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  • 1. INSPIRING SOFTWAREBe in control of your businessAleksandra Peneva, International Sales DirectorJanuary 2013

2. Key Features of Inspiring Software Web based User friendly and intuitive interface Hardware independent Installed or hosted Multilingual Modular Scalable Training and knowledge transfer Highly sophisticated consultancy Can be integrated into virtually any system Very easy to implement2 3. Inspiring Software: Methodology3 4. Inspiring Software Technology Platform: Modules4 5. Inspiring Software: Professional Services We aim to provide solutions, rather than products. That is why every customer interaction for us is a project which deserves the following services: Consultancy: grow and improve your business Advice: take the right decision Implementation: integrate our technology in your operations Training: expand your knowledge and expertise Support: never feel alone or helpless5 6. Inspiring Software: Energy Management6 7. Inspiring Software: Energy Management We work towards achieving comprehensive energymanagement7 8. Inspiring Software: Energy Management Do you want to know: HOW your facility consumes energy? WHY it consumes so much? WHERE to implement efficiency measures to reach the highest benefit? WHAT particular efficiency measures to implement? HOW to optimize the production of energy? WHAT are your energy costs? HOW to reduce your energy costs?ENERGY MODELS are the answer8 9. Inspiring Software: Energy Management The Energy Model lets you: Take control of your energy consumption Manage and reduce your energy costs Check and monitor your facilitys real efficiency Optimize your business operations Make Energy Management part of your corporate responsibility9 10. Inspiring Software: Clear Energy AnalysisCUSUM chart10 11. Inspiring Software: Consumption MonitoringConsumption charts: power consumption over time11 12. Inspiring Software: Performance MonitoringDashboard: real-time percentual values of Perfomance Ratio (PR)and plant productivity, produced energy and following day forecast.12 13. Inspiring Software: A Case Study13 14. The Facts: COOP is a system of Italian consumers cooperatives which operates the largest supermarket chain in Italy Our project was with COOP Adriatic District on 6 sites, all distribution centers 200 million product loads turnover a year 750 employees Energy consumption of 17,500,000 kWh a year Main energy users -> cooling facilities and machinery The Requirements: Find out the pattern of energy consumption Find out the causes for changes in consumption Evaluate the impact of energy on the business Train the company on the techniques for the assessment of energy consumption Implement the foundations for long-term energy efficiency policies and evaluate their effectiveness14 15. ROI within 1 year! Inspiring Softwares Solution: Energy audit: identification & acquisition of consumption datafrom primary energy sources; get to know the business Construct a consumption model for each site and identifyinefficiencies, energy drivers and cost-saving opportunities Consumption monitoring: analysis and control of energyconsumption Energy costs: control budgets and implement operationalimprovements so as to reduce costs and waste The Results: The Client Has a practical tool for energy monitoring & analysis Has an effective energy management policy Can now forecast & control energy consumption Has reduced energy demand by 2%, maintenance costs by 20%, and waste by 10% Has reduced energy costs by 53,000 Can monitor and control CO2 emissions15 16. Inspiring Software: Maintenance Management16 17. Inspiring Software: Maintenance Management We work towards achieving comprehensive optimization and management of your facility FACILITY17 18. Inspiring Software: Maintenance ManagementDo you want to: Easily organize, visualize, and monitor your assets Have all types of valuable asset information at hand Optimize and manage your maintenance processes, andmake them more lean Implement practices of predictive and planned maintenance Analyze your facilitys performance Know and control your costs and much more?Inspiring Software will help you do that.18 19. Inspiring Software: CMMS/EAM19 20. Inspiring Software: Control Over Your Operations Planned maintenance: Gantt and scheduling20 21. Inspiring Software: KPIs Performance monitoring: technical and economical KPIs21 22. Inspiring Software: Engineering FMECA/FMEA: criticality graphs22 23. Inspiring Software: A Case Study23 24. The Facts: Problem with a Scolari roaster Very often out of order due to the bow rejecting the coffee load Average downtime 1 working day High maintenance costs, > 50,000 euro Higher total production costs, > 100,000 euro The Requirements: Implement an ongoing maintenance plan and procedure in the plant Web-based solution with high database capabilities which is easy to use and has high analytical power Identify and resolve the machine problem Reduce costs Eliminate wastage and optimize production24 25. Inspiring Softwares Solution: Equip the roaster with 24H predictive monitoring Perform FMECA 1 which includes making a functionaldissection of the roaster in 4 macro areas deciding uponcriticality parameters Perform FMECA 2 which includes obtaining a Global CriticalValue for each component of the 4 areas Digitalize and display all necessary asset information Install a CMMS The Results: Increased reliability of roaster by 66% Increased reliability of entire plant by 50% Almost immediate positive return on investment Reduced costs 20% A leaner plant and maintenance program A more autonomous lower management25 26. Inspiring Software Customers26 27. Thank you for the attention!Interested? Get in touch withus right away!27 28. Inspiring Software srlCONTACTSVia Milano, 15/iI-20060 Bussero MIAleksandra PenevaInternational Sales Director +44 207 193 3054 +39 334 737 0072 a.peneva@inspiringsoftware.comFOLLOW USWWW.INSPIRINGSOFTWARE.COM