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  • 1.Indications ofAlternative RPD designs
    Amin Amusallamah

2. Acrylic r esin RPDs
Attachments for RPDs
Swing lock RPDs
3. Acrylic resin RPDs
Materials that are fl exible and intended to fit into tooth and soft - tissue undercuts.
Used after an immediate extraction in which a patient requires stabilization and function during the healing phase of therapy.
The resin removable partial denture also is designed to restore appearance until a definitive prosthesis can be fabricated
4. Interim removable partial denture with anterior prosthetic teeth- nos. 9 &10.
Teeth on the cast have been designated for removal prior to fabrication of the immediate transitional RPD.
The wax - up showing replacement of teeth nos. 23 26 on the immediate transitional RPD.
Interim RPD, occlusal view shows wire clasps for retention on bilateral second premolars.
5. Attachments for RPD s
Intracoronal attachments can help obtain esthetic results when used in lieu of traditional.
6. Cont
2. Extracoronal attachments:
They are equally as esthetic as intracoronal attachments, but unlike intracoronal attachments, they have the ability to provide more resilience as a stress.
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3. Overdentureattachments
They are used to treat partially edentulous patients according to 3 general categories: posterior edentulous areas, anterior edentulous areas, and interim prostheses.
8. Swing lock RPDs
Few remaining natural teeth for a conventional RPD
Periodontallycompromised natural teeth.
Remaining natural teeth in poor position to support a conventional RPD.
Excessive alveolar bone loss either through traumatic injury or surgical intervention.
9. Cont
The vertical projection arms of the labial arm of a swing - lock removable partial denture can compromise overall esthetic results during speech.
Five mandibular anterior natural teeth provide too few remaining teeth for a conventional extracoronalclasp - retained removable partial denture.
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Removable Partial Dentures A Clinicians Guide John D. Jones
Alternative RemovablePartial Dentures . ch-6


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