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  • Inspire Your Creativity with a Whole New World of Embroidery.


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    MINIMUM PC Requirement Before installing the software on your computer, make sure that the computer meets the following requirements.

    Package Contents

    Optional Accessories (Separate purchase required.)Embroidery Card Library

    Upgrade Kit for PE-DESIGN 5/6 Users

    Choose from over 100 design embroidery cards

    Embroidery Threads

    Brother offers a variety of embroidery threadincluding metallics and flesh tones.

    NEWHTML Instruction Manual is included on CD-ROM.


    Operation System



    IBM PC or compatible computer

    Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

    Pentium 800 MHz or higher

    128MB (512MB or more is recommended)

    Hard disk free space



    CD-ROM drive

    100MB (PE-DESIGN Lite), 200MB (PE-DESIGN 7)

    SVGA ( 800 x 600 ), 16-bit colour or higher

    USB ver.1.1 or higher

    Required for installation


    Upgrade Kit for PE-DESIGN Lite Users



    Brother International (Aust) Pty LtdCorporate Web-site: NSW/ACT: 7 Khartoum Rd. North Ryde NSW 2113 Phone: (02) 9887 4344 Fax: (02) 9870 7234VIC: 1/733 Whitehorse Rd. Mont Albert VIC 3127 Phone: (03) 9899 4844 Fax: (03) 9899 4833QLD/NT: 245 Riverside Drive. West End QLD 4101 Phone: (07) 3255 1211 Fax: (07) 3255 1911SA/TAS: Unit 4, 13 King William Rd. Unley SA 5061 Phone: (08) 8272 1300 Fax: (08) 8272 1199WA: 117 Great Eastern Highway. Belmont WA 6104 Phone: (08) 9478 1955 Fax: (08) 9277 2177All specifications subject to change without notice






  • You can finish alloperation in one singleapplication.

    lets you make original embroideryquickly and easily with simple steps in one application.

    PE-DESIGN Lite

    Love simplicity? Go for PE -DESIGN Lite.If you want to get into embroidery, PE-DESIGN Lite is the product for you. Great results with easy operation in one single application.

    FontsComes with 35 built-in fonts. They can be curved and thekerning can be adjusted. Of course you can combine themwith other ready-made images.

    This is what PE-DESIGN Lite can do!

    Auto Digitizing Images can be automatically turned into embroidery design withAuto Punch feature.* Photo Stitches and Cross Stitch are not available.

    StitchesRegion stitch can be selected from 2 types:Satin Stitch or Fill Stitch.

    Easy to Use You can set simple sewingattribute such as sewing densityand direction by simply pressingthe buttons or sliding the sliders.

    Preview & Realistic Stitch Preview You can preview the designs stitches while working on animage or when it is completed. You can also view a realisticpreview of the design in order to see how it will appear once itis sewn.

    Write the Data to Card The created embroidery data can be written to a card toprovide it to your embroidery machine.

    Realistic preview


    Trial of PE-DESIGN 7 is yours.If you master PE-DESIGN Lite, its time to try PE-DESIGN 7! Youcan experience the advanced embroidery world with the trial CD.

    Sewing Order/ColourChanging The sewing order and colour can bechanged easily.




    N L


  • Newapplication

    Design CenterCreate embroiderypatterns manually withthe supportivefunctions.

    Font CreatorCreate originalfont patterns tomatch yourproject.

    Layout & EditingCreate embroidery patternsautomatically from a photo oran illustration, and edit thedesigns with the easyoperation.Programmable

    Stitch CreatorCreate expressivestitch patterns.

    Design DatabaseOrganize and manageyour embroidery design fileseasily and neatly.

    Creating individual embroidery projects is now easier than ever!PE-DESIGN 7 enables you to start making your masterpiece right away,because it comes with 5 exclusive applications that satisfy all of your embroidery needs.

    Find a whole new world of embroidery possibilities.

    Realize your embroi dery dream!enables you to start

    making your masterpiece right away, becauseit comes with 5 exclusive applications thatsatisfy all of your embroidery needs.





    N 7

  • Turn your favourite illustrations and photo's intoembroidery.

    With enhanced font functions!Enjoy the great power of expression.Use Font creator to create your original fonts: your creativity is boundless.

    Quick & Easy. Automatic conversionPE-DESIGN automatically turns images into embroidery designs with any stitch you desire to choose.

    35 built-in fontSelect fonts that meet your own taste.(You can also automatically convert true type fonts,giving you a virtually unlimited range of fonts.)

    Manual conversion for avid creatorsYou can draw an image, and make alterations to lines of imported images, giving you more powerful editing possibilities.

    Layout & Editing

    Design Center

    Auto Punch

    Cross Stitch

    PE-DESIGN supports all these image file formats:*.bmp, *.tif, *.jpg, *.pcx, *.wmf, *.png, *.eps, *.pcd, *.fpx, *.j2k

    Photo StitchProcessing speed and colour choosing are improved.PE-DESIGN automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast,and shows you several examples of the different brightnessand contrast levels. All you have to do is select the best one!

    STAGE1Opening an image file

    STAGE2Making an outline image

    STAGE4Specifying sewing attributes

    STAGE3Editing the outline

    Small fonts of 3 mm to 6 mmEnjoy stitching small yet beautiful fonts that havenever beenpossible before!

    Editing becomes easierSimply drag the point to change the angle, size, kerning, etc.

    Improved monogramming functionJust select a font, input characters, and select thedecorative pattern.More decorative patterns are available.

    5 - 6mm

    Transforming by draggingText transform setting by dragging

    Editing by draggingEdit text layout by dragging (size, kerning, rotate angle, and verticaloffset ).

    Font creatorCreate fonts that meet your own taste.

    Ethnic characters are available!Now you can stitch Japanese, Chinese, and Koreancharacters using True Type Fonts. Useful for yourexotic project.

    The created fonts can be recalledto be used in Layout & Editing.




    N 7

    Want professional results? Choose PE-DESIGN 7.

  • Expressive stitches create amazing embroidery.

    Gradation & Colour blendingPE-DESIGN automatically adjusts the stitch width to make theperfect gradation and colour blending.

    Region & Line stitchesPE-DESIGN comes with 10 region and 5 line stitches to fulfill your creative needs.

    Colour blending

    GradationColour blending

    Concentric Circle Stitch /Radial Stitch

    Programmable Fill Stitch Photo Stitch

    Fill Stitch

    Random Walking Stitch

    Spiral Stitch / Motif Stitch

    Radial Stitch

    ConcentricCircle Stitch

    Programmable Fill Stitch

    Zigzag Stitch

    Satin Stitch

    Random walking stitch

    Running Stitch

    Motif Stitch

    Spiral Stitch

    Expanded motif spacingThe motif can be spaced both vertically and horizontally.

    Easy operation for either beginners or expertsQuick & easy the Beginner Mode, and for avid creators the ExpertMode, and you can set Personal Sewing Attribute for yourconvenience.

    Sensational edit functions to satisfy your creativity.

    Key to your embroidery success

    For the easy editing: 24 basic shapesAdd the shape to your drawing, or combine several shapes to makean design.

    Improved corner stitchingZigzag stitch of cornerscan be selected from 2 types.

    Supports 13 embroidery data formats.pec, .pes, .dst, .exp, .pcs, .hus, .vip*, .shv*, .jef*, .sew*, .csd*, .xxx*and .phc files(* Newly supported.)

    Beginner mode Expert mode

    24 types (Heart, Star, etc.) Sample (Combination of Flower, Leaf,Circle, and Rectangle)

    Check and edit the sewing order/colourThe sewing order and colours can be checked andmodified if necessary.

    The Stitch SimulatorSee the sewing simulation before you start stitching.

    See the finished image,before you actually sew!You can preview the designsstitches while working on an imageor when it is completed. You canalso view a realistic preview of thedesign in order to see how it willappear once it is sewn.

    Realistic preview





    N 7

  • General

    Hoop Size

    File Import


    Number of Applications

    Font FunctionsFonts

    Text Arrangement

    Text Kerning

    Text Transform


    Small Font

    Custom Font Pattern Creation

    Image ConversionAuto Punch

    Photo Stitch

    Cross Stitch

    Sewing Attribute SettingEditing Sewing Attribute

    Region Sew Type

    Line Sew Type

    Piping Stitch

    Gradation Colour Blending

    Stamp Pattern

    Drawing ShapeLine, Rectangle, Circle, Heart, Star, etc.

    Manual Punch

    EditingPoint Editing

    Stitch Pattern Editing

    DisplayStitch Preview

    Realistic Preview

    Stitch Simulation

    2 Sizes

    100 mm x 100 mm (4 x 4)

    130 mm x 180 mm (5 x 7)

    Yes (.pec, .pes, .dst, .exp, .pcs, .hus, .vip, .shv, .jef, .sew, .csd, .xxx and .phc )

    n / a


    35 built-in fonts

    Follows the curve

    Whole text

    n / a

    n / a

    n / a

    n / a


    n / a

    n / a


    2 (Satin Stitch, Fill Stitch)

    n / a

    n / a

    n / a

    n / a

    n / a



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