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INNOfill I n n o v a t i v e R F F i l l e r I n j e c t i o n S y s t e m




-. About RF Filler ? -. Basic theory of RF Filler -. Introduction of INNOfill -. Clinical results of INNOfill -. Comparison with others

About RF Filler

What i s RF Filler ? It is combined technology of Radiofrequency wave and Filler injections in one

platform, which is an innovative minimally invasive technique for facial rejuvenation.

Why RF Filler ? INNOfill is essentially for facial rejuvenation and for the treatment of scars, stretch

marks, and wrinkles combinedly working by RF thermal energy and hyaluronic acid


How does it work ? Monopolar RF treatment has been demonstrated to induce a wound healing response

with increased collagen expression and dermal remodeling results in gradual

improvement over several months and can be long-lasting, while fillers often result in

immediate clinical improvements that are usually temporary.

Therefore, a filling/lifting/smoothing effect can be obtained, concerning the effects of

aging, and a therapeutic effect occurs on acne scars and striae as well as most of

facial rejuvenation.

RF Treatment Filler Treatment INNOfill Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Elasticity

Wrinkle Reduction

Volume Up


Duration 1 year 0.6 1 year 1 2 years

About RF Filler

Comparison between RF Trt / Filler Trt. / RF Filler Trt.

Applications Frequency Power (watt) Needle

Light wrinkles & scars 2MHz 3 - 4 30G

Mild wrinkles & scars 1MHz 6 - 7 26G

Deep wrinkles & scars Incl. lifting effects

1MHz 15 (Max) 21G

General Parameter of INNOfill

Basic theory of RF Filler

INNOfill consists mainly of following two effective performances.

A conducted RF needle, specially formulated to apply radiofrequency is injected into skin and forms autologous containment capsule in order to hold filler longer than ever since the bio-degradation goes slowly.

And, Monopolar RF treatment stimulates dermis and helps re-modeling collagen immediately and gradually in long-term.

Soft-tissue filler augmentation is a treatment modality widely used for aesthetic improvement of deep facial lines and wrinkles. However, it is not well accepted for the patients who want longer filler duration. Soft-tissue augmentation and monopolar RF treatment have the potential to restore tissue volume and improve facial laxity.

Monopolar RF mode

Filler Injection

RF Filler

A glance at INNOfill








RF filler is for performing both RF emission and filler injection at same time.

RF only is for performing RF emission

only using dedicated needle.

B RF frequency will be selected either 1MHz or,

2MHz depending on procedures.


It indicates the status of power and activation of procedures.


Control button for adjusting each parameters and values by push.


It shows time that is running currently.


It controls power level from 1 to 9 levels.

How to set INNOfill

Detachable RF connector

Main Unit

Foot Pedal

Ground Patch

Y Connector

RF Needle


Special coated RF filler needle

How does INNOfill works.. Injecting RF needle into skin using linear retrograde

technique with circular movement.

Applying RF energy from the end of needle.

Formation of autologous containment capsule

Re-modeling collagen

To retrogress needle slowly inserting filler with one

of following injection technique according to target.

-. Linear / Serial puncture / Cross-hatching / Fan

Soft-tissue augmentation

By using these two procedures,

a filling/lifting/smoothing effect is therefore obtained,

concerning the effects of aging, and a therapeutic

effect occurs on acne scars and striae.

Advantages of INNOfill ..

Lifting by RF energy and Volume-up by filler can be done in one platform.

Long lasting efficacy thanks to RF + Filler technique.

Non-invasive procedure thus the lesser down-time.

A minimal side-effect by using well known accepted filler procedure.

Available customized procedure depend on area to be treated.

Expected lifting efficacy additionally by using RF + Filler mode.

Reduction of usage of filler because of Autologous Containment Capsule nearly 30%.

Clinical Result

Before Treatment (Day 0) Day 8 Week 4

Week 8 Week 12

RF Filler

Filler only

Case 1 : 35 yrs male

Before Treatment (Day 0) Day 8 Week 4

Week 8 Week 12

RF Filler

Filler only

Case 2 : 31 yrs male

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3

Grade 4 Grade 5

Grade 1 (absent): no visible nasolabial fold; continuous skin line

Grade 2 (mild): shallow but visible nasolabial fold with a slight indentation; minor facial feature;

implant is expected to produce a slight improvement in appearance

Grade 3 (moderate): moderately deep nasolabial fold; clear facial feature visible at normal appearance but not when

stretched; excellent correction is expected from injectable implant

Grade 4 (severe): very long and deep nasolabial fold; prominent facial feature;

Clinical result of INNOfill.....

Conclusion: Monitoring result in 3 months, it is apparently observed a continuity of volume-up through RF filler treatments compared to the treatment done by only filler procedure.

Objective: This clinical test is to verify a continuity and a visible volume up of filler stimulated by RF emission






Day 8 Week 4 Week 8 Week 12

Tunneling &









Day 8 Week 4 Week 8 Week 12

Tunneling &


Case 1 Case 2

* P-value < 0.05 vs filler only

Implication: Comparing to WSRS based on resting phase, it is scored delta value before and after of filler trt. (reviewer n=8) : deviation = SE (delta) Marked * only on p-value < 0.05 Methods: RF parameter: frequency-medium, mode-manual, power-15 watt Injected filler 0.5ml (Glytone 3) into nasolabial fold 4 times and forehead fold 2 times On the view of observer, RF Filler injected on left side and only filler on right side n= 3 Macrography on before and after of filler treatment completion of test with 3 months monitoring

Comparison INNOfill and Spherofill..


INNOf i l l

ITEMS SPHEROFILL (Made in Italy, Promo-Italia)

INNOFILL (Made in Korea, Amore-pacific)

RF Output Voltage (V) Max. 20V (Peak-Peak) Max. 30V (Peak-Peak)

RF Output Power (W) Max. 9W (Actual output : approx. 1W) Max. 23W (Actual output : approx. 3W)

RF Frequency 1134KHz, 1769KHz Sine Wave 1MHz, 2MHz Sine Wave

Display Type LCD type FND type

Power Input 100~240V, 50/60Hz 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Retail Price Around USD27,000 USD10,000


Comparison INNOfill and Spherofill..

ITEMS SPHEROFILL (Made in Italy, Promo-Italia)

INNOFILL (Made in Korea, Amore-pacific)

Needle & Cables Fixed type Detachable (Re-usable)

Coating Needle Teflon (Toxic ?) Silicone (Non toxic)

Friction of needling Average but PAINFUL Superior and NO-PAIN

Grounding patch N/A AMBU Patch

Needles 30G / 27G / 26G / 25G / 22G 30G / 27G / 21G

Detachable Fixed type

Comparison INNOfill and Spherofill..

Difficult to read parameters Easy to read parameters

LCD Type FND Type

Hard to set all buttons (double touch)

Convenient to set buttons ( one touch)

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