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Incredible India

By - Chavali Raja Sri HarshaIndia in a time-capsule

India Encapsulated

Though as a fervent patriot, I could wax eloquent for hours about the glorious and varied traditions of my country, to fit all of it within a time-capsule would be impossible.

Let me therefore present those facets of India that are closest to my heart.

Before I get to that, Id like to bust a few myths about my country..Lets get started!

What is commonly believed..

Indians do not respect Women

Indians are very poor and so is India

India is a land of diseases and unhygienic health practices.

Indian film industry is synonymous with Bollywood and people dancing in colorful clothes. The ground reality..

Indian scriptures accord great respect to women. Ancient Indian history indicates that women had a high standing in society. It is true that women have been at a disadvantage in some aspects in the past few centuries, but the divide is rapidly reducing.

India is the third largest economy in the world, and s home to both the very rich and the very poor.

India has a rich tradition of medicine and healing. This is the country that produced the Worlds first surgeon , and introduced Ayurveda to the world. Health practices vary widely between rural and urban areas, and the prevalence of diseases is much higher in poverty-stricken areas.

Indian Film Industry is the largest in the world in terms of movies produced, tickets sold. Besides the Bollywood industry, there are many regional language-specific cine-industries that constitute Indian Cinema.

Debunking Myths About India

The Sacredness of all ThingsIndians follow a spiritual tradition of seeing all things, animate and inanimate, as holy manifestations of God.

The Arts of India : DanceAnger In Kuchipudi A dance form in the Indian State of Andhra PradeshJoy expressed in Bharatanatyam A dance form in the Indian State of -TamilnaduLord Siva(Nataraj) DancingDance is at the heart of Indian culture. We have a dance for every mood and every occasion. Lord Siva(also called Lord Nataraja) King of Cosmic Dance, according to Hindu Mythology dances according his mood viz. Anger- Siva Tandav, Joy Ananda Tandav. The dance forms in India are as diverse as the nation.

Sorrow in Kathakali, a dance form in the Indian state of Kerala.

BirthSchoolingFestivalsMarriageDeathLater lifeAt WorkThe Arts of India : MusicMusic in India is coupled tightly with daily life.We have music to mark every phase,celebration & sorrow of life from birth to death.We have instruments which echo with nature viz. Sitar, Murali, Shehnoy and Mrudanga.

Architecture: An Amalgamation of various cultures

7500 BCEIndus Valley Civilization322 BCE1526-1857Mauryan EmpireSatavahana KingdomMughal Empire

230 BCE

1858-1947British Raj

Modern Indian

Post 1947

Indian Architecture has evolved with age. It has been influenced by the various empires that ruled in India and hence is a concoction of various cultures.

Health: Back to the roots Total Wellness MINDBODYSOULIndia has introduced Meditation and Vipasana to the world.

The same is being practiced since the times of Lord Gautama Buddha.Yoga and Ayurveda havebeen few of the manygreat contributions by India.

Millions across the worldpractice them, to achieve holistic health.India can be aptly Termed the spiritual capital of the world.

Thousands flock to Indiain pursuit of God and peace within.

Sports: Not Just Cricket !! Hockey is the national sport of India.The Indian Mens hockey team is the most successful field hockey team in Olympic history with 8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.Both Indian Kabaddi men and womens teams are amongst the most successful teams worldwide.Neither team has ever lost a Kabaddi World championship.

Chess originated in India.Mr. Vishwanathan Anand is a former world champion and a legend in the world of Chess.Mrs. Sania Mirza has recently attained World No.1 ranking in Women Doubles Lawn Tennis .Mr.Prakash Padukone and Miss.Saina Nehwal were ranked No.1 in the World in Mens and Womens Badminton Categories

India is indisputably a cricket-crazy country, but theres more to Indian sports than cricket.


The Spirit of India : Unity in Diversity Any description of India would be incomplete without a mention of the mind-boggling breadth of diversity that exists across the country.

A peaceful co-existence amongst such diversity, and a joyous partaking of each others cultures, is probably the single most important legacy India and Indians leave to the world!!