INFOGRAPHIC: How Marketing Automation Turns Visitors into Buyers

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Post on 12-May-2015




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  • 1.SGARATIN EPTHE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF How Marketing Automation Turns Visitors into BuyersHave you ever wondered how wheat goes from wide open fields of amber grain to the yummy bread on your table? Neither have we. But that process is actually very similar to how marketing automation helps you generate, qualify and nurture leads into fresh, ready-to-buy customers. Heres how it works:1Generating Leads Lead generation campaigns are created through marketing automation platforms to drive leads to optimized landing pages from: SEO PPC Email Social Media Webinars PR3Qualifying LeadsIdentifying VisitorsMarketing automation scores and labels leads based on factors such as: Visitor intent Number of website visits within a period of time Visits to a key web page Clicks on links in emails4Nurturing Leads Marketing automation helps you create campaigns to nurture leads with targeted content that helps them make buying decisions. White Papers Blog Posts Case Studies2 Webinars Other types of contentTo request a quote, call 800.939.5938 x1 or visit 2012, All information in this document is the property of Search Mojo.Marketing automation helps to identify website visitors by traits such as: Buyer type Job title Purchase power5Sales-Ready Leads After going through a carefully-crafted process created using marketing automation, visitors become sales-ready leads.