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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 Infographic: Harrison Ford's birthday</p><p> 1/1</p><p>IN MINUTES News and events visually</p><p>SUSAN BATSFORD, GRAPHICS EDITOR, TWITTER @SBATS1;INFOGRAPHIC BY MEGAN DINNER/QMI AGENCYSources: IMDB; Wikipedia</p><p>By no means is this the complete list!</p><p>Year Title Role1966 Dead Heaton a Merry Go Round Bellhop (uncredited)</p><p>1973 American Grati Bob Falfa</p><p>1977 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Han Solo</p><p>1978 Force 10 from Navarone Lieutenant ColonelMike Barnsby</p><p>1978 The Star Wars Holiday Special Han Solo</p><p> (TV movie)1979 Apocalypse Now Colonel Lucas</p><p>1980 Star Wars Episode V: Han SoloThe Empire Strikes Back</p><p>1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones</p><p>1982 Blade Runner Rick Deckard</p><p>1983 Star Wars Episode VI: Han SoloReturn of the Jedi</p><p>1984 Indiana Jones Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom</p><p>1986 The Mosquito Coast Allie Fox</p><p>1989 Indiana Jones Indiana Jones</p><p>and the Last Crusade1991 Regarding Henry Henry Turner</p><p>1992 Patriot Games Jack Ryan</p><p>1993 The Fugitive Dr. Richard David Kimble</p><p>1994 Clear and Present Danger Jack Ryan</p><p>1995 Sabrina Linus Larabee</p><p>1997 Air Force One President James Marshall</p><p>1998 Six Days Seven Nights Quinn Harris</p><p>1999 Random Hearts Sergeant William DutchVan Den Broeck</p><p>2000 What Lies Beneath Dr. Norman Spencer</p><p>2002 K 19: The Widowmaker Alexei Vostrikov</p><p>2003 Hollywood Homicide Sgt. Joe Gavilan</p><p>2006 Firewall Jack Stanfield</p><p>2008 Indiana Jones Indiana Jonesand the Kingdomof the Crystal Skull</p><p>2009 Crossing Over Max Brogan</p><p>2010 Extraordinary Measures Dr. Robert Stonehill</p><p>2010 Morning Glory Mike Pomeroy</p><p>2011 Cowboys &amp; Aliens Colonel Dolarhyde</p><p>2013 Enders Game(filming Colonel Hyrum Gra began Feb., 2012)</p><p>In celebration of his 70th birthday, a look at the life</p><p>and career of one of Hollywoods most private legends</p><p>1964: Married Mary Marquardt;two sons (Benjamin, 1967, and</p><p>Willard, 1969); divorced in 1979</p><p>1983: Married MelissaMathison; two children</p><p>(Malcolm, 1987,and Georgia, 1990);</p><p>divorced in 2004</p><p>2010:MarriedCalistaFlockhart,who hasan adoptedson (Liam,age 9)</p><p>Born: July 13, 1942; Chicago, Ill.</p><p>Mother: Dorothy, homemaker andformer radio actress</p><p>Father: Christopher Ford, advertisingexecutive and a former actor</p><p>1945: Younger brother</p><p>Terrence born1960: Attended Ripon</p><p>College in Wisconsin;took a drama class in</p><p>final quarter ofsenior year to</p><p>get over hisshynessbecamefascinatedwith acting</p><p>1964:Traveled to</p><p>Los Angeles,Calif., for a radio</p><p>voice over job, whichhe did not get. Stayed in</p><p>L.A. and eventuallysigned a $150 a</p><p>week contract fornon speaking</p><p>roles</p><p>Became a self taught carpenter tosupport his then wife and two small sonsafter becoming unhappy with oeredroles</p><p>1973: Hired to build cabinets at GeorgeLucas home, who then cast him in apivotal supporting role inAmerican</p><p>Grati1995: Ranked 15th on Empire magazines100 Sexiest Stars in film industry</p><p>1997: Rranked No. 1 in Empires The Top100 Movie Stars of All Time list</p><p>1998: Chosen as People MagazinesSexiest Man Alive</p><p>July, 2008: Domestic box oce grossesof his films total over$3.5 billion US,with worldwidegrosses surpassing$6 billion, makingFord the thirdhighest grossingU.S. domesticbox oce star</p><p>2003: Receiveda star on HollywoodWalk of Fame</p><p>ConsidersThe Mosquito</p><p>Coastto be the</p><p>favourite of allhis movies</p><p>Was oeredthe part of Mike Stivic</p><p>onAll in the Family,but turned it down,citing the bigotry ofArchie Bunker was</p><p>too oensive</p><p>Got thefamous scar on hischin in 1968 when</p><p>he tried to buckle hisseat belt whilealready drivingand lost control</p><p>of the car</p><p>At the time,his divorce from</p><p>Melissa Mathison wasthe most expensive inHollywood history </p><p>today it is rankedthe fourth</p></li></ul>