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my media studies initial photos


  • 1. Initial Photos

2. 3. Front Cover
These are the photos I took for the front cover. I made sure the top of the image was blank for the mast head.
I chose this image because it was the best out of the four.
4. Contents Page
I chose the three larger ones as they were the better photos. I thought one of the images needed to be of the cover person and I wanted some different people too. I chose to have a plain background for the other two images.
5. Double Page Spread
I broke conventions by taking an image where he wasnt facing the camera and I want to put this in my DPS too.
I chose the two larger images to use for my magazine. I liked the one on the bench because in my mock up I liked the idea of having a longer image in the middle of the two pages.
6. Location
I took the other images in the art room where there are plain white walls so they look different to the main feature photos.
I took the cover and DPS images in the woods. I decided to do this as it creates a nice background and the natural colours make the person stand out.I chose areas where I could use the sky as the mast head so the title will stand out and be readable.
7. Costume
I researched bands and artists that fall into my chosen genre and chose costumes that matched. I wanted them in normal clothes that matched suited the genre which is rock/alternative.
8. Props
The only prop I used was a microphone for the cover and DPS images. I did this because I thought it was important that I make it obvious that its a music magazine.