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Indoor Positioning System for Android


<ul><li> 1. EETAC AppA new revolutionary software for EETACsstudents and teachers.This App comes with localization, routingmechanisms, social network and much more!</li></ul> <p> 2. 1. ConceptIntroduction to the2. How it works? Storiesapplication and userexperience3. Workflow4. Entity-Relashionship Diagrams with differentaspects of the architecture of5. TechnologiesTable of Contentsthe application.6. Ericsson Maps7. Security Most important technicalaspects, explained in8. Rest Client Patterndetail.9. Cache mechanism10. Traffic Analisys11. Summary &amp; Conclusions 2 3. Explaining what offers ourApp 3 4. Offers orientation service inside the campus, where the user can explore the buildings and find the best route to go to any room. Follows web 2.0 Users can enrich the App sending comments and P.O.I Userful tool designed for Eetac students and teachers but also for visitors which dont know the campus. What is the difference with Foursquare and other similar apps? Indoor positioning and routing.Concept4 5. Giving an example of howthe App works 5 6. This Monday was about to start badly for Bob. Just landing fromLondon at 13:17 am, he could definitively not remember theexplications about how to reach the conference room. Luckily, hedownloaded EetacApp before leaving, following his colleaguesadvice. Within a few moments, the application gave him thequickest way to the place. After the presentation of Urbanization in room V-212, the groupwas very pleased to see their friends have already taken picturesand upload them with the EETAC App, creating several threadsabout the main debated issues. Now, other students can see thegallery pictures and add some comments.Story 6 7. Explaining the FlowDiagram of the layouts ofour App7 8. Local registrationStarting Point Login (general) Twitter loginFlow Diagram for Authentication 8 9. Starting Point Explore Sites SiteSite P.O.interest Profile (everywhere)ActionBar Map Flow Diagram for general use9 10. Understanding the Entity-Relationship diagram10 11. 6 entitiesLocation 1 1 Location: Where is the user 0..*1(dynamic)?User-id Site-id -name-username -descriptionWhere is a Site (static)? -password-surname Table: user_checkin(user_id | checkin_id)Check-inTable: site_checkin -num_checkins (site_id | checkin_id) -num_comments-description-id -floor-email10..* -date0..* 1 -building User: User information. -set-set-site -checkin_id-route_image-user-set -set-set Site: Site information.1 11 Table: site_picture Check-in: Relates a User with(site_id | picture_id) 0..* CommentPicturea Site (dynamic). Table: user_comment (user_id | comment_id) -id0..*1 -id-textTable: picture_comment-author0..*-author (picture_id | comment_id)-route_image Picture: P.O.I related with a -date-user -user -date-picture -setSite and a User.Table: user_picture (user_id | picture_id) 0..* Comment: Comment relatedwith a Site and a User.Entity-Relationship Diagram 11 12. Citing all the Technologiesused for the project12 13. Indoor possitioning Show maps HTTP/JSON OAUTH Route calc. HTTP/JSON RESTMobile AppWeb ServerDatabase TCP/IP Technologies Diagram13 14. Explaining what the App dowith Ericsson Maps API14 15. Create maps using bulging plan and XML tags. Indoor localization and navigation using predefined routes, Wi-Fi Aps localization and XML tags as elevators or stairs.Ericsson Maps API 15 16. Add information using over lays Room labels Finish flag Google Maps to Ericsson IndoorMaps by ZoomEricsson Maps API 16 17. Adding Security to the App 17 18. Challenge Implemented (SHA) Token expires in 30min. Unique token generation. For registering purposes, HTTPS should be usedEetac_challenge=long IDGET /dateEetac_challenge: 200 OKdate=2020134 token=password=hash(date + hash(password))=42D11GP...POST /user/loginEetac_challenge: 63fe6da0usertoken=password=hash(date +200 OK or 403 FORBIDDEN hash(password))user_id=2If (server_token == client_token) return 200;Eetac_token=tokenelse return 403;GET /site Eetac_token: 42D11GP... Security for Authentication 18 19. Communicating with theserver through a RESTClient Pattern 19 20. The operating system may shut down the process. The processor could be destroyed in the middle of an operation.The UI is frozen by the Processor (not interactive).No memory or Database storage == bandwidth waste.Wrong REST Client Pattern20 21. Good REST Client Pattern 21 22. Adding Cache mechanismto the App 22 23. Only image caching mechanism implemented 1. Download the image (write the outputstream of HTTP GET). 2. Save in the SSDcard (cache). 3. Save in memory (SoftReference HashMap) Before retrieving all data, retrieve a hashCode of it (no changes = no hashcode changes = no retrieving all data) Save each request in the Content Provider Good performance under 1MB of data on the CursorPersistence == Requests == Battery consumtion Cache23 24. 10 Dimensioning our App, through a Traffic Analisys24 25. OFF stateUsersactivityUsersGet ALL activity onSites site Z Get Site ZTraffic Analisys25 26. Traffic Analisys 26 27. Traffic Analisys 27 28. What we know: 70ms Latency for Get All Size is a packet of downlink 35ms.length: 3988 + 86 = 4074 Unitary discrete time =bytes.10ms. Minimum packet size for GetSite Z: 158 + 86 = 244 bytes. Estimated velocity at serveroutput: 1Mbyte/s getALL Transmission time 4ms</p>


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