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1. Infant And Baby Toys 2. As parents, it pains us to see our kids not having the best of everything right? That is why we work hard to give them everything they deserve and for their future too! The good thing is that when they are small, they only need toys and foods but as they grow up, they tend to ask for more things. It is up to you to give them whatever they ask. It is therefore important to think how many kids you can afford before actually conceiving one. Having a kid or kids is difficult and challenging especially if it is your first. Sometimes you feel that you don't know anything about parenting but eventually you will get used to it. Aside from material things, your kids need your presence, time and love. 3. Of course you want your kid to grow well right? You do everything to raise them well. You start by providing their basic needs like food, shelter, clothing and education. These needs will surely enhance, promote and encourage their overall growth and development. It is helpful if you know the specific aspect that should be developed; aspects include emotional, mental, physical and social. In this particular case, let us talk about your babies. Usually babies are harder to deal with especially if they cannot speak but eventually we will learn to understand them. 4. Babies are adorable enough that whatever we see we buy. It is not good to flood our babies with everything because they only need a little. Just save whatever you want to buy for your babies because you will certainly use it when they grow up. There are two things that a baby needs; you should consider the following things to make them happy: 5. 1. Toys are important for your baby. It feels incomplete if they can't play. If you considered day care centres or preschools, these places will provide your baby with toys and good facilities for them to learn. It is like hitting two birds at one stone- they have fun while they are learning. If you give your kids toys, make sure that there are no small detachable parts. They might eat or swallow it which can be very painful and discomforting. You should also make sure that the toy passed the quality screening because present-day toys are sometimes contaminated by chemicals that can deteriorate the health of our kids. Watch out for the toys that are being pulled in the market because they are considered hazardous. 6. 2. The baby needs your presence, your love and your touch. Give time to play with your kid because it will mean a lot to them. Being a parent means giving unconditional love of course not just showing it by giving them material things. More importantly, a touch can make a big difference at the end of the day. Soft massages for instance can assure your kid and can improve their sleep and digestion. 7. Resources: 8. Thanks for reading!

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