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  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report






    A Project report submitted in partial fulfillment for theaward of

    Post Graduate Program in Business Management


    ( BATCH 2008-10)(TRAINEE CODE-T0967)

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report



    April-June 2009


    I ,Deepika Rai a bonafied student of Kohinoor SchoolKhandala,

    would like to declare that the project entitledA STUDY ON FUND AND AWARNESS OF MUTAUAL FUND AMONG FINANCIAL AD

    submittedin partial fulfillment of post Graduated Program in

    Management andis my original work

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report



    I extend my thanks and indebt-ness to my guide Prof. AjeetGaikwad

    for Constant encouragement and valuable support throughout the course

    of the project.

    I wish to acknowledge my sincere thanks to all of the facultymembers

    For their valuable advice and suggestions.

    I am very grateful and deeply indebted to MrChahat Miyan k

    ( teamLeader ), Mr. Sunil Singh , Mr. Durbadal Mukharjee , Mr.Amit Gupta

    ( Relationship Executives ) NJ Indiainvest pvt. Ltd.Company

    for their invaluable Co-operation in helping me tocomplete

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    the project successfully.

    My profound thanks and extreme gratefulness to the orgaof

    NJ India Invest pvt. Ltd. that gave me the project and valuablesuggestions

    to complete the same.

    Last but not the least I wish to acknowledge my deep feltgratitude

    to all my respondents for their Co-operation which helped me tthe

    base for the project work.


    Chapter No. Chapter Name No.

    1. Industry profile

    2. Company profile

    3. Product profile

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    4.Objective of study (61-81)

    4. Limitations (82-94)

    4. Research Methodology (95-96)

    4. Data Analysis and Interpretation (96-101)

    4. Summary of findings (102-103)

    4. Summary of suggestions (103) (10



    IndiaInvest Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading advisorsand distributors of financial products and services inIndia. Established in year 1994, NJ has over adecade of rich exposure in financial investments space

    and portfolio advisory services. From a humble beginning,NJ over the years has evolved out to be aprofessionally managed, quality conscious and customerfocussed financial / investment advisory & distribution firm.

    NJ prides in being a professionally managed,

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    quality focused and customer centric organisation. Thestrength of NJ lies in the strong domain knowledge ininvestment consultancy and the delivery of sustainablevalue to clients with support from cutting-edgetechnology platform, developed in-house by NJ.

    At NJ we believe in ..

    having single window, multiple solutions that areintegrated for simplicity and sapience.

    Making innovations, accessions, value-additions, aconstant process

    providing customers with solutions for tomorrowwhich will keep them above the curve, today.

    NJ had over INR 60 billion* of mutual fund assetsunder advice with a wide presence in over 96 locations*in 18 states* and 500+ Employess in India. The numbersare reflections of the trust, commitment and value that NJ

    shares with its clients.At NJ, we continue to innovate, enrich our intellect,and ask critical

    questions. We challenge our own processes and systemson constant basis to emerge more convinced. At NJ, wecontinue to expand the scope and depth of our offerings,making apt use of technological support.

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    NJ Wealth Advisors, a division of NJ focuses on providingfinancial planning and portfolio services to premium clientsof high net worth. At wealth advisors.

    We have dedicated processes that focus onproviding the best in terms of the advice . And theongoing manage your portfolio and financial plans.

    At NJ, our experience, knowledge and understandingenables us to provide value , in an enhanced way . As aleading player in the industry, we continue tosuccessfully expectations of our clients ,

    through meaningful and comprehensive Solutionsoffered by NJ Advisors.

    Our vision

    To be the leader in our field of business through,

    Total Customer SatisfactionCommitment to ExcellenceDetermination to Succeed with strict adherence to

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    a body, our philosophy would be our spirit which drivesour body.

    Service Philosophy:

    Our primary measure of success is customer satisfaction

    We are committed to provide our customers withcontinuous , long - term improvements and value-additionsto meet the needs in an exceptional way. In our efforts toconsistently deliver the best service possible to ourcustomers , all employees of NJ will make every effort to:

    * think of the customer first, take responsibility, and makerompt service to

    the customer priority.* deliver upon the commitments & promises made on time.* anticipate, visualize, understand, meet, exceed our

    ustomers needs.* bring energy, passion & excellence in everything we do.

    * be honest and ethical, in action & attitude, and keep theustomers interest

    supreme.* strengthen customer relationships by providing service

    n a thoughtful &proactive and meet the expectations ,effectively.

    Investing Philosophy:

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    We aim to provide Need - based solutions for long -term wealth creation .

    We aim to provide all customers of NJ, directly orindirectly, with true, unbiased, need - based solutionsand advice that best meets their stated & un-stated needs.In our efforts to provide quality financial & investmentadvice , we believe that

    * Clients want need-based solutions, which fits them.* Long-term wealth creation is simple and straight.

    * Asset-Allocation is the ideal & the best way for long-erm wealth

    creation.* Educating and disclosing all the important facets which

    he customerneeds to be aware of is important

    * The solutions must be unbiased, feasible, practical,xecutable

    ,measurable and flexable

    .* Constant monitoring and proper after-sales service is

    ritical tocomplete the ongoing processes.

    At NJ our aim is to earn the trust and respect of themployees

    customers, ,partners, regulators, industry members and thecommunity at large by following our service and investingphilosophy with commitment and without exceptions

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report



    The management at NJ brings together a team of peoplewith wide experience and knowledge in the financial servicesdomain. The management provides direction and guidance tothe whole organisation. The management has strong visions

    for NJ as a globally respected company providingcomprehensive services in financial sector.

    The Customer First philosophy in deeply ingrained in themanagement at NJ. The aim of the management is to bring thebest to the customers in terms of

    Range of products and services offered

    Quality Customer Service

    All the key members of the organisation put in great focus onthe processes & systems under the diverse functions ofbusiness. The management also focuses on utilizingtechnology as the key enabler for all the activities and toleverage the technology for enhancing overall customerexperience.

    The key members of the management are:

    Mr. Neeraj Choksi Jt. Managing DirectorMr. Jignesh Desai Jt. Managing Director

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    Sales Team:Mr. Misbah Baxamusa National Head

    Mr. Prashant kakkad V.P.

    Executive Team:

    Mr. Vinayak Rajput Finance & OperationsMr. Viral Shah ResearchMr. Dhaval Desai Human Resources, Marketing


    People & culture


    Enthusiasm, Enterprise, Education and Ethics form the four pillars atNJ. At NJ one can witness the vibrant energy, enthusiasm and theenterprising drive to excel flowing freely throughout theorganisation. At NJ can also experience the creativity, one-to-one responsiveness, collaborative approach and passion fordelivering value.

    At NJ people evolve to be more effective, efficient, and resultoriented. Knowledge is inherent due to the education-centricapproach and the experience in handling different clientsgroups across diverse product profiles.

    NJ understands that the people are the most important assets of

  • 8/14/2019 INJ Report


    the company and it is not the company that grows but the people.NJ hence undertakes rigorous training and educational activitiesfor enhancing the entire team at NJ . NJ also believes in the Learning through Responsibility concept for its employees.

    For people at NJ success is not a new word, but is a regularstepping - stone to realising the one vision that everyone shares.


    At NJ we believe in transforming the lives of our customers.We exist to create a difference a change towards a betterlife. The culture at NJ reflects this responsibility, this dreamof transforming lives. And we at NJ are always excitedand enthused in doing so.

    We believe in keeping You First, providing you with products andservices that meet your stated and unstated needs. Clientsatisfaction and client service is the Mantra we constantly recite.

    This service oriented philosophy runs throughout the organization, fr