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Infinity Pools A Special Collection of Dramatic Pools $12.99


  • A Special Collection of Dramatic Pools Built to Inspire

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  • 6As dusk falls, the shades and tones found in the sky and in the nearby waterway echo the pools finish. The merging of the two is perfectly done, fooling even the most analytical eyes.Photograph by Trevor J. Rosendahl, Nitelites. Pools by John Clarkson, Jacksonville, Fla.

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  • 7One of the most dramatic effects found in the art ofpoolscaping is the infinity edge. Made to fool the eye into believing that the pool and the natural setting it overlooks are one, this type of

    pool is perfect for homes with exquisite views. You will see infinity

    pools appear in amazing spots: cantilevered off hillsides, perched

    on mountainsides, and surveying the bright lights of nearby

    cityscapes. Venues near water, however, are the most popularand

    for a good reason. They are also the most spectacular. But no

    matter where the pool is situated, it captures the imagination with

    its incredible ability to astonish even the most jaded of viewers.

    Throughout this book you will find a variety of breathtaking

    images featuring pools spilling into tropical lagoons, magnificent

    mountainscapes, and other picture-perfect vistasand each photo

    illustrates why this type of pool is so awe-inspiring. While new

    designs and concepts for swimming pools are always being

    devised, infinity pools remain a popular choice for homeowners

    who want to bring the grandeur they see on

    the horizon into their reality.


    A Special Collection of DramaticPoolsBuilt to Inspire

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  • 8How the Effect Is Created

    Called by a variety of namesvanishing edge,

    negative edge, knife edge, disappearing edge, and

    flooded edge infinity-edge pools are not the

    invention of modern pool builders: one of the first

    pools featuring water flowing over an edge

    appeared in Europe during the late 1800s. It was

    not until more recently, however, that the concept

    caught the attention of homeowners everywhere

    thanks to Hollywood. Demand grew as exotic

    With a wet bar and hydrotherapy jets, this pool features two spectacular levels,with the upper pool flowing over its infinity edge into the lower pool. Aquart, Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

    Valley Pool and Spa, Kelowna, B.C., Canada

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  • 9infinity-edge pools began to appear in movies and

    in magazine photo stories; as that demand grew,

    so did the skill required by pool builders to create the

    desired effect. Today, building specialists constantly

    devise new ideas to bring this design to even higher

    levels of sophistication and beauty.

    The basics have not changed over the years:

    They begin and end with a knowledge of structural

    engineering. Although the pool water appears to

    mysteriously flow into infinity, it is in fact emptying

    into a catch basin and is then recirculated back into

    the main pool. A walk to the other side of the pool

    dispels the magic.

    The first thing you will notice is the weir wall. This is

    an important part of the system as this is where the

    water flows down as it descends into the catch basin.

    Because it can be seen from a number of vantage

    points, it is also a vital part of the design. Technically, it

    has to be flawlessly planned and built; visually, it has to

    complement the entire design.

    The catch basin also plays a key role in building the

    perfectly-crafted infinity-edge pool. The designer has to

    make sure it is large enough and wide enough to keep

    the water flowing evenly and smoothly, but that doesnt

    mean it has to be work-a-day in appearance. Some

    designers go for the big splash by allowing the basin

    to play a starring role all its own; others prefer to

    blend it into the landscaping, barely allowing it

    to make an appearance.

    Tricks of the Trade

    The challenge of bringing far-off vistas into a

    carefully crafted setting is one that experienced pool

    designers handle with practiced ease. Since their goal is

    In this case, the weir wall is serving triple duty: mechanically, artistically, and musically. All Island Gunite Pools, Farmingdale, N.Y.

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  • Here is a wonderful example of how the poolbuilder used the nearby woodland as a point

    of observation for the infinity edge. Lewis Aquatech Pools, Chantilly, Va.

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    infinity pool appear as if it is emptying into the

    vast blueness of the ocean, a designer will choose

    a pool finish that will create the same blue color

    in the pool. This makes the pool look as if its

    flowing into the ocean and vice versa.

    As light hits the scene, it is hard for the eye to

    discern the beginning of one vessel and the end

    of the other; this achieves the ultimate swimming

    pool illusion.

    Another spectacular effect is when the infinity

    edge seems to cascade into the setting on the

    other side of the property linemost often a

    Advanced Pools, Rancho Cordova, Calif.

    Cabana Pools Aquatech, Houston, Texas

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    The meticulously landscaped scenery is best enjoyed fromthe clean lines of the negative-edgepool. Note the designof water feature: it, too,is a vanishing edge. Lewis Aquatech Pools,Chantilly, Va.

    Memphis Pool, Collierville, Tenn.

    Photographed by Keith Sutter Photography for Dal Pino Quality Pools, Inc., Auburn, Calif.

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