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This infographic discusses car accident information. This infographic is brought to you by New Car Sell Off. New Car Sell Off provides a HUGE selection of deeply discounted New Cars, SUVs, Trucks and Vans for sale. Visit the site:


  • 1. Car AccidentsWordwide,1.2 MILLION people die each YEAR in car accidents.There were 33,963 last YEAR in the US.That's 1/4 of All accidental deaths per YEAR. 33,963 accidental car deaths in the US121,599 accidental deaths in the US Worldwide,that's 3,287 deaths every DAY.In the US,that's 94 deaths per DAY.S That S 1 every 15 minutesDrunk drivingaccounts for about ]/3That's 1 every 45 minutes of those fatalities.. .. Fatalities are expected to increase3/4 Of deaths by 65/ o in the next 20 years.are male Talking on a cell phone while driving can make your reaction time as a 70 yearold. It's estimated the average driver will SWEAR 32,025 TIMES during their lifetime while driving. In the US,car crashes are the #1 CAUSE OF DEATH for teenagers.They rank above: / A1C0h01 Drug Abuse Violence SuicidePedestrians have a 90% chance of surviving an accident at 30/KPH or less. V V Only a 50% chance at HIGHER SPEEDS.V V V !Buick Lacrosse S Audi ;3(large car) (midsize car) Honda Civic 4-DoorA d th t d ?(small car) H 3 H108 angerous. Ford Ranger Chevy Trailblazer Kia RioOddly enough,car COLOR may be related to car accidents. WHITE CARS BLUE CARS RED CARS Responsible For 25.6% of Next highest with 16.1% With 15%car crashes.Color Popular), WHWE .1 15.7% r ll h I .17.8% of all vehicles.17% of an VelcIes' 0 a V6 C esBrought to you by New Car Sell Off http: //www. newcarse| |off. com/