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<ul><li><p>INNOVATIONSUPPORT </p><p>AROUND EPFLCompiled by Herv Lebret</p><p>May 2009</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Disclaimer</p><p>Any list is neverAny list is never exhaustive, ,</p><p>the next slides are for information only</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Public funding of research</p><p>Conseil des Ecoles Polytechniques</p><p></p><p>Fonds National Suisse</p><p>Agence pour la Promotion de lInnovationg p</p><p></p><p>European Union</p><p></p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>EPFL Innovation and Tech. Transferhttp://vpiv epfl ch</p><p>Technology Transfer</p><p></p><p></p><p>h // i hhttp://www.switt.chAvailable technologies:</p><p>Industry Liaison Programme</p><p>- Partnerships- Support to Entrepreneurs and Projects</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Training</p><p>College of Management of Technology g g gy(CDM)http://cdm.epfl.chp p</p><p>Management of Technologyincluding g gy</p><p>g</p><p>venturelabhtt // t l b h</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Coaching</p><p>initial orientation and further early-stage coaching subject to l b SRI &amp; f d d i 1996approval by SRI &amp; funded since 1996</p><p></p><p>CTI coaching with various steps to acceptancehttp://www ctistartup ch</p><p>http://www theark chStart-up competition</p><p>http://www.ccso.ch</p><p></p><p>Vleaders by Venturelab and sponsored by CTI: a free training in the USA for selected individuals (a Prize format)</p><p></p><p>( )</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>EPFL grants and awards</p><p>Alliance prize (formerly Aple)Alliance prize (formerly Aple)http://www.alliance-tt.ch5kCHF given by the association exclusively to EPFL inventors (sinceexclusively to EPFL inventors (since 1999)</p><p>Innograntshtt // i fl h</p><p>EPFL Tomorrow's market awardEPFL Tomorrow s market award 50kCHF award created in 2006</p><p>A3 EPFL Young Alumni Award p // 3 p /ya 50kCHF award created in 2009</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>External grants &amp; awards</p><p>PERL award http://www.lausanne-region.chp gan 80kCH total amount (50kCHF, 20kCHF and 10kCHF) for any type of company</p><p>Fondation de Vigierhttp://www.devigier.ch100kCHF per project</p><p>A Seco/CTI/ETH Rat initiativehttp://www.swisstechnology-award.chAmount unknown</p><p>The Gebert Rf Foundation sponsors individualThe Gebert Rf Foundation sponsors individual projects in academic environments</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>External awards</p><p>ETHZ/McKinsey Venture htt // t hhttp://www.venture.ch120kCHF (60kCHF, 30kCHF, 20kCHF and 2x 5kCHF). Every two years. 200 did t 16 EPFL f 2006200 candidates, 16 EPFL for 2006.</p><p>50kCHF Coup de pouce award50kCHF Coup de pouce award</p><p>A 75kCHF awardfor Swiss-based companies set up in the past six years</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>External awards</p><p>A 25kCHF award for a young company</p><p>20kCHF plus 3x 5kCHF, with ETHZ and EPFL as co organizerswith ETHZ and EPFL as co-organizers</p><p>Denzler-electrossuisse 10kCHFhttp://www.electrosuisse.ch</p><p>The Swiss Education and Research Network15kCHF Innovation Award since 200415kCHF Innovation Award since 2004</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>External awards</p><p>Entrepreneur of the year AWARD with a start-up category</p><p>- Marketing award : 3 trophies. htt // k ti t h</p><p>- 10kCHF Dyson Student Award</p><p></p><p>A 3k and 1.5k awards for students and young companiesy g p</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFLExternal grants / loans</p><p>A 100kCHF loan mechanism by Fondation pour LInnovation Technologique </p><p>Venturekick provides free seed funding up to CHF130k</p><p></p><p>Venturekick provides free seed funding up to CHF130k</p><p>NCCR MICS has created its spin-fund</p><p>Loans of 100-500kCHF to foundershttp://www.sti-stiftung.chp g</p><p>Volkwirtschaft foundation : A 150kCHF support to young entrepreneurs </p><p>and foundations are numerous in Switzerland</p><p>p</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Incubators/Scientific Parks</p><p></p><p></p><p>http://www.y-parc.chThe new Pavillon de Bassenges Garage (opened in 2008) for very early stage ventures.</p><p></p><p></p><p>http://www creapole ch</p><p>http://www theark ch</p><p></p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Seed investments</p><p>http://www.seca.chp</p><p>CTI Investor Association</p><p>Das StartAngels Network ist eine Plattform fr Business Angel Investoren http://www startangels chBusiness Angel Investoren</p><p>Business Angels Schweiz (BAS)</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>More Business Angels</p><p>A3 Angels</p><p></p><p>p p p g</p><p>Brain to Ventures</p><p></p><p>Name Phone Website Email Nicolas Berg +41 (0) 32 623 00 11 / </p><p>+41 (0) 79 431 55 17 w w w</p><p>Brigitte Baumann +41 (0)79 777 7457 w w w Robert Keith CasselsPierre Comte +41 (0)32 725 71 65 w w w .sigmaprofessional.comPeter Ohnemus +41 (0)41 729 30 40 w w w .netw orkcapital.chYves Paternot +41 21 617 6056 paternot@w Herbert SteinbachChristian Wenger +41 (0)44 563 33 33 w w w .w engerlaw .ch</p><p>Source: CTI Invest &amp; SECA</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>The Cantons</p><p>Service de lconomie, du logement et du tourisme (SELT)htt // i d h</p><p>Promotion EconomiquePromotion Economique</p><p>http://www.dews.chService de la promotion conomique</p><p>P ti E i http://www lereseau ch</p><p>p</p><p>Promotion Economique</p><p></p><p>Direction du dveloppement conomique (DEVS)</p><p></p><p>Direction du dveloppement conomique (DEVS)</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Swiss Houses</p><p>Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education Boston</p><p>Swiss House for Scientific and Technological CooperationSan Francisco</p><p>The Swiss House for Education, Research and InnovationSingapore</p><p>Bringing Knowledge and Competencies in Science, Education, Art, and InnovationShanghai</p><p>Bangalore http://www swissnexbangalore orgBangalore</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Venture Capitalists</p><p></p><p>CHF100M, office at</p><p></p><p>CHF190M, office at</p><p>100M, office in Lausanne CHF20M office at PSEp</p><p>S li k ith BCV</p><p>http://www.polytechventures.chCHF20M, office at PSE</p><p>Some links with BCV</p></li><li><p> Service des relations industrielles (SRI) EPFL</p><p>Venture Capitalists</p><p>Fund IV of 350M, office in</p><p>UK, German, French VCs invest in CH</p><p>Geneva basedis the merger of</p><p>Geneva based Geneva based</p><p>110M, Geneva based</p><p>160M Endeavour II fund</p><p>110M, Geneva based</p><p>100M, Geneva based</p></li></ul>