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1. Ingles
2. A)Excuse me. Does this buss go to Westuille?
B)No, It doesnt .It goes to riberside.
A)Oh, I see. Tell mee, Which bus goes to westuille?
B)The number 30 bus.
A)Thank you
3. Does this ship GO to hongkong? Yes, IT DOES
DOES this plane GO to Toronyo?No IT DOESNT. IT GOES to vancouver.
DOES THE bus nuber 48 Go To The zoo?? Yes IT DOESNT IT GOES.
DOES this train GO to Dallas?? No, IT DOESNT, IT GOES to Denver.
DOES thicalifornia Go to el florido? No, IT DOESNT , IT GOES to Tecate.
4. 5. A)Excuse me . Please fasten you seat belf!!
B)Im sorry I didnt hear you What did you say?
A)I saind,Please fasten you seat belt
B)Oh, Okay.
6. The recipe
A)Your cake was delicius .Can you tell me the ricepe?
B)Sure.First, mix together a cup of flour. A teaspoon of salt , and two tablesponns of water.
A)I see
B)Then, add half a cup of sugar are you with me so far?
7. A)Yes,Im following you.
B)Okay. Next, add twooaggs.
B)And then, put the mixtere into a baking pan and bake for one hour at 350 degrees.