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Accumulated work with further revised quality.


  • Alber to V inaJun io r I .D. /

    av i n a@cc a . edu

  • Aconceptwithoutstandingbenefitstonotonlytheconsumerbuttotherestofhumanityisawelldevelopedproduct.Whetheritbeinasustainablepointofvieworthementalwellbeingofthosewhowilluseiteitherisfair.

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  • RestoreQuickemergencyexitholster

  • DownSideUpSide

  • SidepackUrbanwearthatdisplaysgraphicsFlipSide

  • Ve rBi nUrbanRedwormcompostsystem

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  • User / Ideation

  • Top View/Weekly Display

    Week 1

    Week 2 Begin

    Step 1Remove initial container

    RedWorms consume in thedirection of fresh decaying foodscraps. Leaving behind castings,

    also known as dirt.

    Step 2Remove bottom 2 containers

  • Step 5Tilt out Lechet into garden

    Step 6Insert initial container

    Step 4Spread dirt ino garden

    FinishedAutomatically Restarts display


  • a l b e r t o via 7 8 6 . 8 7 9 . 0 5 1 4

    P R O F I L E

    Constantly seeking to gain value to my career

    Succesful in any Presentation Enviornment

    Insightful in team framework

    E D U C A T I O N

    california college of the arts

    Industrial Design Major 2010-Present

    Design & Architecture Senior High

    Miami, Fl. 2005-2009

    S O F T WA R E

    MS Office Suite InDesign Photoshop

    Illustrator Rhino SolidWorks KeyShot

    S K I L L S

    ethnographic method

    Able to conduct well observed research through

    open ended questions, adequate atmosphere.


    Concept drawings, illustrations, & thumbnails

    five years customer service capabilities

    Prepared to work in large groups and become an

    asset to the conversation.

    { r e f e r n c e s ava i l a b l e u p o n r e q u e s t }