Sundays.Contd
  • 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring TeachersProf Bholanath Dutta Faculty of the Month Soldier at the tender age of 16.5 me in every class. For more years. After putting up of 15 details please read the book years of dedicated service in written by me: Teaching IAF, I left the Job and joined as Learning Process in a lecturer in MBA Department. Management Education This is a platform for Request please go through my published by ICFAI Book. all management autobiography Making of a 4. How can we get education related Teacher- The journey competent post discussion. The Continues for details. graduates/ PhDs to platform has helped 2. How much of your time choose teaching as a MTCians in numerous do you spend in classroom career? ways through teaching? Financial benefits areProf. Bholanath Dutta is a assignment like guest I have 13.5 hrs of teaching definitely important andManagement Teacher, lecture, consultancy, work load per week. I feel as a presently salary is equallyconsultant, trainer and MDP, recruitment, teacher we need to work harder good. We must tell them theacademic leader having 20+ placement, strong than student to prepare for the wide prospects andyears of experience as varied networking and the class whether it is online opportunities for a teacher:as industry, academic, most important is information search or desk Teaching, Consultancy,teaching, administration, development of research or preparing creative Project, Writing Books,research and consultancy. He knowledge capital and activities for the class. Paper, Chair professor,is presently working with social capital through 3. What kind of methods Advisors et al. At the end,CMR Institute of Technology, knowledge sharing. do you use to make the prospect must LOVE theBangalore. He is the Founder, Our mission is students participate in profession which is veryPresident & Convener of Educate, Empower, class? important.Management Teachers Elevate. The platform I strongly feel the collaborative 5. Tell us something aboutConsortium, Global has helped MTCians in OR participative method is the MTC Global.( IBC, numerous ways best way of teaching at MBA MTC Global started in a veryCambridge, England has through assignment level. I rely on Activity Based small way on 29.06.2010included his profile amongst like guest lecture, Learning case study, student with one member and today"2000 Outstanding consultancy, MDP, seminar, role play, is the strongest team ofIntellectuals of the 21st recruitment, management games, 5000+ managementCentury" in the year 2011. placement, strong simulation exercise, critical educators and executives networking and the discussion question, internet from corporate across the1. Tell us briefly about most important is based activity, journal/book world.yourself and your choice of knowledge sharing and review , panel discussion , Read more atcareer knowledge debate, GD et al. I ensure that started my professional development. students ask lot of questions to holanath-dutta.shtmlcareer in Indian Air Force as a
  • 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Interesting Links 1. A professor from Stanford puts courses free online 2. Students connect with community 3. Running a venture on campus 4. Invest in reading READING.html?atype=tp Picture Caption Contest 5. Nice initiative in helping teachers"No child, he wasnt on-innovative-teaching_1653249imitating Black EyedPees. Its Black Eyed 6. Parenting tipsPeas" Cattirisetti victim-behind-the-aggressor/Humour 7. One man makes it his business to educate girls tell me Khan-of-Sikar/Article1-813913.aspxsomething about thepeople of 18th century 8. If you want to change the civic life in India, only you can do itStudent: They are all! 9. World Read Aloud day - volunteers neededTeacher: Rahul, A for? Apple for.htmlTeacher: Jor se boloRahul: Jai Mata Di 10. World over attarcting and retaining students in engineering is a challenge, not in India though! What retain-students/28745happened in 1869?Student:Gandhi ji was 11. Even Harvard talks of pedagogy!born. Very good!Now, tell me what 12. Teachers wanting to use newspapers in classroom, here are two excellenthappened in 1873? resourcesStudent:Gandhiji was World leading newspaper front pagesfour years old. Lesson plans with newspapers 13. Another magazine for teachers My sessions in Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference 14. Some causes to current values in education
  • 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring TeachersLensoo EcoSystemCollaborative Learning Providing next generation learning Teacher Plus Magazine announces! experience Personalized user experience Enhanced learning effectivenessMultiple learning modes Real Time audio/video communication between a learner and teacher Real time collaboration with integrated study group Knowledge Repositories Scheduled virtual coaching and mentoring interaction with learning communities
  • 6. Challenges of first generation learnersTeachers Academy Instead, involve them in backgrounds, many of them equipping socially and educational games that first generation schoolers economically under- would motivate them to in the family. These children privileged children to join Hyderabad study. This was an have no support during their the mainstream as equal important lesson I learnt homework or anyone to and active members. PHONE: 97011 41118 and used I then started check their school work. Sevalaya is another such encouraging them to draw, So their foundation is not school, located in a village E-MAIL: solve Sudoku puzzles, play properly laid. With the near Chennai which word building games, examination and assessment transformed 15 villages identify words in letter system as it is, they move on around it. Offering free grids, find differences in to higher classes. And they education upto XII, many of pictures etc. They enjoyed struggle more and more. its students have moved on the learning and their Centre for Learning, near to good careers. concentration and Army dairy at Secunderabad ( ) behaviour changed over a is another effort to help Acharya devo bhava meant period of time. children acquire academic to look up to your teacher As education becomes more skills, a zest for learning and as God. But for these accessible (which is very self-confidence. children, we teachers have good) we have students (http://www.centreforlearni to become the parents who coming from diverse CFL is recognized in would have sincerely cared See us at: for their education with no Help us reach more people. strings attached. Do read the blog and leave your comments on-line Click on like Uma Garimella