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A discussion of how health plans are bringing about their own healthcare reform through innovation.


  • 1. Innovation TheRealHealthcare Reform Movement Marty Trussell Health Plan Innovation News


  • Washington directed health care (WDHC)
  • A better way
  • What is innovation?
  • Why innovate?
  • What is happening in the world?
  • How to be innovative

3. Washington-Directed Health Care (WDHC)

  • Is too expensive
  • Doesnt cover enough people
  • Has not addressed raising costs
  • Has not addressed personal responsibility
  • Too much government control
  • We think there is a better way
  • and the market is finding it.

4. Washington-Directed Health Care (WDHC) Imagine another way. 5. Imagine another way Where, with the aid of the Internet, electronic medical records, cell phones, and personalized health care, thepatient is in charge . 6. Imagine another way Wherepeople monitortheir own weight, blood pressure, pulse, and sugar levels, and send test results via remote devices to health care providers. 7. Imagine another way Wherepatients store their medical records onlineand have access regardless of where they are in the world. 8. Imagine another way Where social networking sites providediscussion forums and the benefit of collective experiencefrom other people suffering similar problems. 9. Imagine another way Wherepatients take responsibilityfor their routine health care and rely on physicians and hospitals for more serious medical conditions. 10. Imagine another way We think that thisotherway is happening already, and without the help of Washington. 11.

  • It is calledInnovation" , and it is a growing trend in health benefits design.


    • Introducing people to the actual cost of medical care
    • Encouraging shrewder purchases of medical services, diagnostic tests and prescription drugs
    • Giving consumers more choices and increasing engagement
    • Its happening everywhere

12. Innovation What is Innovation? 13. What is innovation? Pronunciation: i-n-v-shn Function:noun Date: 15th century 1 :the introduction of something new 2 :a new idea, method, or device Source: Merriam-Webster 14. Why innovation? Neanderthals lived for a span of about 100,000 years, but changed very little about the way they lived. No new ideas, methods, or devices 15. Why innovation? Neanderthals simply were not prepared to adapt to changes in their environment. 16. Why innovation? Today, the health care environment is changing at a much faster rate than ever before. 17. Why innovation?

  • Health Care Reform
  • Costs
  • Quality
  • Access
  • Health & Wellness
  • Communications
  • Transparency

18. How are health plans changing? 19. Innovation Member Education 20. What is innovation? Education: 21. What is innovation? Education: 22. What is innovation? Education: 23. Innovation Social Media Networks 24. What is innovation? Social Networks: 25. What is innovation? Social Networks: 26. What is innovation? Social Networks: 27. Innovation Games 28. What is innovation? Games: 29. Innovation Provider Networks 30. What is innovation? Networks: 31. What is innovation? Networks: 32. Innovation Price Transparency 33. What is innovation? Transparency: 34. What is innovation? Transparency: 35. What is innovation? Transparency: 36. Innovation Health & Wellness 37. What is innovation? Health & Wellness: 38. What is innovation? Health & Wellness: 39. Innovation Health IT 40. What is innovation? Health IT: 41. What is innovation? Health IT: 42. What is innovation? Health IT: 43. Innovation Telemedicine 44. What is innovation? Telemedicine: 45. What is innovation? Telemedicine: 46. What is innovation? Telemedicine: 47. Innovation Medicare 48. What is innovation? Medicare: 49. Innovation Start Over 50. What is innovation? Start Over: 51. Innovation How to Innovate 52. How innovation? Borrow Ideas From the Past 53. How innovation? Ask Questions 54. How innovation? What makes sense to you? 55. How innovation?

  • Fail early, fail often

56. Where do we go from here? There are still manychallengesandthreatsto achieving this new health care system. 57. Where do we go from here?

  • Mucheducationstill needs to be done with:
    • Employers
    • Employees
    • Unions
    • Brokers and agents

58. Where do we go from here? Washington still has its sights on creatingWDHC . 59. Questions? Martin Trussell