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The missing majority

Brief GEC intro


What is the status of the green transition? Over 60 national green economy / growth plans Big players taking a lead OECD, World Bank, regional development banks, UN PAGE (UNEP, UNDP, ILO, UNITAR, UNIDO) + newer organisations e.g. GGGIPrivate sector

GE emerged as response to social. Financial and env crisis Rio, green light to GE Paris and SDGs will accelerate that trendBig global orgs have taken the lead OECD, WB, PAGE plus new organisations GGGI Now GE action plans emerging at all levels local, municipal, national and global Big private sector (e.g. renewables, consumer goods companies) but also service providers (e.g. accounting bodies)


Are green funds flowing? Ethical Markets Media estimates USD 6.22 trillion now going towards green economy

Yes, new and additional fundsThis is just a snap shot of the green bond market Also look at international funds (EC, GGGI, WB, etc.) Though, is worth stressing that it is comparatively slim relative to brown economic financial flows fossil fuels, resource intensive consumer goods, etc. 3

Where are the funds coming from? Source; Green Growth Action Alliance 2012


How does informality feature in green growth discourse?

So, if green growth is indeed on the top of the policy agenda nationally and globally and if it is indeed inclusive then what does it have to say about informal markets.

First took a quick look at the three bigger global reports on GE that have helped to set the agenda. So, yes, informality does feature in all three. References to what

Doesnt feature in the top 500 words Informality does feature in all three

In the World Banks flagship report UNEPOECD does better 10 mentions and, more importantly, those references arent automatically couched as a problem or obstacle. 5

How does informality feature in green growth strategies?

Out of 15 national plans - 6 mention informality Those references focus on structure of economy rather than how GG might impact informal markets E.g. Egypt; Kenya

- Informality doesnt feature once: Vietnam, Barbados, Serbia, South Africa, Serbia, Indonesia, Colombia Or Green Growth Key Findings

- The fact that it is entirely missing from countries such as SA or Vietnam where the informal economy IS the economy is worrying.

- In Egypt it is mentioned but largely in the context of cleaning and greening ie.

NOTESChile National Green Growth Strategy (2)GE Scoping studies (UNEP): Kenya (8), Azerbaijan (1) Egypt (7), Senegal (4), Ghana (4)

Colombia fact sheet (OECD) (0)Indonesia road map (GGGI) (0)


How will people who dont have a stake in the brown economy have one in a green economy?


Peter Poschen, Director of the ILO Enterprises Department

Mao Amis, Executive Director of the Africa Centre for a Green Economy


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