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  1. 1. 5 innovative entrepreneurial ventures that changed our lives.
  2. 2. Entrepreneurs are considered to be unconventional, risk takers. Their ideas are wacky and they always come up with things that no one else can think of. Here are 5 entrepreneurs whose ideas took off in a big way.
  3. 3. Founders Phanindra Reddy Sama Sudhakar Pasupunuri Charan Padmaraju Started from Bangalore in 2006, used all over the country for booking bus tickets.
  4. 4. RedBus Red bus was started when one of the founders was stranded in Bangalore as he couldnt get tickets to his hometown, because they were all sold out. So he along with his friends decided to come to the rescue of others who might be suffering due the same shortage of tickets. They came up with an idea for a portal where people wouldnt have to rely on agents to get them tickets. Today the same portal is used all over the country to book bus tickets.
  5. 5. Founders Raghunandan G Aprameya Radhakrishna Started in 2011 with 25 cabs in Bangalore and 15 cabs in Delhi. Today the company has a total revenue of Rs.100 crore
  6. 6. TaxiForSure This venture was started by two friends who were frustrated with the fact that every time they needed a taxi, they had to call two or three operators, for the glimmer of hope that theyd receive a taxi sometime in a two or three hour time frame. So they decided to create a portal that would connect all the radio taxis and make it easier for the person to ride one. Today Taxiforsure has a total revenue of Rs.100 crore. The past couple of years has seen the launch of a number of online and mobile based taxi booking services.
  7. 7. Founder VSS Mani Started in 1995 after the failure of his first venture. Today Justdial is Indias number one local search engine.
  8. 8. Justdial Justdial was first started as Askme in 1989. However the idea didnt work much the first time around. It was the second time around that it was a success. Askme was relaunched as Justdial in 1995 and the success it achieved was phenomenal. Justdial is a portal and service that gives consumers details about any service, restaurant, shop etc that they need.
  9. 9. Founder Murugavel Janakiraman Started in 1990s when he realized that the online matrimony sector was still untapped.
  10. 10. BharatMatrimony BharatMatrimony was first started as The founder had initially started a portal call for NRIs and found that the matrimonial section was the most active one on it. He realized that the online matrimaonial sector was still untapped in India and that it had great potential in the country. Being a Tamil Brahmin he started with TamilMatrimony and then slowly expanded to other languages under the name BharatMatrimony.
  11. 11. Founder K Vaitheeswaran Started in 1999. It was Indias first online shopping site.
  12. 12. India Plaza In June 1999 K Vaitheeswaran and five of his friends founded, Indias first online departmental store. Initially the store only sold music CDs. They later included books, movies, watches, and groceries. This was Indias first e-commerce site and the business was 7-8 years ahead of its time.
  13. 13. Founder Dheeraj Gupta Started in 2001. It brought Mumbais favorite snack to the rest of the country.
  14. 14. JumboKing Before Jumboking the only way to eat Vada pav was on the streets of Mumbai, from a vender who would fry the vadas right in front of you. This was neither hygienic nor safe. Jumboking burgerised the Vada pav. It started selling Vada pav from franchisee stores Their Vada pav was properly wrapped and prepared with utmost care for hygiene. They brought Mumbais favorite snack to the rest of the country.
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