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  • 1. January 2012Volume 6, Issue 1 Inspiring TeachersDriving educational change through excellence in teachingEditors CommentsWe have entered a new calendar year and Send in your ideas for ourmy greetings to you all! But years are justprojectsnumbers, arent they? And every year, itsthe same story. Resolutions, hope, routine, What would you like us to do this year?reviews and count down to another year, Training? Seminars? Conferences onArticles this month:and zero hour!!! We need to see whatteaching? Student awareness? ParentFaculty of the Month...2impact we are having, how we like to be Awareness? Teachers placements?remembered, how we live our life. In fact,Showcasing great teachers? Publish books?Paradigm Shift ..3I have been reflecting a lot for the past few Anything else? Do write to us and find yourCaption Contest weeks on what is the direction of the name in the project..3Academy!See article on these pictures on page 3Must Watch Websites I will uncover these as the year goes, but.4will be happy if my readers can send someClassroom Humourpossible activities for the Academy this.4year.Open Source TeachersThis months faculty is Dr Arundhati Handbook 5Sardesai, called Maya Tai by everyone. Imet her at Sholapur and saw her energyand enthusiasm. Was surprised to see herage in the profile! Apart from formaldegrees, she has learnt a lot from herhobbies and she shares with all herstudents.In this issue, we have our fare of usefullinks, picture caption contest andinvitation to contribute to an open sourceteachers handbook. And do get a newview of the world and life in 2012!Read page 3.Happy reading Uma Garimella

2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Faculty of the monthDr Arundhati Sardesai, Manavya, Pune (Read full interview at carving a good teachers Chinese-Inca-Mayan and on them. It was many local civilizations. I How did you get carved on the tender minds have the capsule issues of initiated into teaching? of my students, that their It was the third quarter of Times of India (1838 achievements will be valued an academic year in one ofonwards) and the issues of along with the higher the very reputed Delhijournals of American achievers of the whole class. Freedom. Though I am a schools when I joined it as a I never encouraged an total atheist I have teacher of Mathematics, in excellence of a single personDr Mrs Arundhati Sardesaiplace of a young person who wonderful miniature idolsis a well known educationist better than the rest when was getting married. I hadof gods and goddesses. I amand writer. She is on boardthe class was showingof several educational and typical regional accents in a regular trekker and doresearch institutions and is average performance. those days. My students cycling and walking to keepcurrently actively engaged According to me, it is a dutyin Manavya - a residential were not very happy as theme and rehabilitationof the highest achiever to image of their previous What kind ofcenter of HIV/AIDS affectedmake others come on par teacher was not matchinginnovations do you dodestitute/orphaned childrenand women. with him to fight a tough me. I was trying my best to in teaching?The reason she is profiled competition with the rest. please them. At the end ofAll my treasure is usedhere is that she has been ateacher all her life, in My own sons were also that academic year I couldwhile teaching or givingschools and colleges. Andtaught the same thing. That not promote two of my class lectures on any academicshe led some teacher gave wonderful results. Alleducation institutes likestudents which made mesubject or on social issues. IRaja Shree Shivaraya my students realised the extremely sad. Even inlike to use maps whilePratishthan and Meenatai value of sharing andThakre D. Ed.College,those days, I was a believerteaching so that people getPune and worked for adultgenuine competition in all of a Spearmans theory, thatexact idea about the placesliteracy too. fields.She delivers many talks on 95% students must they are taken to! The mapsAIR Pune, varied publicWhat are your other understand 95% of yourcan be used in languages,functions and has writteninterests?articles in Hindi, English teaching, to be a teacher.I am having a goodHistory, Geography,and Marathi in journals &My truthful tears with thosecollection of fossils Sociology etc. My trekkingmagazines.She has varied educational students and their parents(Himalayan and other),expeditions, photos anddegrees in Maths tochanged the picture about coins (right from Mughal- videos provide them newPhilosophy and Law, ofcourse always at the top ofme amongst students and Shivaji period to the latestinspiration. When I take myher class. She has receivedfellow teachers. When commemorative coins madestudents/enthusiast, toseveral awards for her workin education and socialIndian Air Force posted usby RBI), I am having Firstdifferent forts in Sahyadriwork.out of Delhi after threeDay covers and Stamps and we clean water tanks, years, I could not erase theprinted by Indian Postroads and environment, picture of the previous Office, crystals and stones I they feel proud to be teacher from students mind like to gather, I haveassociated with the hard but I was successful in collected remains of Indus- work. 3. Page 3 of 6Inspiring TeachersParadigm Shift - a new way of looking at the world Uma Garimellaterms of paradigms or mapsAre you wondering whatEarth. With the traditionalemerging out of theirthe pictures on page 1 are? (Mercator) map Greenlandexperience and conditioning,Well, one is a down under and China look to be the samethese maps are not themap made in Australia. And size but in reality China isterritory. They are a subjectivethe other a Pacific centred almost 4 times larger! Soreality only an attempt tomap.much for geography!describe the reality he goesEver wondered why weI saw this map when I was inon to write. What an aptshould always have northFrance in 1995.metaphor! We mistake the mapon top? Arent North, Perhaps most of you havefor the reality, whereas it is Caption describingSouth, East and Westgrown up with digital clocks picture or graphic.only a representation of reality.purely arbitrary choices we and actually wonder about theAnd does anyone know thehumans have made to haveorigin of the word clockwise,reality? Even science hasa frame of reference? Yes,for us well the clock hasaccepted that quantum physicsand any other choice wouldalways been that way. So itis not objective but changeshave been equally right.was a pleasant surprise to seewith the observer!Sharath Chandra: AnBut the downside (pun an anti-clockwise clockengineering student provingDr Wayne Dyer also writesintended) of any frame of which my friend made. Itit to the professor.about giving up black andreference is that it puts ustakes a while to read the timewhite thinking in his Ratna Manjari: Simplein only one frame. After afrom this clock since we areErroneous Zones. Thinking question, mind bogglingwhile (like a few decades)so used to clockwise clock.that there is only your way ofsolution.we start to believe that the(see more left handed stuff athttp://www.anythingleft-thinking or doing something isframe is the reality. Nalini Marthi: We are sure way to unhappiness. We awesome twosome!The reason the second mapStephen Covey in his Sevenneed to cultivate this openlooks a little distorted bymind. For example,Original: In an increasinglyour standards is yet another Habits of Highly Effectivetry to do things with your non- complex world, sometimesnew perspective. All map People talks about Paradigmold questions require newShift that happens when dominant hand, followprojections distort the answerssuddenly you get to know thedifferent routes whereversurface of earth in somesituation from another angle. possible, read a differentShantaram: Stuck up withfashion because we arenewspaper etc 2? Let me help you?moving from a 3-d sphereHe gives an example of anoisy family entering the Another safe and sound way is(oblate spheroid for thosetrain much to everyonesto become good listeners. Itswho want to be accurate) toannoyance until the fatheramazing how listening toa 2-d map. The pacificreveals that the children had another person with yourcentred map given here isjust lost their mother. What100% attention opens up newan equal area map whichan astounding paradigm- vistas for you, to look at theDr. Arno Peters created as ashift! To quote Covey: Whileworld from the speakers pointnew projection method thatindividuals may look at their of view. Contd on p 6dramatically improves theaccuracy of how we see theown lives and interactions in 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6Son to father: My teacher pointed at mewith a ruler & said: TEACHER: In this box, I have a 10-At the End of this Ruler is an Idiot I still foot snake.dont get why I got rusticated.SAMMY: You cant fool me, Teacher...I only asked him, Which End Sir? snakes dont have feet.Announcement in University:"The students who have parked their cars Physics Teacher: "Isaac Newton wason the driveway, please move them" sitting under a tree when an apple fellAnother announcement after 20 minuteson his head and he discovered gravity. Classroom HumourIsnt that wonderful?""The 200 students who went to move 9cars please return to their respective Student: "Yes sir, if he had been sittingclasses" in class looking at books like us, heMaster: How Old is ur father?wouldnt have discovered anything."Pappu: As old as I am.Master: How is it possible?Pappu: He became father only after I wasborn.Must watch websites available at 1. Academically adrift! A study finds that college grads dont learn much because of low expectations of faculty! 2. Assessment of graduating students 3. Earn a masters degree in teaching 4. IBM predicts future technologies 5. Save the earth 6. Hand Shadowgraphy by Amar Sen On Calcutta 7. MIT adds assessment to its OCW to offer certificates/degrees online 8. Computer science is beyond just using IT curriculum needs a reboot 9. Google and Pearson team up for free LMS 5. Page 5 of 6Inspiring TeachersOpen Source Teachers HandbookMany people understand what is Open Source in software a philosophy which gives access to the products sourcematerial. It is also a philosophy where people contribute and cooperate to build a product. Bhagirathi Behera, ateacher with more than 10 yrs experience and now working as a principal has initiated a book compilation projectwith the help of the community of teachers. He has partnered with Teachers Academy to bring out this compilationof experiences, opinions, ideas and expertise and make it available to all teachers. Your contributions will appearwith your name in the book.Involving ParentsDeadlinesWhat do you need to do? 1. What role have parents played (and are playing) in shaping30 March 2012- Last date toPlease respond to the followingtodays education system? receive responses forquestions and send to us along questionnaire.2. What are some ways youwith your picture and brief profile involve parents in your 30 April 2012- Announcing(include information about highschool, college, activities, honors, student development editorial team and title of the bookwork experience, why you havestrategy?chosen teaching as a career, what 3. How do you approach a 5 September 2012 -are your strengths as a teacher, parent who is upset and Inauguration of the book atyour career goals in next 1, 3, 5and/or angry? Hyderabadand 10 yrs )Teaching If you want to be on the4. Explain how you structure theQUESTIONSeditorial team 40/45 minutes of a classYour philosophy of teachingperiod? Any educator interested to be a1. Think of your best teachers. 5. How much effort do you putpart of the team can contact What positive characteristics in planning this lesson? (inpersonally on 8084125247, or do you believe these teachers terms of subject, method, 9440607287 had? Which of these aids) Mail us at characteristics do you believe 6. How do you cater to the you have? different needs of students inil.com2. Think of your worst teachers. your class? What mistakes did they make7. How do you incorporate or qualities did they have? technology into yourProject Coordinator: instructions? BHAGIRATHI BEHERA How are you avoiding those PRINCIPAL mistakes/qualities?Classroom management1. How do you handle disruptiveGREEN VALLEY3. What three words would your INTERNATIONAL students use to describe you? students in the classroom?SCHOOL,MALINAGAR4. Define student and school Any special strategies for the SAMASTIPUR ,BIHAR-848125 according to you. occasional and for the5. How do you see the teachersrepetitive behavior? status and role in society 2. How do you create an change in the recent past?atmosphere of tolerance andBeyond class friendship among students in6. What is the purpose ofyour class? homework / projects? What is your typical homework / project? 6. Inspiring TeachersPage 6 of 6 Teachers AcademyParadigm Shift contd from page 3Hyderabad On a more serious note, I work with an NGO and have come across many differentlyabled people. It is truly a humbling experience to see them perform routine tasks in a PHONE: 97011 41118completely different way from my thinking. Paraplegics getting into a chaireffortlessly, blind persons adept at computers and mobiles, deaf and dumb persons E-MAIL:having a lively chat using sign language, polio affected persons driving vehicles info@inspiring-teachers.comthere is really no end to this list. I have realised that differently abled is not just apolitically correct version for physically challenged but it is actually true. Forexample, if I dont know how to ride a bicycle or drive a car or stitch clothes issomeone who can do that more able than me? Am I not challenged as far as thesetasks are concerned? Come to think of it, there are millions of tasks and skills one canhave. But we probably have a hundred or thousand of them. So by all means, we arechallenged for the remaining skills.While every living being has a tremendous potential for adaptation (to circumstancesand to disability), all of us need to always keep the other view in mind and not have afixed map! Sometimes just looking at the world with a shirshaasan may help.See us at:Help us make the website better www.teachersacademy.cowww.theprofessor.inDo read the blog and leave your comments on-line contest and other discussions are being posted on this page your questions on and get answers from expertsSuggest a faculty to be profiled as FoM the person should be dedicated to the teaching career, doing something innovative and must be a source of inspirationHelp us reach more peopleForward this newsletterAsk your friends to sign up, its FREEClick on like