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  • Myth

    Air pollution only occurs outdoors or in an industrial environment

    TruthAir inside the conditioned space can be

    substantially more polluted than outdoor air

  • Indoor Air Quality


    Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)What are VOCs???

    Sources of VOC

    Why improving IAQ is important?

    Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    The air quality inside the closed area that affects the health and well being

    of the occupants.

    Analysis of chemical concentrations in many buildings indicate that VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)are the most prevalent pollutants, with significantly higher levels in indoor air than in the outdoor atmosphere.Formaldehyde is of highest concentration which cause many health problems

    What are VOCs???

    VOCs are the organic

    chemicals which emit as gases at room temperature from certain solids and


    These gases are hazardous

    to health in short term or

    long term.

    VOC is colourless,

    tasteless and odourless.

    VOCs are unstable so

    they react with other elements in the indoor

    air and produce ozone which causes health issues.

    VOCs are also commonly known as


    Formaldehyde (an aldehyde) is harmful for human health

    Volatile Organic Compounds





    Carpets & Adhesives

    Treated Fabrics

    Cleaning Materials


    Computers and


    Why improving IAQ is important?

    No respiratory problems: Improved Air Quality lessens the risk of asthma or any respiration allergy

    Concentration of pollutants indoors can be higher than outdoors.

    To reduce Sick Building Syndrome

    Poor IAQ contains formaldehyde which are known as carcinogens (responsible for causing CANCER)

  • Sick Building Syndrome

    Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a condition under which the building occupants experience acute health and comfort problems.

    It is associated mainly with an individuals work place.

    Symptoms of SBS are:Headaches and dizziness

    Nausea (feeling sick)

    Aches and pains


    Eye irritation

    Skin irritation, etc..

    It is experienced by an individual either inside the building or after leaving the building.

    The specific cause of SBS is still not identified.

    According to some experts following can be the factors:Poor ventilation

    Low humidity


    Dust particles

  • Activ Air


    What is Activ Air

    How Activ Air works?

    Benefits of Activ Air

    Finishing Details

    Product Specification

    Activ Air Supports Environment!

    LEED Rating of Activ Air

  • What is Activ Air

    An Innovative technology that improves Indoor Air Quality

    by permanently removing VOCs and other pollutants circulating


    *Inert compounds do not react further with any other element.

    How Activ Air Works?

    Chemical in the board captures

    70% of formaldehyde from

    the indoor area.

    Converts the formaldehyde into

    the inert compound* that are

    safe to human.

    Inert compound* remain in the

    gypsum board

  • Formaldehyde is the main indoor pollutant

    Reacts with other pollutants and become more hazardous

    Additive in Activ Air absorbs formaldehyde

    Additive react with formaldehyde to form an inert compound

    Inert compound remain in board

    Indoor air becomes safer to breathe


  • Benefits of Activ Air

    Improves the indoor air quality, providing healthier interior environments

    Permanently reduces VOCs and other pollutants even after multiple renovations providing peace of mind for generations

    Improves productivity at work place

    Provides up to 75 years of VOC absorption, based on tests and analysis

    Finishing Details

    Water based acrylic paint, primer and textures or breathable wallpaper can be

    used on Activ Air board

    Avoid exposure to water or excessive moisture

    In cold weather or during joint finishing temperatures within the enclosure should

    stay within the range of 50 to 95 F and with sufficient ventilation to carry off excess


  • Activ Air supports ENVIRONMENT!

    Reduced CO2, energy and water consumption

    Green product

    Inert compound formed do not harm the environment

    It is recyclable

    Contribution towards GreenActiv Air

    2 ways to earn credit points for LEED

    RatingProposed Requirements for Compliance How ActivAir contributes?

    Innovation in Design Remove at least 50% of VOC in the air. Removes durably 70% of VOC in the air

    (absorption of 23 23 g/m.h - rapport Eurofins n767325,-53).

    Exemplary performance

    Associated products must not exceed the VOC content limits established.

    IEQ 4.2, Low-emitting materials Paints and coatings (equivalent requirement in LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations) IEQ 4.6, Low-emitting materials - Walls and ceilings (equivalent requirement in LEED 2009 for Schools, New Construction and Major Renovations) - Product must meet the testing and requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Activ Air goes beyond this requirement.

  • Applications

    Office Office HealthcareHealthcare

    Residential Residential LeisureLeisure


    Restaurant Restaurant

    To know more

    Visit us at the Stall

  • Case Study

    Real life case.School in Kallo (Belgium)

    What happened :

    In Kallo (Belgium), a test was performed in 2 almost identical classrooms real life with around 20 children in each room to prove the air cleaning performance of Activ Air.

    Observation time: January 31st till March 29th2012

    Volume of room 140 m Classroom 1

    Classroom 2

    Conclusion :

    Average reduction of formaldehyde concentration in the class room is 60% (with Activ Air )

    After five months of installation and absorption according to lab test (ISO 16000-23) 72 % of reduction is achieved.


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