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This is a presentation aimed at people new to fundraising, be it digital or not, about the latest innovations in digital fundraising. Be it great campaign creative or mobile friendly, it's still about telling a story, no matter the innovative technology that's being used. So here are some great stories, and ways to think about telling your own charity's story.


<ul><li>1.Innovations in Digital Fundraising Jonathan Waddingham Social &amp; Labs Product Manager @JustGiving @jon_bedford Charity works, March 2014 </li></ul> <p>2. About JustGiving 3. About me 4. What is fundraising? 5. Do you think of this? 6. Is it this? Do you think of this? 7. Do you think of this? 8. Fudge? 9. Fundraising is about storytelling (imho) 10. (digital) Fundraising is about (digital) storytelling 11. But first... 12. How much do people give in the UK? 13. The proportion of giving isnt increasing... 14. Ok, so why does that matter? 15. Digital revolution hasnt increased giving (yet) 16. The (digital) world is (already) changing 17. Technology trends in the Vatican 18. Smartphone usage in the UK 30.2% 50.9% 62.2% 2011 2012 2013 19. The Growth of mobile on JustGiving Percentage of mobile &amp; tablet visits to JustGiving 57%! Jan - 14 20. Facebook is mobile q4-2013-556m-mobile-daus-1-2b-maus-2-5b-in-revenue 21. Mobile *only* is huge on Facebook 22. Anyway, back to storytelling 23. Wateraids Big Dig 24. Wateraids Big Dig 25. Dryathlon 26. 040214-for-web 27. Using Vine to say thanks 28. Showing impact with a vine 29. How do you show fundraising impact? 30. Images work well (on Facebook especially) 31. Giving to share stories Wahoo! 32. So, do you donate here often? 33. A quick word on social &amp; mobile 34. Mobile Facebook has overtaken desktop Facebook 35. Does social media impact fundraising? 36. People want to give where they are 37. You can donate on JG using bananas 38. The impact of mobile optimisation 39. 140 character stories 40. phillips/old-charity-ads 41. How that might look now? 42. 43. In 2014? 44. Now its your turn... 45. Responsive charity profiles on JustGiving 46. Mobile friendly impact statement 47. Desktop friendly impact statement &amp; more 48. What would you say? 49. How well can you tell your charitys story? 50. How well can you tell your charitys story on mobile? 51. How well can you tell your charitys story on Twitter? 52. How well can you tell your charitys story on [insert new awesome platform]? 53. Thanks! Jonathan Waddingham @jon_bedford @justgiving </p>