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Info Adepts is the official publication of Iligan City East High School-Santiago Annex.


  • 1T h e O f f i c i a l P u b l i c a t i o n o f I C E N H S - S a n t i a g o A n n e x J une 2013 -March 2014



    By: Jelma l. Pinote

    By: Donna Gulay

    Last November 2013, ICEHS-Santiago had reached another milestone for it passed the Level II SBM-PASBE accreditation conducted by the regional office. All the toils and sacrifices of the teachers and most especially the focal persons who were Kareen Rose J. Daang, Elizabeth T. Galit, Ryan Salomson, Aileen C. Bolocon, and Ruel Togonon and the school head, Dr. Reynilda C. Alferez had finally paid off big time. Of all the small schools being evaluated, it was only ICEHS-Santiago among the few who had passed the said evaluation. Getting into that level was no easy task-it was a herculean one. It took us six months to prepare for the big day. Being a small school with a small budget, funding the SBM preparation was no joke. And yet the school had managed to get by and emerged victorious.

    What is SBM? In the education department, this seems to be the cause of stress and frustrations among teachers and administrators alike. Why would it not be when this has become the reason why teachers are not able to go home early from school,

    A year ago, ICEHS-Santiago Annex received an accolade for winning the Best Implementer of Brigada Eskwela . This did not come without us exerting great effort on our part. In this new school year ;however, we did not do much. We just went with the motion and did not expect anything. Despite of these all, we still ranked second place in the whole Iligan City Division in the search for the Best Brigada Eskwela Implementer. This only goes to show that we have already internalized the said program that even without any rewards in our minds, we were able to do the best practices of Brigada Eskwela, Congratulations to all who had labored and toiled for the success of this endeavor. Let us not also forget to thank the stakeholders who have supported us all the way. Special mention goes to Macalintal Tintil, the GPTA president, Marilyn Paz Semborio, the GPTA treasurer and to all the prime movers of Brigada Eskwela. 2013.

    and get a goodnight sleep because they have to burn the midnight candle in order for them to comply with all the gargantuan requirements such as reports, lesson plans, classroom structuring, evaluations and etc. However tiring these things maybe; the outcome of these will bring great benefits not only to the teachers but to the students as well. Once a certain school has complied the requirements for the SBM accreditation, it means to see that it is providing quality education to the students it cater.

    Theoretically speaking, School-based management (SBM) is a strategy to improve education by transferring significant decision-making authority from state and district offices to individual schools. SBM provides principals, teachers, students, and parents greater control over the education process by giving them responsibility for decisions about the budget, personnel, and the curriculum. Through the involvement of teachers, parents, and other community members in these key decisions, SBM can create more effective learning environments for

    children. So for those teachers who abhor

    SBM, I hope that through this article you now see it in a different light. It is you who are in the real scenario have the knowledge of what our school truly need. We can not rely forever for the central office to do

    the improvement for us. Each of us must take part in changing the face of our school for the better may you be a student, teacher, principal or parent. All these years, we have been only observantsstaying outside looking in the shaping of an individual into a better person through

    education. We only stood waiting to be fed with everything and whats worst was that we already did nothing and yet we were quick in complaining once things went wrong. Since, we are given the opportunity to take part now, grab it because chance like this only happens once in a lifetime.

    SCHOOL EVALUATIONBy: Kristel V. Gomisong

    The administration and faculty of ICEHS-Santiago along with its students know no ending to its endeavors. Just last week, March 18, 2014, we had another round of quarterly classroom evaluation. Queer, Isnt it? All of us are used to having classroom evaluation at the start of the school year or in the middle but not during graduation time. We are not making pauso here. We just want to prove that we are this dedicated to our vocations and we dont tolerate procrastination.

    If we started the year with well-structured classrooms, we would also like to close the school year the way we had opened it up. Despite of us having our hands full with all the paper works, we had still managed to structure and beautify our classrooms and assigned areas.

    For the said event, we had two sets of evaluators-the first set was composed of stakeholders who were the GPTA Officers and the some members of the Barangay Council of Santiago. The second set was

    composed of our Division Supervisors in the persons of Mrs. Magbitang and Mrs. Virginia Nadayag. The event became more stressful and exciting when our Schools Division Superintendent, Randolph B. Tortola dropped by our school along with Dalipuga National High School principal, Mr. Ronilo Apas and Abuno High School principal, Mrs. Vicky Postrano to personally inspect and witness the fruits of our labors. The big boss came to evaluate our school! My! We al most ate our hearts out. Our tensions lessened only when he finally gave us his thumbs up. We were overjoyed because the other visitors commended our hard work as

    well. Of all the improvements in

    our school, what elicited so much appreciation from the visitors was the newly-constructed butterfly park. The park is situated in front of the classroom of Grade 8-Magalang. The idea of creating this one came out right after our bench marking from the different schools here in Iligan City last year. Since our school has only small space for an oval, our brilliant school head, Dr. Reynilda C. Alferez decided to make a park in it like what Tomas Cabili National High School has.

    We were skeptics at first because we thought about the budget and labor. But after it was over and done, gone also all of our skepticism. Lo and behold! with Mr. Palisbo and Mr. Luzons golden touch, and most especially with the hands-on horticultural ingenuity of the school head and Mr. Ryan Salomsoms day to day management of needs, a magnificent butterfly park now stands in the middle of or school.

    The park is only the icing of the cake. The best improvement we have is in the Principals Office and in the different classrooms. So, why not spend some of your time and visit ICEHS-Santiago now and see for yourself.SDS TORTOLA and party during the quarterly evaluation

    The regional SBM validating team and the SBM focal persons of ICEHS-Santiago Annex

    ICEHS-Santiago Annex Natures Park



    By: Jelma L. Pinote

    Typhoons are getting more frequent and more ferocious as the years go by. Behind this is climate change-the insidious killer that has altered weather patterns across the globe. No longer can we turn a blind eye nor deny this festering problem.

    As we know too well, one of the most painful consequences of global warming is that tropical storms have become more unpredictable, more frequent, and more violent. The Philippines bears the brunt of weather disturbances due to a lethal combination of being near the equator and being fully exposed to Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Our geographic position has made us the third most vulnerable nation to climate change, according to ADB.

    Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda, which hit the Philippines in November 2013 was considered to be the strongest and most destructive typhoon to ever land on our countrys history. As the full devastation of Typhoon Haian came to light, it seemed that we

    were not fully prepared despite all the warnings and safety measures that the citizens, and the government took beforehand. Residents had been warned of the wind, but the shocking 19-foot storm surge swept thousands out to the sea. Thousands of people had simply disappeared. Weather experts from all over the world have concluded that this super typhoon leaves no question that no amount of preparation could have prevented the kind of massive destruction inflicted on Tacloban, Guian, Ormoc, coastal communities in Panay and other areas.

    NDRRMC said the total damage to infrastructure and agriculture amount to around P30.8 billion. Damage to infrastructure reached P15.7 billion while damage to agriculture at P15.1 billion. The affected families in Visayas region rose from2,335.031 to 2,376,217 or around 11.2 million individuals . Around 3,887,997 persons or 851,665 families were staying at 1,070

    evacuation centers. The number of damaged house also went up to 1,168,958 from 1,168,909. Power outages are still being experienced in some provinces and municipalities in Mimaropa, Bicol region, Western,Central and Eastern Visayas.. The disaster council Council reported the death toll at 5,632 and up until now, authorities are still eyeing for the number to climb.

    It seems these days that whenever Mother Nature wants to send an urgent message tohumankind, it sends it via the Philippines. That it was

    The climate change that was creating super typhoons that were taking weird directions was a message that Nature was sending not just to Filipinos but to the whole world.

    No doubt Yolanda left us with a lot of painful lessons that we must all learn fro


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