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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>The world of rocks; GeologyAn art of spying</p> <p>Deepak C. Srivastava IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand</p> <p>What is Geology?Science of the Earth...just like chemistry and physics!What is different about Geology?Special challenge- controlled experiments?The rates of geologic processes are almost always slower than the rates of human effects on the environment.Geologists use millions of years as the standard unit of time:Some geologic features take millions of years to form.</p> <p>Carr CliftonOthers take seconds</p> <p>John Sanford/Photo Researchers5</p> <p>Spying the signatures of nature</p> <p>Objective?Ex. Rock type?</p> <p>Types of signatures depend on origin of rocks3. Metamorphic2. Sedimentary1. IgneousThree types of origin:Magma- the molten rock material3 components:Liquid = meltSolids, if anyVolatiles = dissolved gasesIgneous originSolidification of magma Igneous rocks</p> <p>Igneous rocks(Magma) Plutonic</p> <p>(Lava) Volcanic</p> <p>Surface</p> <p>Deep or Shallow/surface?Glassy Texture</p> <p>Lava or Magma?TextureGrain size?</p> <p>Domestic Example?</p> <p>Lava or Magma?</p> <p>Interlocking textureLava or Magma?Igneous rocks?</p> <p>Examples:Tin, Tungsten, Diamond, Platinum, mica. Weathering (Breaking)TransportationDeposition</p> <p>Sedimentary rocks?Let us spy the evidence for these processes in rocks</p> <p>Three componentsClastMatrixCement</p> <p>Clast, Matrix, CementEaES 350-619</p> <p>Sedimentary laryeringWhat happens when you go to?</p> <p>Kashmir in wintersRajasthan in summers</p> <p>Metamorphic rocksResults of Stress Compressive Stress</p> <p>Shear StressCauses Foliation</p> <p>21</p> <p>Evidence of Metamorphism Differential pressure squashes rock and included features2. Flattened PebblesConglomerateMetaconglomerate22</p> <p>Evidence of Metamorphism</p> <p>23Any pre-existing rocks can be metamorphosed</p> <p>Rock Cycle25</p>


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