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Innovation and Training in Libraries. Ann Ritchie Chair, Continuing Professional Development & Workplace Learning Section IFLA June 2004. Outline. Definition of innovation Marketing positioning model Innovation in training. Definition of innovation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Innovation and Training in LibrariesAnn RitchieChair, Continuing Professional Development &amp; Workplace Learning SectionIFLA June 2004 </p></li><li><p>OutlineDefinition of innovationMarketing positioning model Innovation in training </p></li><li><p>Definition of innovationMake changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products. </p><p>New Oxford Dictionary</p></li><li><p>ResourcesElectronicAccessPaper-based / physicalInhouse collection -- Just-in-caseJust-in-time -- Remote AccessPositioning library services in the information marketplace/space </p></li><li><p>ResourcesElectronic AccessPaper-based / physicalInhouseRemotePositioning library services Reference texts Inhouse journals Closed Reserve Documentary cultural heritage Card catalogue 1. Pre-Gutenberg model</p></li><li><p>ResourcesElectronic AccessPaper-based / physicalInhouseRemotePositioning library services Reference texts Inhouse journals Closed Reserve Documentary cultural heritage Card catalogue2. Free public lending libraries 1. Pre-Gutenberg model4. Information Superhighway3. Early computerisationCiirculation services Journal circulation TOCs &amp; SDI ILLs &amp; Doc Del Mobile libraries Outreach and liaison Automated catalogues Microfiche/film readers and printers CD-rom bibliographic databases, fulltext Multi-media Online databases Email &amp; virtual reference Web-based services/ transactions PDAs Wireless Vertical i-portals</p></li><li><p>Integration of technology into teaching: . Automating administrative operations. Enhancing current tasks. Changing core functions </p><p>Woodward &amp; Hinchcliffe, 2002:40</p></li><li><p> ALIAs CPD Scheme Australian Digital Theses CPD&amp;WL Newsletter FOLIO</p></li><li><p>Assessing online coursesTechnical requirementsself-assessment pre-testhardware compatibility courseware standard compliance24/7 technical supportaccess to learning resourcesinstructor responsiveness, ratio, skillsstudent interactionrespect for intellectual property rights</p></li><li><p>Mentoring: essential characteristics2-way learning relationshipPurposes: 1. Career development 2. Psychosocial development 3. Professional development Long term with developmental stagesAustralian Digital Theses</p></li><li><p>Training innovationsWeb-based administration - ALIA CPD SchemeEnhancing current tasks - FOLIO international online learning and email - CPD online courses quality criteria - Group Mentoring ProgramChanging core functions - Group Mentoring ProgramHealth Libraries Australia traineeships </p></li><li><p>HLA traineeships innovationsa bold moveStructured training for librarians, by librarians Regional dissemination model Partnership and collaboration between a professional association, libraries/ librarians and a training organisation EBM teaching model: see one, do one, teach one </p></li><li><p>ConclusionICT as an environmental driverMarketing positioning tool for business planning, and assessing value of innovationsStronger business models needed for sustainable training - cost-effective, high quality, relevant </p></li></ul>