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innovAte. creAte. inspire. - SPONSORED BY viSit: hYAttsville cdc 4312 Hamilton Street hyattsville,
innovAte. creAte. inspire. - SPONSORED BY viSit: hYAttsville cdc 4312 Hamilton Street hyattsville,
Download innovAte. creAte. inspire. - SPONSORED BY viSit: hYAttsville cdc 4312 Hamilton Street hyattsville,

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    hYAttsville cdc 4312 Hamilton Street hyattsville, md 20781

    CALL: 301.683.8267

    As part of the Art Lives Here Initiative, the Hyattsville CDC seeks to connect Gateway Arts District businesses with artists and arts professionals of all media to brainstorm and develop plans to collaborate for mutual benefit.

    The Biz-Art Match-Up Program will enable businesses to participate in the Arts District through support, relationship building and/or event development, while furthering their own business. Participating business owners will select a specific artist from our pool. Then, they will collaborate with the selected artist to develop a product/activity for the program with the goal of developing an effective tool for the small business owners to market their businesses.

    Each selected artist will develop/promote a business’s product, services, or the business’s location, through unconventional, low-cost means while the business owner utilizes fusion marketing with the artist’s works or services in-house or online. The Program will expose viewers of art to participating businesses, while simultaneously exposing the artists’ works to businesses’ customers.

    An $800 minimum commission will be provided to each artist for time and materials. Participating business owners will provide matching funds for the program (minimum match of $300); those funds will be allocated into the artist time/ materials.

    Biz-Art Match-Up Connecting Businesses with Artists/Arts Professionals to Collaborate for Mutual Benefit

    Runs February-July 2014

    Interested? See Page 2. An artist and business owner can be paired up for: • art displays • event planning (open house, pop-up event, other) • art included on/in signage, publications or menus • More brainstormed examples online.

    • cross-marketing consultations • making business portraits

    (music, written, visual) • web outreach

    innovAte. creAte. inspire.

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    Apply Online at

    1. Enter an Application to tell us you’re interested. Deadline: April 30th

    Tell us about your business and what interests you. Additionally, you

    will have the chance to review the Pool of Artists’ Portfolios.

    2. Decided that you want in? Sign and send in your Letter of Intent;

    download the letter online. This is time-sensitive: Until we receive your

    Letter of Intent, your spot in the Program cannot be reserved.

    As LOIs are received, our advisory committee will rank businesses based on Owner-proposed financial

    contribution to the project and likely project impact. We’ll get back to you by the Friday, May 25th to let

    you know if you have been selected.

    3. If accepted into the Program, we will schedule a meeting with you to meet with your desired artist, at

    a time and day convenient for both of you the first two weeks of May. Should you and the artist choose

    to proceed, we will provide a program outline and agreement to guide the collaborative process.

    4. All collaborations are expected to produce tangible deliverables to benefit the business by Friday, July

    25, 2014.

    Funding • The Program will provide a $500.00 commission, at minimum, to each selected artist for time/materials.

    • Business owner will provide a partial or full match to participate in the Program. A minimum match of

    $300 is required, however we strongly recommend a match of at least $500. The total amount of funds

    will be allocated to the artist for time/materials. There is no guarantee that any given collaboration will

    have a budget larger than the combined base commission of $800, but the Hyattsville CDC is

    simultaneously conducting additional fundraising. A sponsorship package will be available online.

    Questions? Comments? Please contact:

    Justin Fair Hyattsville CDC

    (301) 683-8267 4312 Hamilton St. Hyattsville, MD 20781

    2014-0205-GAD-BizArt-Flier-alone Biz-Art Match-Up Owners Call.pdf