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  • Infrastructure Development James Cook University

    Vanessa Cannon, Chief of Staff Alan Carpenter, Project Director Discovery Rise

  • What was what is

    and what will be

  • 1960: University College established as part of The University of Queensland.

    1970: University College gained independence as James Cook University - Australias University for the Tropics

    1987: Cairns campus established

    2003: Singapore campus established.

    Australias University for the Tropics

  • Australias university for the tropics

    Global rank (Academic Ranking of World Universities) - Top 4% CWTS Leiden Ranking 2014 ranked no. 158 (of 750) in the world, ranked #5 in Oceania (includes Australia) Nature Publishing Index Asia-Pacific ranked #10

  • Students: 3,500 Singapore 4,900 Cairns 14,000 Townsville 7554 are international Staff: 1,280 Cairns 3,650 Townsville Estate: over $1 bn 202,600m2 GFA, 469 hectares Revenue: $509.4m

    Australian tropical campus international students home countries:

    JCU 2015

    USA 20.3% Brazil 4.2% Vietnam 2.1% India 11.0% Germany 4.0% UK 2.0% Canada 7.6% Norway 3.7% Singapore 1.6% PNG 6.8% Malaysia 3.1% Nepal 1.5% China 4.4% Indonesia 2.7% Others 24.9%

  • Strategic Intent: Creating a brighter future for life in the tropics worldwide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference. Strategic Themes: Tropical Ecosystems and

    Environment Industries and Economies in the

    Tropics Peoples and Societies in the Tropics Tropical Health, Medicine and


    One University-Two Countries-Three Tropical Campuses

  • Mark Ziembicki/

    Is life in the worlds tropics getting better?

    National University of Singapore Nanyang Technological University University of the South Pacific James Cook University Organization for Tropical Studies University of Hawaii (Manoa)

    Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Instituto Nacional De Pesquisas Da Amazonia University of Papua New Guinea University of Nairobi Mahidol University (Thailand) Escuela Superior Politecnica Del Litoral

  • A lateral view of the world

    like geographies, challenges and opportunities

  • The Tropics

    2.8 billion people

    40% worlds population

    51% worlds children* Mark Ziembicki/ *under 15 years old

    PresenterPresentation NotesThe number of people living in the Tropics, their demographic characteristics and distribution are an important influence on many of the measures of progress used in this report. the tropics is home to more than 2.8 billion people according to the most recent United Nations Estimates. This is an increase of more than 2 billion people since 1950 a growth rate of 2.2% per annum. Population growth globally and in the tropics has been slowing.

    Currently 51% of children under the age of 15 years live in the Tropics. The age structure in the Tropics differs quite significantly from the rest of the world.

  • By 2050

    5.5 billion people

    >51% worlds population

    67% worlds children* Mark Ziembicki/ *under 15 years old

    PresenterPresentation NotesAlthough population growth is expected to continue to slow, based on median estimates of population growth there will be nearly 5 billion people living in the Tropics by 2050. This is will be well over 50% of the worlds population. An estimated 67% of the worlds children under 15 years old will live in the Tropics half of these in Central and Southern Africa.

  • Critical infrastructure

    Emmanual Dyan













    Internet users (% total population)

    Mobile phone users (% total population)

    Access to improved sanitation (% totalpopulation)

    Access to improved water (% totalpopulation)

    Slum population (% urban population)

    Urban population (% total population) Rest of the world


    The challenges and opportunities

  • So what? Technology and Innovation (a knowledge based


    Health Agriculture and aquaculture Biosecurity Education and industry skills - International


    Disaster resilience/tropical planning and design

  • Back to northern Qld Campuses: Cairns Singapore Townsville

    Study Centres: Atherton Mackay Mt Isa Thursday Island

    Research Stations: Fletcherview Orpheus Island Daintree Rainforest Observatory

  • Cairns Campus Profile Infrastructure

    Dental School

    The Cairns Institute

    Cairns Energy Plant





  • Townsville Campus Profile - Infrastructure



    Education Central

    Clinical Practice Building



    Mothballed buildings The Science



    Library Refurbishment

    4th Chiller CDC

    Vet Sciences

  • Universities and capital grants

    Universities are State bodies the JCU Act, but regulated by Federal government

    No more Federal competitive capital funding pools Need to leverage investment in enabling


    So, we enjoy elections. Australian Tropical Marine and Aquaculture Centre

    (ATMAC), $100m Australian Biosecurity Network (ATBio), $30m Townsville Innovation Complex, $80m Cairns Innovation Centre, $50m

  • Known Knowns

    . GFA $m Status Start Year

    Ideas Market Townsville na 5 Funded 2016 Verandah Walk 1 Townsville na 3 Tender 2016 Cairns Innovation College Cairns 9,000 30 RFP 2017 Student Apartments Townsville 15,000 52 RFP 2017 Infrastructure enhancement Townsville na 50 Feasibility 2017 University Private Hospital Townsville 15,000 113 EOI 2017 Verandah Walk 2 Townsville na 3 Design 2017 Cairns Innovation Centre Cairns 8,000 50 Feasibility 2018 Clinical Practice Building 3 Townsville 6,000 27 Feasibility 2018 Technology Innovation Complex Townsville 8,000 80 Funding 2018 Tropical Sports Conditioning Centre Cairns 8,000 33 Funding 2018 ATMAC Townsville tba 100 Funding 2019 Aged Care Townsville 6,000 36 Pending 2019 Cornerstone Building Townsville 10,000 45 Pending 2019 Discovery Rise Residential Townsville na 600 Pending 2020 University High School Townsville tba 27 Pending 2022 Totals 1,227

  • Ideas Market

    Townsville Campus $5 million

    Funded by Catalyst Infrastructure Program

    Central public space for Discovery Rise Fronted by:

    Student Apartments AITHM Cornerstone CPB3

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  • Verandah Walk

    Townsville Stage 1/2 (current) $3 million

    Stage 3 (future) $3 million

    Covered pedestrian/ cycle highway

    Connects main

    activity centre

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  • Student Apartments

    Townsville Campus $60 million

    500 Beds RFP closes April 2016 Complete February


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  • University Private Hospital

    Townsville 100 Beds $113 million

    Joint JCU and THHS initiative Stage 1 - 100 beds with clinical training and

    research elements.

    Market sounding and demand analysis compete

    Strong interest ROI closed EOI about to issue

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  • Clinical Practice Building 3

    Townsville $25 million

    Extension to CPB 1 and 2

    To proceed in parallel with University Private Hospital

    Health practitioners and clinical training

    North of Ideas Market

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  • Aged Care

    Townsville $36 million

    Companion project to University Hospital and CPB

    140 beds envisaged

    Allied health training component

    On hold pending University Hospital

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  • Technology Innovation Complex

    Townsville $80 million

    Centre for STEM activity in northern Australia

    Rationalisation of aged and unviable building stock

    Companion building to Science Place Focus on innovation and

    translation Emphasis on Electrical

    Engineering and IT

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  • Cornerstone Building

    Townsville $45 million

    Mix accommodation, medi-hotel, short stay, serviced apartment and conference facilities

    On hold pending University Hospital

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  • Cairns Innovation Centre

    Cairns Campus $50 million

    Mixed use commercial

    Translation of research and innovation into commercial products and processes.

    Transaction manager appointment pending

    Awaiting confirmation of government support (State committed $10m on Friday, to be matched by Feds)

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  • Cairns Innovation Lodge

    Cairns 300 Beds $30 million

    Student and visitor accommodation

    RFP closes April 2016

    Open February 2018

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  • Tropical Sports Conditioning Centre

    Cairns $33 million Tropical conditioning for elite