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  • Y O U R e S O U R C E F O R A C H I E V I N G C O M P E T I T I V E A D V A N T A G E

    SUMMER 2003

    Inspecting Under theHood of Autodesk VaultInspecting Under theHood of Autodesk Vault

    Introducing AutodeskInventor Professional 7for Design Team Specialists

    AutoCAD Mechanical HelpsKrupp Canada Excel atUnique, Worlds-Largest,One-of-a-Kind Designs

    Morganite Cuts Costsand Cycle Time withAutodesk Inventor

    Getting the MostOut of Your CAD Investment

    Introducing AutodeskInventor Professional 7for Design Team Specialists

    AutoCAD Mechanical HelpsKrupp Canada Excel atUnique, Worlds-Largest,One-of-a-Kind Designs

    Morganite Cuts Costsand Cycle Time withAutodesk Inventor

    Getting the MostOut of Your CAD Investment

  • Involve the entire design team, incorporate existingfiles, reduce overall development costs, and go fromconcept to customer in almost half the time.

    Find out how Autodesk Inventor, a high-performance,3D mechanical design system, made it possible.Now there is a solution that helps you achieve superiorproductivity throughout the entire product lifecycle.Visit

    Photograph and rendering courtesy of Hardinge Inc. Autodesk, the Autodesk logo, and Autodesk Inventor are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USAand/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. 2003 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

    With Autodesk Inventor, the firstthing Hardinges lathe cut was 40%in development time.

  • CONTENTSV O L U M E I N U M B E R 2 S U M M E R 0 3

    6 Inspecting Under the Hood of Autodesk VaultAn army of power users descends on Novi, MI,to put a pre-release version of Autodesk Vaultthrough its paces.


    manufacturingsolutions 3 S U M M E R 2 0 0 3

    4 Keeping It Simple, Step-by-StepVice President Buzz Kross reinforces how central mechanical designers are to the divisions PLM strategy.

    10 Introducing Autodesk InventorProfessional 7 for Design TeamSpecialistsHeres a first look at the ManufacturingDivisions newest product to boost the technical reach of the design team.

    14 AutoCAD Mechanical Helps KruppCanada Excel at Unique, Worlds-Largest, One-of-a-Kind DesignsFrom designing the largest conveyor system in the world to the largest ship loader, its allroutine for Krupp Canada.

    16 Morganite Cuts Costs and CycleTime with Autodesk InventorMaintaining a competitive edge in todays difficult business climate often comes down to demonstrating design efficiencies.

    18 Why Use DWF?Why should you utilize DWF in your company?Read on to find out.

    20 ALSTOM Power Uses SynergisAdept to Shorten Cycle Times, BoostReliabilityWith Autodesk Inventor and Synergis Adept aspart of its design tool chest, ALSTOM Powerstreamlines its design processes.

    22 Getting the Most Out of Your CAD InvestmentAlong with product development, Autodesksimultaneously develops training coursewareto ensure you get the most from your softwareinvestments.

    24 The Autodesk GalleryA design showcase of customer art.

    25 Autodesk EventsBe sure to attend these important resellerevents in your area.

  • B U Z Z K R O S S

    M A N U F A C T U R I N G


    version of Manufacturing Solutions magazine

    about three months ago, I introduced you to

    the concept of PLM, or product lifecycle man-

    agement, as we view it here at Autodesk. I

    emphasized how crucial you, the design engi-

    neers, are to the idea of PLM as we see it. One

    thing we will not be doing as we move toward

    PLM at Autodesk, I said, is to de-emphasize

    design. On the contrary, design is central for us

    to product lifecycle management.

    Its necessary to define what PLM means to

    us like Im doing here because the term con-

    jures up so many associations for people. You

    know, ideas like complexity, high-cost, and a

    heavy drain on the IT infrastructure in your


    But thats not at all the kind of associations

    that fit the PLM concept at Autodesk. Just the

    opposite. Were moving down the PLM path

    in a simple, step-by-step manner that keeps

    the focus on you and your engineering


    Youll be learning about Autodesk Vault

    the heart of PLM for usas you read through

    the articles in this issue of Manufacturing

    Solutions. We held a gunslinger a short while

    back and invited a number of design engi-

    neers to join us for a couple of days to try out

    Autodesk Vault. As we always do when we

    hold a gunslinger event on pre-release soft-

    ware, we gave participants a chance to work

    on their own to try to break the program

    one of the areas of gunslinger get-togethers

    that power-users thoroughly enjoy. But they

    were also briefed on how to go about installa-

    tion and set-up of the prod-

    uct for their companies. One

    of the things we sayand

    stand behindis that it

    shouldnt require more than

    a couple of hours to set up Autodesk Vault

    and show your staff how to use it the same


    Thats not an exaggeration. By design,

    Autodesk Vault is simple to set up and simple

    to use. But its also powerfulit gives you, the

    engineer and mechanical designer, file and

    document management tools that you need

    to automate versioning so that you save

    valuable design time and you work more


    We heard that word simple used quite a

    bit during the gunslinger, and we were

    pleased to hear it, because thats the associa-

    tion we want to create for PLM. Thats what

    step-by-step product lifecycle management

    means to us.

    ROBERT KROSS, VP, Manufacturing Solutions


    Keeping It Simple, Step-by-Step


    D E S I G N E N G I N E E R S A R E C R U C I A L T O P L M A S W E S E E I T .

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    Mechanical Desktop 5

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    AutoCAD 2002 Inside & OutMake everyday work faster, easier and more pro-ductive! Renowned columnist Lynn Allen explainsdifficult concepts with technical insight and hertrademark humor. This extensively illustrated bookgoes from fundamental concepts through increas-ingly complex features, leading you to in-depthAutoCAD mastery.

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    The AutoCADETs Guideto Visual LISP

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  • C O V E R S T O R Y

    ABOUT A DOZEN Autodesk Inventor power users

    descended on Novi, MI, in late May to spend a couple of

    days in a hands-on examination of Autodesk Vault a

    new workgroup data management environment integrat-

    ed with Autodesk Inventor 7 and Autodesk Inventor

    Professional 7. . With titles like senior mechanical engineer,

    CAD manager, and senior design engineer, these folks are

    not timid about delving deep into a product to see what

    makes it tick, and if possible, what gums up the works.

    But thats the nature of Autodesk gunslingersa

    multi-day event where potential users of a new product

    are given some insight into the product by its develop-

    ers, and then turned loose to tweak, manipulate, and

    push the product to its limits. Both camps benefit.

    Participants in these events get some early insight into

    the product and a chance to do an early evaluation of its

    suitability to their companies, and Autodesk benefits

    from the feedback collected over the two or three days

    with ideas for final product tweaking and future develop-

    ment directions.

    But Autodesk Vault wasnt completely new to all of

    the attendees. In fact, the product under its former

    name of truEVault from truEInnovations, Inc., is almost

    Inspecting Under the Hood of Autodesk Vault



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