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<ul><li><p>For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio inAcrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9, or later.</p><p>Get Adobe Reader Now!</p></li><li><p> education</p><p>work experience</p><p>invest</p><p>ensure a smooth transition from </p><p>student to practicing designer</p><p>ensure landing a design job once </p><p>we graduate</p><p>to live a comfortable life</p><p> network</p><p>join design community</p><p> develop</p><p>diversity</p><p>esta</p><p>blish</p><p>relat</p><p>ionsh</p><p>ips </p><p>join design blogs</p><p>attend exhibits </p><p>&amp; lectures</p><p>internsh</p><p>ips </p><p>&amp; volu</p><p>nteer</p><p>competitions</p><p>trade shows</p><p>involv</p><p>emen</p><p>t</p><p>exceed</p><p>refine technical skills</p><p>push y</p><p>ourself</p><p>try new things</p><p>continue edu. outside design</p><p>look @</p><p> futu</p><p>re </p><p>trend</p><p>s</p><p>explore different </p><p>mediums</p></li><li><p>establish relationships</p><p>join design blogs</p><p>attend exhibits and lectures</p><p>internships and volounteer</p><p>competitions</p><p>trade shows</p><p>push yourself</p><p>rene skills</p><p>try new things</p><p>look at futuretrends</p><p>continue educationoutside design </p><p>explore new anddierent mediums</p><p>- sociology - anthropology - psychology - study human behaviour- study hard sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) - keep up to date with current events</p><p>- participate more in class - exceed your peers - attend all classes- develop a unique style - infuse personal values in design</p><p>- develop computer software skills (rhino, alias, solidworks)- improve presentation skills (be more professional persuasive)- become more active and involved in workshops</p><p>- go outside your comfort zone - ask questions - research more then what is required and implement.</p><p>- socialize with work related people -keep in touch with teachers and practicing designers- making friends with fourth year and graduate students.</p><p>- biomimicry - sustainability - technological trends - use logic and reasoning to predict the future - look at trends outside of locale </p><p>- study new materials - look at new and existing interfaces (web page design - new mobile interfaces) - study new art and design methods </p><p>- facebook groups - Core77 - INDESIGN - DIY shows - nuite blanche</p><p>- attend lectures at OCAD - view art exhibitions (local art)- view shows and events outside your locale</p><p>- keep active in the workforce - view design job opportunities- apply for internships - study abroad - volunteer to dierent reputable rms or school activities events </p><p>- push yourself by entering art and design competitions- compete in a healthy manner - get your name out there</p><p>- explore new ideas on the market - become involved with others ideas and gain insight to their reasoning </p><p>Network</p><p>Join Design Community</p><p>Develop</p><p>Diversify</p><p>Action Plan</p></li><li><p>How might we ensure landing a design job once we graduate?</p><p>Need to have a smooth transition from student to </p><p>practicing designer.</p><p>networking</p><p>exceed</p><p>involvement</p><p>design community</p><p>evolve</p><p>diversify</p><p>establish relationships</p><p>join design blogs</p><p>attend exhibits &amp; lectures</p><p>internships</p><p>competitions</p><p>volunteer</p><p>trade shows</p><p>try new things</p><p>refine technical skills</p><p>push yourself</p><p>explore different mediums</p><p>look at future trends</p><p>continue education outside design</p></li><li><p>process work</p><p>concept fan</p><p>(Conceptual Tools) Action Plan</p><p>process work - concept fan</p></li><li><p>Re-Nude is a concept for a line of products manufactured from made from recycled, post consumer clothing. The goal of this system is to extend the lifecycle of clothing by replenishing the value lost through changing tastes using a rebrand-ing strategy. Under this system used denim collected from customers at Nudies Jeans Co. will be redesigned, altered and marketed under the Re-Nude brand identity.</p><p>renude</p><p>Ayu Iskandar, Colin Burrows, Fatima Aamir INDS3B25Dec. 2 2009</p><p>customer</p><p>When the customers of Nudies Jeans Co. pur-chase any items, they receive a reusable Re-Nude branded bag. The customers can place their used denim in this bag and return it, they would receive store credit in exchange. They will have the option of either mailing the bag with a postage paid marking already applied or taking it to the nearest Nudies Jeans Co store. </p><p>At the Re-Nude workshops</p><p>the denim material would be recycled </p><p>and then redesigned by student &amp; profes-</p><p>sional fashion designers. The designs would include jackets, dresses, shirts, jeans, bags and accessories. </p><p>All products created in the Re-Nude workshop will be placed the Nudies Re-Nude web site where cus-tomers would be able to view their collections and vote for the designs they prefer most.</p><p>Describe the in-store experience</p><p>User Benefits</p><p> The in-store credit system allows the customers to renew their wardrobe while spending less and take pride that no materials were wasted in the landfill or shipped to the third world. </p><p> The mail bag with pre-paid post stamps and address will allow customers to mail their used denims directly to our workshops eliminating hassles of carrying around bags full of heavy denim fabrics.</p><p> The in-store experience will be fun and promote locally made products while the web community will allow customers to become involved in the design selection process, and be notified of upcoming product launches.</p><p>Environmental Benefits</p><p>Re-Nude products create an enclosed circle of consump-tion that is fully sustainable. It will remove any energy attributed to disposal from the equation and use less material and energy to produce because they will not require any raw materials as inputs. </p><p>This innovative approach provides options for consum-ers that are not based on reducing consumer activity. It functions to extend the lifecycle of a product by adding value through emotional associations and not through any physical change to the product.</p><p>It signifies a lifestyle and culture that customers can build a community around. This brand will give custom-ers a way to express their concern for the environment and still can be stylish.</p></li></ul>