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  • 12 June -13 July
  • Why India is not able to make it to the World Cup? What should be done? Some Positive Signs Conclusion Why India is unable to qualify for the World Cup ? What needs to be done? Some Positive Signs. Conclusion.
  • Why India always fail to reach the world cup finals?
  • Domination Of Cricket
  • Poor state of National League(I-League)
  • Poor Decisions by AIFF
  • Negative Perceptions of Parents towards football.
  • What needs to be done?
  • Starting grassroots programs
  • Bringing media coverage to Indian Football.
  • Improving football played in National league.
  • Arranging more and more international friendly matches against better teams.
  • Responsibility of AIFF
  • Positive Signs
  • Rise of professionalism in National league
  • Conclusion With all the struggles Indian football is facing, it looks like we will not see India qualify for the world cup in near future. But some positive signs are still there that show Indias intent to chase the dream. The need is to take steps keeping in view the long term benefits rather than relying on short term successes.