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The EPEAT presentation is part of the spreecast under the Global Learning School series sponsored by Indian Environment Network .


  • 1. What is EPEAT? EPEAT has come to be the definitive global registry for greener electronics over the past 7 years. Designed to help everyone who purchases electronicsfrom consumers to enterprisesevaluate, compare and select products that reduce environmental impact Contains 3,000+ products from 60 manufacturers in PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council 42 countries
  • 2. User Benefits For Purchasers A single, credible environmental performance rating to efficiently address lifecycle environmental issues in purchasing specifications across electronic product categories For Industry Consistent environmental performance criteria for design of products and related services across multiple geographies. Opportunity for market recognition for design and service strategies that reduce products environmental impact. PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 3. What products does EPEAT cover? Currently: PC/Display Imaging equipment Televisions Up next: Servers Mobile devices PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 4. Original EPEAT System Development Driver mismatch of multiple overlapping green specifications from purchasers, multiple confusing environmental initiatives from vendors 2003-2006 multi-stakeholder process supported by US EPA Engagement of environmental advocates, manufacturers, recyclers, purchasers, technical experts, government Final PC/Display draft - 51 lifecycle environmental performance criteria and the EPEAT system Additional standards developed to meet EPEAT requirements PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 5. How are products rated in EPEAT? Products must meet all required criteria to qualify for EPEAT. Required criteria identify high environmental performance Products are rated Bronze, Silver or Gold based on how many optional criteria they meet, Green (< 50%) Greener (50-75%) Greenest (> 75%) Ratings are granted automatically by system software based on declaration PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 6. Summary of Criteria in IEEE 1680 Standards Computers/Displays (2009) Imaging Equipment (2012) Televisions (2012) Required Optional Required Optional Required Optional Environmentally Sensitive Materials 3 8 4 7 3 9 Materials Selection 3 3 4 3 3 3 Design for End of Life 6 5 7 2 5 6 Product Longevity/Life Cycle Extension 2 2 2 1 3 0 Energy Conservation 1 3 2 4 1 4 End of Life Management 2 1 2 2 2 2 Corporate Performance 3 2 2 3 2 3 Packaging 3 4 5 2 5 2 23 Required 28 Optional 4 1 33 Required 2 0 26 Optional 24 Required 29 Optional Consumables Indoor Air Quality Total # Criteria 51 Total 59 Total 53 Total
  • 7. Verification of Claims in EPEAT All initial claims new manufacturer, new country, new criterion subject to intensive Desk Review Following a period of successful desk Review, ability to make claims independently through registry software Continuous unannounced Verification audits of select criteria, product types, products, manufacturers, etc. All nonconformances - failures to support a claim are published on the website in outcomes reports available to purchasers, the general public Network of global registration and verification organizations UL, DEKRA, Intertek, CESI, VdE PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 8. Central Registry at Enables Purchasers/IT managers to review product options in one place Comparison by product, by specific criteria, by company fleet Ability to review effect of setting purchasing spec at different levels, incl. certain attributes successful procurement Global certification coverage with country-specific detail - a single information source for multinational purchasers Provides One visible performance standard for OEMs Consistent rating mechanism for all products One stop shop to promote/publicize to purchasers for all registered products, all geographies Creates Ability to compete for rankings and reap rewards for leadership because comparison is visible and optionals provide for expansion PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 9. Country-specific Coverage Country-specific registration is unique to EPEAT among global electronics certifications Ensures support for all claims in specific countries of registry 44 criteria inherent in products must be met everywhere product is sold (regardless of registration) Allows geographically focused verification in those countries where products/criteria are declared in the registry Especially important for service criteria e.g. product takeback and responsible recycling, extended warranty support, packaging takeback and recycling, etc. 43 countries covered - including India as of 2014 PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 10. Growth
  • 11. PC/Display Registry Growth 2006-2011 60 to 3000+ product registrations 3 to 60+ Manufacturers PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 12. Covered Countries June 2013 US Canada Australia Estonia Latvia Portugal Austria France Lithuania Romania Belgium Finland Liechtenstein Singapore Brazil Germany Luxembourg Slovakia Bulgaria Greece Malta Slovenia China Hungary Mexico Spain Costa Rica Iceland Netherlands Sweden Cypress Ireland New Zealand Switzerland Czech Republic Italy Norway Taiwan Region of PRC Denmark Japan Poland United Kingdom Bold = countries where national government (in full or in part) uses EPEAT as a purchasing specification PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 13. Manufacturer Participants Sept. 2013 Ace Ciara-Tech Acer Corporativo Lanix, S.A. EIZO Corp. Epson Action S.A. CTL Corp. Fujitsu Ltd. Apple, Inc. Daten Tecnologia, Ltda. Gammatech Computer Corp Hyundai IT America Corp. NTT System, Lexmark, Intl. S.A. Sony Electronics, Inc. ViewSonic Corp. Iiyama Corp. LG Electronics, Inc. Oracle America, Inc. Tech Corp. Xerox Inida Login Informatica Panasonic Xplore TEKNOSERVIC Technologies E, S.L. Corp. Integrit M&A Technology, Inc. Itautec S.A. Manage Your IT, Ltd. Positivo Informatica, S.A. Ricoh Americas Corp. TH ALPLAST THEISComputer GmBH Arquimedes Automacao Dell,Inc. GETAC ASUSTek Digibras Industria do Brasil S.A. Grace Global, Komparsa Inc. UAB MMD Monitors & Displays Samsung Electronics BenQ Digital Computer HewlettPackard NCS Technologies Semp Toshiba TPV Informatica Technology, Ltda. Ltd. Eastman PRESENTATION TITLE Canon Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council Kodak Konica Minolta Howard Tech. Lenovo Solutions NEC Display SIA ATEA Solutions, Inc. Toshiba Transource Kyocera
  • 14. Representative Purchaser Users National Governments US, Canada, Australia, France, Poland, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil, Costa Rica (Scotland) States/Provinces CA, CO, MA, ME, MI, MN, NY, OH, OR, PA, VT, WA, WI; Provinces of BC, NS, ON, QU; Warwickshire County (UK), Minas Gerais (Brazil), WSCA and US Communities collaboratives Cities San Francisco, Phoenix, San Jose, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland OR, LA County, Culver City CA, Keene NH, Leeds, UK Enterprise Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank, Dignity Health System, Fairmount Hotels, Ford Motor Company, HDR, HSBC, Kaiser Permanente, KPMG, Marriott, McKesson, Microsoft, NBCUniversal, Nike, Saint Gobain, Societe Generale, Tesco Colleges/Universities Of 300+ universities and colleges surveyed, 190 used EPEAT in their electronics purchasing decisions; of those, 70 purchased exclusively EPEAT-registered products. Listing is for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement PRESENTATION TITLE Copyright 2011 Green Electronics Council
  • 15. EPEAT Regi


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