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  • 1. Initial PitchEda Ozdemir

2. Genre My magazine genre will be Pop music. I chose Pop because I have found out from research that included mysurvey that pop is mainly preferred by many people, besides this is alsomy ideal genre of music. I also believe that this genre relates well with mytarget audience. My magazine will include interviews with Pop artists, new releases,reviews, stories/Articles related to Pop artists, upcoming Pop musicevents. Similar Magazines: 3. Target AudienceDemographics:Psychographics: -Females aged 16-21-Interest in Pop music -Socio Economic-Middle social class Class: D & E -MatureName: Ahet OzdemirAge: 20From: LondonStudies at University of Westminster, she is nowcurrently in her last year. She used to have a parttime job in JD when she was studying her A levels insixth form. She is also very artistic!Interests: Pop music, fashion and shopping, going outwith friends.Hobbies: Used to do karate, loves reading and art. 4. Similar Magazines My magazine will be similarto these magazines, the onlydifferent thing is that mymagazine will be a musicmagazine. The things that will be thesame are the layout,composition, so where eachconvention will be placed. Itwill be a monthly magazine,meaning that the front coverwill be less busy. 5. Masthead Ideas Replay relates well to music and songs,by referring to the replay button. Repeat I thought repeat will be suitablefor a music magazine masthead as it easily links tomusic. When you think of the word repeat, youimmediately think music. Shuffle- this word relates to songs, whenyou think of shuffle you think of songs, differentgenres of music, however my magazine will only bebased on pop. Play I like this masthead idea because iteasily links to music and its short and snappy. TuneIn this masthead sounds classy andvery unique to other magazines. 6. I created a poll on mywebsite, and got people tovote which masthead theythought was the best, andmost appropriate for a popmagazine. Most peoplevoted repeat. I think thetypography is suitable for amusic magazine, and is alsomost importantly easilyread. 7. Price 3.80 My music magazine will be an expensive monthlymagazine, with means it will be available to buy everymonth. It will be less busy with professional photography/models. 8. Concept The music genre I will base my magazine on will be popmusic. Potential target audience will be young adults. The unique selling points will include celebrity gossips, factfiles, release dates of latest singles/albums. My front cover will always have a famous artist at thecurrent date on it in the Pop genre, male or female. I couldmainly use male celebrities in my front pages as my targetaudience is females and they are most hooked to themagazine if there is an attractive male on the front cover. 9. Colour Scheme Colour scheme will be different on each issue,each colour scheme will include 3 colours,such as cream, burgundy tones. It is alsoimportant that the colours match with themodels outfit. 10. USP As my music magazine will be soldmonthly, each time you buy a magazineevery month you will receive a coupon.For every 5 coupons you win a free CDfeaturing all the latest pop songs. Plus if you are subscribed to my magazine,it will be delivered to your door everymonth, by being subscribed you benefitfrom 25% discount. 11. Story IdeasStory ideas for my double pagespread: First story- Dream come true!- HowLana became a pop star. Second story- Breast Cancer Alert-Lady Gaga with the cases of breastcancer. Third Story- Whitney Houstons lastwords. 12. Models These models are allbetween the ages 16-21. They will be suitable tomodel for my teenage popmagazine. 13. LocationsI have many locations in mind of where I will take myphotos for my magazine. Green Screen Park with loads Bedroom of trees 14. Social Networking TV Advert SitesAdvertising my magazine on Through marketing myTV would reach a very largemagazine on socialaudience and grab a lot of networking sites likeattention . My target audience Twitter and Facebook, Iwould be very likely to see it, will be directly reachinghowever this is the most my target audience ofexpensive form of advertisingout of my choices so may be16-21 year olds, as theyunsuitable, and is a possiblechoice to consider after my Marketing most commonly used these websites tomagazine has been out for asocialise.few months and has broughtin money. Posters BillboardsPosters advertising my Those within my targetmagazine can be situated inaudience over the age ofvarious places where you 17 who drive are morewould find my target audiencelikely to see mysuch as schools, colleges etc. billboards in their dailythis is the cheapest form of routine, which will beadvertising making it easiest to bright and eye-catching,do, and also allows me to target attracting them to buyvarious magazine. 15. Marketing & AdvertisingSocial NetworksI have created a Twitter page and aFacebook like page for my pop magazine. @retunemag have created these pages to promote mymagazine, and so that it is recognised. It isan easy way of advertising.Retune magazine will also be advertisedon billboards. 16. Publishers & Distributers I think that the company EMAPwill distribute my magazine asthe company EMAP mainlydistributes magazines with ayoung target audience. 17. Thank You