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we are often influenced by other and forget our real identity .therefore here i present you some quotes which force us to think about the things which are more important in our life.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>HERE I PRESENT SOME QUOTES.</p> <p>Im going to offer my interpretation and why I think they are great for self development purposes.QUOTES. A word we are familiar with..A sentence which inspire us is a QUOTE.A sentence which show us light in hopelessness is QUOTE.A sentence which bring smile on face is QUOTE.A sentence which motivate us is a QUOTE.A sentence which have deep meaning is QUOTE.A sentence which motivate us is a QUOTE.</p> <p>Nothing has meaning, and I literally mean nothing, until you give it one. There is no reality in your life other than the one you create and you create that reality by thinking about things and running them through your belief system.We say things are good, and thats a belief. We say things are bad and again thats a belief.Even though you may get millions of people to agree on the definition of a certain event as being good or bad, that doesnt make it so, its merely a collective viewpoint.Too many people dont push themselves to greater heights because they feel a lack of confidence. They believe that confidence comes from achievement. Confidence in yourself = Trust in yourself You dont have to know how to do something to trust yourself to give it your best shot. There is always the first person to do something and they did it with knowing they could. If you trust yourself and also realize that any failure is a learning experiences anyway, you will amaze yourself at what you can achieve.</p> <p>I think everyone should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that wasnt the answer</p> <p>No doubt when one set off on his career he believed that fame, adulation and lots of money would make him a happier person. Rather unsurprisingly to anybody that has studied these things, it didnt. Wherever you go you take your head with you and all that it contains. Expanding your bank account and knowing that so many people admire you will not straighten out self doubt and it will not raise self esteem.I love this quote, but it needed a lot of thought to make sense to me. I dont think there is an issue in wanting a better life for yourself. I think its perfectly normal and a hard-wired desire to want to make the best of ourselves and our life.I think the issue is believing youhaveto have a better life, that the one you have in not good enough and you attaching your happiness to that belief. Sure, want a better life, but be accepting and relaxed about the one you have at the moment because its the only one you do have.There are now over 7 billion people on this planet and that means there are over 7 billion different belief systems. Our reality is built upon our belief system and our belief system dictates how we view the world. In other words, there is no one reality, but 7+ billion realities each seeming as real to that person as yours does to you.If you can accept that the possibilities for compassion, understanding and tolerance are endless.Its a way of explaining to people that they have so much more potential than they almost certainly realize. The only problem with potential though is that it is completely useless unless its achieved. Ships should indeed go to sea, but equally human beings should leave their comfort zone if they want to start fulfilling their potential. You cannot grow as a person without going through some discomfort, so raise your anchor and get your ass moving toward the ocean because when you finally get there youll realize how amazing it is.</p> <p>Everyone has a opinion about us either good or bad but what do you think of yourself, what opinion do you have about yourself is more important than others opinion . If others think you are bad then let them think but keep a hand on your heart then ask yourself that are they right and if they are then change yourself ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART</p>