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Ale Gallegos, Alberto Nordmann 9CObjectiveDevelop your critical thinking skills by deepening your conceptions of Brave New WorldWhat is indoctrination?

To teach someone to fully accept the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of a particular group & not consider others.Indoctrination in Brave New WorldBrave New World is based in a dystopia happening in the future. Aldous Huxley used a bunch of symbols and metaphors to show how the government can control everyone without them noticing.

Indoctrination in Brave New WorldThe people in Brave New World are almost all clones, and the ones that are not, live outside the cities in reservations. They all believe in the same religion, beliefs, and culture. The government indoctrinates them, so they all think equally. They always say History is bunk which means to live in the present, and not in the past, and prohibit books. This is because they are all sources of knowledge, which could change the way they think.Indoctrination in Brave New WorldThe whole purpose of all the clones is to create income for the government, and make them richer. Thats why they persuade people to consume drugs & alcohol every time through propaganda, and keep them busy with consumerism. Then, in order to keep them happy and not revolt, they create social classes and give the clones predetermined lives, so they are born thinking their social class is the best.Example #1: Islamic StateIslamic State (ISIS)

What is Islamic State (ISIS)?Islamic State is the biggest terrorist group in the world. They operate in the Middle East. They are muslims, and kill in the name of god, because they think its the only religion people should follow.

Islamic State kills 21 christian egyptians5 days ago, in Middle East, the Islamic State kidnapped 21 christian egypts, locked them in cages and marched with them in their cages. Afterwards, they uploaded a video online, of how they killed them.

Islamic State IndoctrinationIslamic State (ISIS) has become the biggest terrorist group in history, because of 2 main reasons. First, they have a lot of money, which gives them power and control. But most importantly, they have a lot of people. Islamic State has the record for most followers in human history in a terrorist group.

Islamic State IndoctrinationBut how have they achieved so many people to join? Through indoctrination. They take religion as their reason to kill. They convince everyone that islam is the only true religion, and if someone disagrees, they should be punished with death. They convince young boys and adults that if they kill in the name of their god, then they will be rewarded with infinite paradise. And if they dont, they will be punished for life.Islamic State IndoctrinationYoung boys are raised all their life with these beliefs. They are taught day to day, that they should please their god by killing others that dont think like them. They dont know its wrong, because they have been taught all their life its the right thing to do. So is it really evil to kill someone if they think its O.K? I dont know, but what I do know, is that the real evil is making them believe its O.K. Example #2: China (communism) vs USA (capitalism)

What is Communism?Communism is an economic and social system in which resources are shared equally throughout citizens.

Communism in China HistoryCommunism in China started in 1921. Mao Zedong, who was under control at that time, led to a revolution. This whole point was so the communist party achieved control. This was a success in 1947. One of their influences and inspirations were the Soviet Model of development of industry so peasants could participate too. In the 1950s, Mao developed Maoism, which is the way Chinese see communism.

Continuing historyMao got mad because of the peace coexistence between communists and capitalists. So Maoists, started a huge communism tradition. Finally, this lead to the Cultural revolution so China could be a great industrialized community. Unfortunately, this didn't have a great impact in China because many people starved to death. Therefore, Mao eradicated his enemies and this lead to many deaths and persecutions. Communism in China in Modern DaysThe most current constitution was created in 1982, it has not been completely accepted because it is currently being revised. This constitution states that people have free of speech, press, worship and the right to have their own private property. However, most of these rights have not been followed. Nothing has been done to ensure that new laws protecting these rights are instituted in the constitution. The judicial system has no method for the revision of this laws. Continuing Communism in Modern DaysComputer usage in China has gotten insane. There are over 210 million internet users and over 400 million phone users. As a result, there has been a huge increase in technology. Privacy, censorship, public ownership and work ethic has become a huge ethical issue because the government is able to control it. What does it have to do communism in China with indoctrination? Communism is one of the best examples of indoctrination. In China, freedom is not a great choice for people. They have rights like every other citizen, but the government controls how much they can do and what they can have. An example can be how China is making people have more access to technology easier so they think they can have the lifestyle they want to. But in reality, everything they are doing if creating ideas in peoples head so they think they can live the way they want to, but the only thing they are really doing is getting more power over them and gaining control. What is Capitalism?Capitalism is an economic system that treats everyone as individuals with the means for producing and distributing goods.

United States first became predominantly capitalist by 1900s. The earlier periods, while they began to form a system, were divided into 3 periods. The first one came from 1600 to 1790 is considered the semi-capitalist economy because of commercial production of tobacco, along with other elements. All the work they did was done by enslaved and semi-enslaved workers.

Capitalism HistoryFinally the third period was from 1865-1920 were the economic development was growing in an extraordinary pace in industries and also agriculture was increasing subsequently in all capitalists forces.The second period came between 1790-1865 where several industries became more organized throughout capitalist lines and also some parts of agriculture were lost until the end of the period were agriculture became a full production market. All capitalist economies are commercialized but not all commercialized economies are capitalists.

Continuing Capitalism HistoryCapitalism in USA in Modern DaysThe current situation over capitalism in the United States in the point where the government should let markets get the resources they need, or get the power from taxation to influence regular market outcomes. One of the main discussing in the policy and analysis is the advantages of free governments. This involves the Cato Institute.The Economic Policy Institute is the center of a thinking programme where the workers with low income are protected and they can get a benefit from it.Continuing Capitalism in Modern DaysIts objective is to have an amplitude of a public debate including strategies to make a stable and fair economy. There is also another Foundation called The Heritage Foundation which is another institute that was created to promote public political talks that can encourage other people and other governments who use this for more freedom and a limited government between countries. What does capitalism in the US have to do with indoctrination?Capitalism is also a great example for indoctrination. Maybe not in the same way as communism but they are still trying to make people like capitalism and prefer it as their favorite economic system. This is because the USA has taken everything they can, resources, money and people, to make them believe it is the best lifestyle they can have. Continuing capitalism and indoctrinationCapitalism has had huge fights between countries like China because they don't agree with their thinking of the best system. Unfortunately, this economic system have also caused many issues around the country. Poverty and people raising their voices to change the way things are, but who has the control to decide?...The government itself. Thats why in my opinion, capitalism is the best way to have a country set up because you get the freedom you need, and they dont make you be something you dont want to.

Conclusion between capitalism and communismOne of the best examples, as said before, of indoctrination is communism. Many fights between countries have been made because of the differences between communism and capitalism. China has fought many times against USA ideologies with capitalism, but what do you think about both economies? As you can see, In China there is still 99 million people living in poverty, so even though people are used to communism and living in those conditions, no one deserves to live like that. Also, girls are still being killed or given in adoption because they want a bigger man population, as the government says It is better to have strong people than weak. Also, they depend in everything in the government. It is much less freedom because, yes, everyone has rights, but they have the exact same rights for the same health care, money, etc. Everyone receives the same amount of goods and services from the government.Continuing conclusionIn the contrary, USA has a stable economy. Yes, it has a lot of debts between other countries but people are not forced to anything but to pay taxes so they can have a better life style. Capitalism is an example of much more freedom because peopl