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<ol><li> 1. Demandmore website: how long should an injury case take to settle?Hi,Im Brian Guralnick with the Injury Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick.One of the early questions that my clients usually ask me when were sitting down for our firstconsultation is how long it should take to settle their personal injury case. That depends on a fewfactors. One of the first factors is you have to wait until the individual or the client has reachedwhat is known as their maximum medical improvement which basically means theyre the besttheyre going to be. You dont know from the onset what their injuries are. Did they herniate adisc? Did they tear a meniscus in their knee? Did they tear a rotator cuff in the shoulder? Dothey need surgery? Ultimately if they need surgery, how are they going to recover from thatsurgery? Are they going to need a second surgery? So basically, once all that is determined andtheyve reached a plateau in their recovery, then you can evaluate what the total medical bills arefor the past and you can ask the treating doctors what the prognosis is for future limitations andmedical costs, and then fully evaluate the claim at that point in time. Typically that takessomewhere between five months and a year, but thats really dependent on the patient and theirinjury. At that point the injury lawyer can begin to try to settle the case with the insurancecompany. If the case settles at that point, the case is over. If a settlement is not reached, then thelawyer would have to initiate litigation by filing a lawsuit. It can take as little as a year to get acase to trial, or if you have a verdict and its appealed, then it can be another year or two onappeal. So there are a variety of factors that are considered in how long it will take. Typically it </li><li> 2. will be six months if an individual has recovered within that time and the case can settle withoutfiling a lawsuit. With a lawsuit, I would say somewhere within a year at the earliest to get it triedand if the case resolves at trial. If it goes on appeal, you can add a couple of years. Obviouslythats why its always beneficial to procure a settlement as quickly and as expeditiously aspossible. Im Brian Guralnick with the Injury Law Offices of Brian D. Guralnick where ifyouve been in an accident you deserve to demand more.fIsButton1fLayoutInCell1ContactDetails:InjuryLawOfficesOf BrianD. Guralnick, P.AAddress: 2419 S. Dixie Highway,City:West Palm Beach,State: FloridaZipcode: 33401,Country: United StatesPhone no:+1 561-616-9977 </li><li> 3.</li></ol>