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<ul><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 1/8</p><p>A. GG0216 $29 Printed Acrylic Keychain</p><p>available in Interlocking and Single</p><p>Initial Timesblock font.</p><p>B. JN0752-(specify chain color &amp;</p><p>length) $59Refuse to Sink! Printed</p><p>Acrylic Necklace.Pendant measures</p><p>1 </p><p>C. JN0750-(specify chain color&amp; length)1 Printed Filigree</p><p>Monogram.Available in Circle font &amp;</p><p>Interlocking. 16 chain $59, 18 chain</p><p>$61, 20 chain $63</p><p>D. JN0751-(specify chain color</p><p>&amp; length)1.5 Printed Filigree</p><p>Monogram.Available in Circle font</p><p>&amp; Interlocking. 16 chain $69, 18</p><p>chain $71, 20 chain 73</p><p> 334-887-1856</p><p>Pinted</p><p>Choose your chain color and length!</p><p>-0116 Sterling Silver Chain 16</p><p>-0118 Sterling Silver Chain 18</p><p>-0120 Sterling Silver Chain 20</p><p>-0216 Gold Plated Chain 16</p><p>-0218 Gold Plated Chain 18</p><p>-0220 Gold Plated Chain 20</p><p>*Items shown on this page do not have apersonalization fee</p><p>ACRYLICMONOGRAMS</p><p>-orange moroccan -chev</p><p>-suzani -light</p><p>-leopard -pink po</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 2/8</p><p>A. JB0664 $46</p><p>Hammered goldto</p><p>chunky link brace</p><p>- 8 shown with J</p><p>$24ESmall squa</p><p>goldtone pendant </p><p>etched border </p><p>JC0126-02 $14Ligh</p><p>large accent crystal</p><p>B. JP0468 $20E Goldtosmall round rimmed pendan</p><p>shown with JC0126-04 $14Da</p><p>large accent crystal</p><p>on JN0681-(specify length)Goldtone thin ch</p><p>-0114 14 $12, -0116 16 $14, -0118 18 $16, -012</p><p>$20, -0124 24 $24</p><p>C. JP0300 $24E Pendant. A mother holds her child</p><p>hands for a whiletheir hearts forever.. 1 wide s</p><p>with JC0126-03Blue large accent crystal on JN06</p><p>(specify length)Silverplated rope chain with m</p><p>closure -0018 18 $20, -0020 20 $22, -0024 2</p><p>D. JB0656-0200 $22Chunky brushed chbracelet featuring large pearl, 7 w</p><p>extender shown with</p><p>JC0006-(specify let</p><p>Ornate Single I</p><p>Charm with J</p><p>06 Black lar</p><p>accent crys</p><p>E.JB0695 </p><p>(specify c</p><p>$20Bow a</p><p>cuff bracele</p><p>up to 8 -01pink, -0200 c</p><p>-0300 turquoise</p><p>C.</p><p>E.</p><p>B.</p><p>A.</p><p>ES0068-(specify color) $22W</p><p>Chevron innity scarves</p><p>-0100 aqua</p><p>-0200 hot pink</p><p>-0300 orange</p><p>-0400 royal</p><p>-0500 black</p><p>JC0126-(specify number)</p><p>Large accent crystals x</p><p>-06 black</p><p>-01 clear</p><p>-02 light pink</p><p>-04 dark p</p><p>-05 amber</p><p>-03 blue</p><p>C.</p><p>D.</p><p>E.</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 3/8</p><p>-0300</p><p>JS0157 $32</p><p>Navy and Coral on goldtone</p><p>bead necklace and earrings</p><p>set. 18 with 3 extender.</p><p>Earrings hang 1</p><p>EN0005-(specify pattern) $</p><p>Satin Headbands. Innity h</p><p>with elastic for a one size fo</p><p>JS0158 $34</p><p>Look on the Brigh</p><p>Side Necklace and</p><p>Earring Set.</p><p>Shortest strand</p><p>measures 16</p><p>with 3 extender.</p><p>Earrings hang 1</p><p>-0100 polka dot -0200 </p><p>-0400 houndstooth</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 4/8</p><p>Your style is made personal</p><p>with our collection of charms</p><p>and pendants that reects your</p><p>uniqueness. Our full line catalog provides a step by step</p><p>guide to creating a Generations Necklace that tells your storyand is sure to become a keepsake. Shown here are just a few</p><p>combinations that can be created. No one piece is the same!</p><p>INITIAL OUTFITTERS // MAKE A LIVING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!</p><p>G.</p><p>D.</p><p>B.</p><p>E.F.</p><p>G.</p><p>C.</p><p>A.</p><p>H.</p><p>Tell your storywith a uniqueGenerations Necklace.</p><p>F.</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 5/8STYLISH, UNIQUE, PERSONALIZED // INITIAL OUTFITTER</p><p>I. J. K.</p><p>L.</p><p>M.</p><p>N.</p><p>O.</p><p>G. JS0122 $29Turquoise and Gold bead long layering necklace</p><p>and earring set. 31 with 3 extender Earrings hang 3</p><p>H. JN0292 $36Silver plated charm necklace 18 toggle closure</p><p>See pages 14-21 of the main catalog for all available charm</p><p>options.</p><p>I. JP0225 $29ESilver plated charm holder pendant. Opens</p><p>to easily add new charms! 1 See pages 14-21 of the main</p><p>catalog for all available charm options.</p><p>J. JN0137 $59ESterling silver disc necklace adjustable 14-20</p><p>K. JE0019 $29ESterling silver round post earrings 38</p><p>L. JE0240 $14ERound earrings with swirl accent hang 1</p><p>M. JE0146 $14Brushed hematite metal hoop earrings 1 </p><p>N. JB0035 $179ESterling silver oval mothers bracelet 8.</p><p>Features up to seven engravable spaces.</p><p>JN0410-0200 $34Faceted gold crystals on</p><p>delicate chain 16-18</p><p>A. JN0410-0100 $34Faceted purple crystals on</p><p>delicate chain 16-18</p><p>B. JE0454 $24EMatte goldtone engraveable disc</p><p>earrings hang 2</p><p>C. JR0033-(specify size) $49Goldtone Vine Ring.</p><p>Available in sizes -0006 size 6, -0007 size 7,</p><p>-0008 size 8, -0009 size 9, -0010 size 10D. JN0723 $39ERustic rectangle necklace.</p><p>This item can be personalized with a name.</p><p>1 w x 38h, 18 chain attached.</p><p>E. JN0720 $39ERustic goldtone diamond necklace</p><p>1 38w x1116h, 18 chain attached.</p><p>F. JN0721 $39ERustic goldtone hammered round</p><p>necklace 1 316 diameter, 16-18 adjustable</p><p>Create a keepsake that represents those closest to her heart.</p><p>letters L, K &amp; O</p><p>Sterling Mothers Bracelet</p><p>terlingTIMELESS CLASSIC</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 6/8INITIAL OUTFITTERS // MAKE A LIVING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!</p><p>SC0084-21</p><p>SC0104-21</p><p>SC086-21</p><p>SC0016-21</p><p>SC0106-21</p><p>SC0110-21</p><p>SC0035-21</p><p>SC0107-21</p><p>SC0089-21</p><p>SC0096-21</p><p>SC0108-21</p><p>SC0004-21</p><p>SC0109-21</p><p>SC0036-21</p><p>EU0003-(specify pattern) $29W</p><p>Fashion Fun Umbrellas. Brighten up a rainy day with our new</p><p>umbrella designs. A spring shower has never been more fun! With</p><p>an auto open feature, they make running out in the rain a cinch.</p><p>Personalized Cuff Bracele</p><p>Wrist candy at its best! Th</p><p>cuffs are full of bright colo</p><p>and designs. You will wan</p><p>for each outt. Available o</p><p>the designs shown.</p><p>-1100 Coral &amp; White Stripe -1300 Gray &amp; White Herringbone -1200 Navy &amp; White Stri</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 7/8YOUR STYLE... MADE PERSONAL! // INITIAL OUTFITTER</p><p>A. EH0113-(specify color) $46WAnchors Away Stripe Boat Tote 18oz cotton canvas, fea</p><p>zipped top closure, exterior front pocket and 27 handles. We recommend spot cleanin</p><p>-0100 red stripe, -0200 navy stripe</p><p>B. EH0129 $26WNavy and White endless lattice accent bucket tote 14w x 11h with 10</p><p>C. GG0073-(specify color) $22Insulated Tumblers. -0100 hot pink, -0200 clear, -0300 r</p><p>D. EH0130 $29WEndless Lattice Navy and White Tote 15w x 12 h x 4 d Nylon rop</p><p>measure 10. Features inside mesh zippered pocket</p><p>EH0017-(specify color) $12W</p><p>Charlies Lunchboxes</p><p>Introducing New Colors</p><p>-2100 yellow</p><p>-2200 light pink</p><p>-2300 khaki</p><p>-1900 orange</p><p>(See main catalog for more options)</p><p>GC0016-(specify</p><p>color) $39W</p><p>Stripe Sunhat, brim</p><p>measures 5 </p><p>-0100 aqua,</p><p>-0200 black,</p><p>-0300 pink</p><p>(not shown)</p><p>A.</p><p>D.</p><p>B.</p><p>C.</p><p>VN0012-(specify font) $22</p><p>Mini Monogram Decal Sheet</p><p>Nine penny size decals in 3 different fonts allows</p><p>you to have a lot of fun adding monogrammed accents</p><p>to just about anything. Mini monogram sets will be</p><p>the same initials in the same color. Not available in</p><p>removable vinyl.</p><p>-0100 3 interlocking, 3 curlz, 3 circle</p><p>-02003 circle, 3 times block, 3 block single initial</p><p>-turquoise</p><p>-hotpink</p><p>-royalBlue</p><p>-white</p><p>-yellow</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Initial Outfitters Spring Supplement!</p><p> 8/8</p><p>Personalized Cutting Boards $49</p><p>From entertaining to everyday use, these cutting</p><p>boards add a personalized touch to everything you do</p><p>in the kitchen! 8 x 12 tempered glass</p><p>Step 1:Choose your design.Each design has a</p><p>specic item number. Ex. SC0096</p><p>Step 2:Add -12 to your item number. Ex. SC0096-12</p><p>Step 3:Choose your personalization!Designs have</p><p>a pre-selected font color and</p><p>cannot be changed. Designs</p><p>shown with a monogram</p><p>can either have 3 initial or</p><p>a single initial. Choose from</p><p>Interlocking, Circle, or Times</p><p>Block fonts.</p><p>Personalized</p><p>Sandstone Coasters $29</p><p>Add -14 to your design</p><p>number to specify coaster</p><p>Set of 4 coasters. Set will</p><p>have identical design and</p><p>personalization. See the ma</p><p>catalog for more design optiEH0126-(specify pattern) $</p><p>The Classic Cargo Handbag</p><p>-0100 Navy Chevron (not sh</p><p>-0200 Black/White Dandelio</p><p>Canvas bag features leather</p><p>trim, magnetic button closu</p><p>gusset snaps, two deep exte</p><p>side pockets, two inside poc</p><p>fully lined. 13w x 14h x 5</p><p>straps measure 10 from </p><p> 334-887-1856</p><p>SC0096</p><p>SC0101</p><p>SC0097</p><p>SC0102</p><p>SC0098</p><p>SC0103</p><p>SC0099</p><p>SC0104</p><p>SC0100</p><p>SC0105</p><p>GG0027 $32</p><p>Personalized Acrylic Snack Tray</p><p>Measures 8.5 x 10.5</p><p>See the main catalog for all</p><p>personalization options.</p><p>personalizYOURHOME</p></li></ul>