infographics r4t – unit 3 – final product when the going gets tough…

Download Infographics R4T – Unit 3 – Final Product When the Going Gets Tough…

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  • InfographicsR4T Unit 3 Final ProductWhen the Going Gets Tough

  • What is an InfographicInfographics use picturescharts images colors content to completely illustrate and understand information.

  • Why use an InfographicTo communicate a messageTo present large amounts of information in a compact and easy way to understandTo reveal data To discover cause-effect relations

  • Examples of Infographics Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln

  • Examples of InfographicsJackie Robinson

  • Examples of Infographics Steve Jobs

  • Examples of Infographics William Shakesphere

  • 7 steps to create an Infographic for R4TSelect person of interestDetermine your information articles/videosRead and take notes for contentCreate a plan choose your graphic design/layout (colors, shapes, sizes, font)Collect graphics/visualsGenerate your Infographic final productShare with peers