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Russ College of Engineering and Technology at Ohio University Ingenuity Magazine 2011


  • The Annual Magazine of the Russ College of Engineering and Technology2011

    Russ College of Engineeringand Technology

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    New program boosts freshman math scores

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    From the Deans Desk

    Student Achievements

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    Research Spotlight

    Research Feature: Junior Faculty Research

    Selected External Research Awards

    Academic Feature: Freshman Math Adds Up

    Presidents Perspective

    Giving to the Russ College

    Alumni Profiles: On the Right Track

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    Not Your Typical Hacker: The Russ Prize 2011

    Faculty and Staff Awards

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    New Hires and Retirees

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    While the growth of our students inspires us, were also energized by the potential of our faculty. Our new Russ-Ohio Research Scholar in Coal-Syngas Utilization, Dr. Sunggyu K.B. Lee, has settled into his new 16,000 square-foot-lab nicelyafter a whopping seven semi trucks delivered his equipment! But Dr. Lee didnt just bring his groundbreaking alternative fuels technologies with him. He also brought eight graduate students to work in the lab, four of whom will become our alumni. His Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials Laboratory is one of the finest labs in the nation specializing in process and product research and development in alternative fuels, functional materials, and high-pressure technologyparticularly products that can be made using sequestered CO2. Im also proud to highlight several junior faculty members. On pages 8-9, you can read about assistant professors who, early in their careers, have already received noteworthy grants from major federal organizations.

    Each time we send Ingenuity off to our campus design team, were reflecting on our past academic year while preparing to begin a new one. In 2012, well celebrate our second anniversary of opening the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations and Charles R. and Marilyn Y. Stuckey Academic & Research Centera building so successfully collaborative that we cant keep its moveable furniture in one spot before another student group sets up camp to study, holds a student org meeting, or huddles on their senior design project. The moving tables and chairs, long hours, and midnight brainpower result in some exciting accomplishments that these pages unfoldaccomplishments like that of Joe Morris, a grad student who got his pick of multiple nationally competitive fellowships he was awarded. Or, the mechanical engineering senior design team that won $20,000 in prize monies for their valve assembly design in a national competition that supports solutions for workers with disabilities. There was also the team of young women aviatorsErin Derosa B.S. 11, Rachael Johnson, B.S. 11, Brooke Furz, Kelley McCoy, and Catherine Meyer, who attended the Women in Aviation International Conference in Reno, Nevada, after their own successful fundraising campaign.

    And you may recall the STEAM project: A three-year, $1.67 million National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded effort. Our graduate students worked with area middle school teachers over that period to develop virtual science courses. STEAM was one of just 15 teams in the nation invited to represent the NSF in the first U.S. National Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C., held last fall on the National Mall.


    Preparing to create polyurethane from castor oil, chemical and biomolecular engineering Ph.D. candidate Amber Tupper sets up a heating apparatus with the guidance of Dr. Sunggyu K.B. Lee, Russ-Ohio Research Scholar in Coal-Syngas Utilization.

    Masters student Nathan Andre, B.S.C.S. 10, (R), coaches exhibit visitors about propagation of energy through a medium in the form of a wave via the STEAM-developed game WaveHero. Modeled after the popular Guitar Hero game, it teaches users about key concepts such as transverse and compression waves, wavelength determination velocity, frequency, mediums, resonance, and particle properties.






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    Dean Dennis Irwin

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    In a collaborative effort among three of our programs, other faculty shared their expertise with colleagues at Iraqs Al-Anbar University by assessing its programs with a focus on the ABET accreditation process. Department Chair and Neil D. Thomas Professor Gayle Mitchell, Russ Professor Shad Sargand, Associate Professors Eric Steinberg and Ben Stuart, and Research Engineer Andrew Russ of Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering Chair Greg Kremer; and Associate Professor Costas Vassiliadis of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science collaborated with five visiting colleagues from Iraq.

    As we look back on the past year, we also celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni, such as Retired Brigadier General and Russ College Board of Visitors member James Abraham, B.S.E.E. 43, B.S.I.E. 48. Jim was recognized in August by the City of Gahanna, which dedicated its city hall in his honor. You can read more in Class Notesand be sure to see in that section how to send us your news so we can include you next time. Finally, a biennial event that we are most grateful to share, one that grew from the hearts of our beloved friends Fritz, B.S.E.E. 42, H.O.N. 75, and Dolores Russ: the Russ Prize. In February, the sixth Russ Prize was bestowed on visionary cross-disciplinary scientist Leroy Hood, one of the pioneers of the Human Genome Project (see page 18). Were honored to be the home of the worlds top prize in bioengineeringand well be honored to welcome Dr. Hood to Ohio University in February for a visit during Engineers Week 2012. It will be one of many events to look forward to hearing about in our next issue.

    Professors from abroad on their first day of the Al-Anbar project (from L to R, all of Al-Anbar University unless otherwise noted): Abdulqader Ismail Abdulwahab, dams and water engineering; Adil Nuhair Abed, dean; Bashar Al-Tarawneh, University of Jordan (Amman, Iraq), civil engineering; Talal Hussein Fadhil, civil engineering; Obaid Talaq, deputy dean.




    James Abraham, B.S.E.E. 43, B.S.I.E. 48, is congratulated on his City of Gahanna honor by a fellow soldier.


    n Ho


    WRITE TO US!We welcome letters from readers. We reserve the right to edit for space, collegiality, and grammar. Please include your contact information. E-mail to, or mail to Ingenuity magazine, Russ College of Engineering and Technology, Ohio University, Stocker Center 177, Athens, Ohio, 45701.

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    The Flying Bobcats f light team was named National Champions for Safety at the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference (SAFECON) in May. At the regional competition in October, junior Travis Fisher and freshman Grant Rhue placed first in the message drop, in which they had to manually drop two message containers from 200 feet in the air. Fisher also came in second place in the short field approach and landing, in which students had to land on a short approach and touchdown on the runway in a 200-foot zone, similar to landing on an aircraft carrier.

    A team of five senior mechanical engineering students won first place in the national 2011 Ability One Network Design Challenge. The second Ohio University team in three years to come in first, Frapptastic Five took home a prize of $10,000 to split and another $10,000 for their department, for their design to improve assembly of valves for McDonalds frappe dispensers. Kyle Royer, Broc Pittenger, Logan Dobrovich, David Few, and Michael Koh, all of whom received their bachelors degrees in mechanical engineering in June, worked with Parkersburg, West Virgina, company SW Resources, which employs disabled workers. Work is now safer and easier for the disabled employees, and productivity has improved more than 100 percent.

    Electrical engineering masters degree candidate Joe Morris, B.S.E.E. 11, was offered four of five fellowships he applied for, receiving an honorable mention for the fifth. He accepted the Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Fellowship with the Department of Defense. Once he completes graduate studies in June 2012, Morris will begin a full-time position at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that he already has been guaranteed as part of the fellowship.

    Chemical and biomolecular engineering doctoral student Dake Xu won second place for the best student poster in applied corrosion technology during the 2011 National Association of Corrosion Engineers Conference in Houston for the poster Mitigation of souring and MIC due to SRB in the presence of sand using a triple biocide cocktail consisting of glutaraldehyde, EDDS (a biodegradable chelator), and methanol. Xu received the Harvey Herro Prize, including a plaque and $1,000, as part of the honor.

    Civil engineering masters student Stephen Busam, M.S.C.E. 11, was selected Outstanding Student of the Year and awarded a $1,000 prize by the Ohio Transportation Consortium.

    Grace Sallar, a civil engineering major, received a $1,000 award as part of a case study competition at the 2010 Undergraduate Leadership and Creativity Symposium, a three-day intensive workshop held in November at Ohio State on leadership, creativity, product innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, and persuasive communication.



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    Electrical engineering seniors Matt Miltner, DerekFulk, and Samantha Craig placed first in the Institute of Navigations fi