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Top 5 tips for cleaning the Indian LimestoneTiles

Indian limestone tiles have rose against the time trend and making big waves in the domestic and international housing projects. They figure just as prominently as marbles, granite and quartzite in the stone sales. Though they are hard to conceive in the overall scheme of a modern home or office design, a little creativity goes a long way in bringing them close to our idea of cosy living.

If you are wary of their hard maintenance routine, here are 5 smart tips provided by the Indian limestone exporter to shelve your doubts forever.

1. Cleaning Interior wallsCleaning of the internal limestone walls installed in places like auditorium, kitchen, living spaces and fire places can be treacherous if you are not following the industrial standards of maintenance. Limestone cleaning suggested by the Indian stone suppliers includes use of mild detergents, and solvents to remove stains and spots. Use water-based solution instead of emulsions as it would not interfere with the natural appearance of the rock material.

2.High-Pressure water rinsingYou are seeing the dirt accumulating on the surface of the Indian limestone slabs but you can neither pinch it out nor scrub it. It would permanently scratch the surface. Experts dealing in limestone units recommend use of high-pressure jet of water. If you are troubled by the idea of a wet area, use high-pressure dry blower. Both work equally well.Note: Use water pressure of less than 400 psi. Medium pressure nozzle delivering 750 psi can also be used, in case there are deeper grooves involved.

3.Use beerAlcohol with less carboxylic acid is preferred for cleaning the limestone stains. If you are doubtful about the results, dilute a can of beer into water and swipe soft linen cloth over the surface. You will end up achieving a super gloss over the surface. You can repeat the process every 6 months to keep the spot camouflaged beautifully under the layer of oxides that form due to the combination of starch and lime.

4.Use graffiti remover polishA polish of the regular graffiti cleaner also works just as effectively as any industrial limestone cleaner. It is far cheaper than the industrial varnishes. Graffiti remover and polish should be applied with adhesive to keep the effect intact for years down the line. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If you are applying it to the outdoor walls, use a shield or a cover to keep the adhesive from coming in contact with sunlight.

5. Always use mildly acid cleanersLimewater is considered just fine for cleaning light spots on the Indian limestone tiles. You can also use diluted hydrochloric acid or acetic acid. If you are short of supplies, use vinegar instead. It easily cleans off the spots like greasy finger prints, blood marks, squatted insect parts, boot polish and even ketchup. Dont scrub the surface too hard. The other enamel of the tile and slabs made of limestone is fairly resistant to the chemical action. A thinned-down enamel will expose the internal layers to corrosion in the long run.

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