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  • Innovation at Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Permanente Policy Story Slides

  • The Innovation ImperativeBenefits of innovation are clear, but organizational complexity, inertia, and time and resource constraints slow adoption.Health care leaders and policymakers are seeking ways to spread innovation more rapidly.Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation partners with providers, federal agencies, professional societies and others to test ways for speeding dissemination and adoption of best practicesKaiser Permanente has a robust innovation infrastructure that enables physicians and frontline staff to bring new ideas to light.*| 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.*

    | 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

  • Innovation Infrastructure at Kaiser PermanenteSidney R. Garfield Health Care Innovation Centre: Centre allows innovators and customers to participate in simulations, technology testing, prototypes and product evaluations. hosted 55,000 visitors from 53 countries in the past seven yearsInnovation Consultancy: national team works with frontline providers and managers to discover, design and implement ways to improve the patient experience and work experience of our caregiversProjects have touched over 50,000 clinicians and 2 million membersInnovation and Advanced Technology Group: team of technology experts, nurses, physicians who research, assess and prototype emerging technologiesInnovation Fund for Technology provides funding to pilot test ideas. Since 2008, 760 ideas have been reviewed, 105 have been funded, and 19 have gone into operation

    *| 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.*

    | 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

  • Innovation on the Ground: InTouch Robot*| 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.*Medical Center in Fremont piloted the InTouch Health RP-VITA robot, which allows doctors to see and talk with patients, families, and staff in the intensive care unit (ICU) in the middle of the night.Pilot was a success: fewer night emergencies, better relationships between nurses and doctors, enhanced ability of nurses to detect issues earlyLack of systematic review of the technology hindered widespread adoptionChampions on the ground were crucial players in spreading adoption:Jenny Cunha, a regional innovation advisor, blogged internally about the pilots results and networked with physicians and executes across Kaiser PermanenteDanielle Cass, an innovation champion, developed imaginariums, allowing hundreds of leaders and staff test the technology for themselves: is now being used to improve care for stroke patients in Oregon, and will be tested in a neonatal unit in Southern California

    | 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

  • Three Ideas to Get Past Innovation RoadblocksExamine how an idea directly improves care delivery and whether it is really ready to go. Even if the benefits are clear, it can take months to build the organizational capabilities and support to get an idea off the ground.Make sure people on the front lines have the bandwidth and tools to implement an idea. Sometimes what appears to be resistance is really a lack of time to plan and carry it out. Ease the logistical burden by creating a change management packet, with videos of new innovations and concept sheets with data and lessons learned.Encourage innovators to share their best practices and generate enthusiasm through blogging, email updates, and demonstrations.

    *| 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.*

    | 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

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  • *| 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. For internal use only.*Our MissionThe Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policys mission is to shape policy and practice with evidence and experience from the nations largest private integrated health care delivery and financing organization.Visit our us on Twitter @KPIHP



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