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<ul><li>1.Inspirational QuotesBy Mary Ott</li></ul> <p>2. Life isntaboutfindingyourself.Life is aboutcreatingyourself.~GeorgeBernard 3. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointedby the things that you didnt do than by the ones you diddo. So throw off the bowlines. Catch the trade winds in 4. Never be bullied into silence.Never allowyourself to be made a victim. Accept no onesdefinition of yourlife; defineyourself Harvey Fierstein. 5. e more concerned with your character than ur reputation, because your character ishat you really are, while your reputation iserely what others think you are hn Wooden. 6. People will hate you, rate you,shake you, andbreak you. Buthow strong you stand is whatmakes you Unknown. 7. Be not afraid ofgreatness. Some are borngreat, some achievegreatness, and some havegreatness thrust uponem. - WilliamShakespeare </p>