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Indian art paintings have never ceased to enthrall and amaze the spectators. Whether it is Indian Contemporary, Modern, Figurative, Realism, Surrealism or Wildlife art form, they have always stimulated the senses and the inquisitiveness of the spectator awake.


  • 1. Indian Art Paintings- A perfect Fusion Of Opulent Culture And Heritage Of The Country
  • 2. Indian Art Paintings India has a rich heritage of paintings and arts dating back to pre-historic times. There are several types of painting techniques all over India and each of the approach is unique and different from the others. Painting in India is a long practiced custom. This imaginative and artistic form of art has never ceased to enthuse generations of artists as their zeal or line of work. Indian painting has espoused a wide array of modus operandi and technique in its drive to the world of arts.
  • 3. Know About Latest Indian Art The latest and advanced techniques and innovations have made it more enhanced and all-around. Indian paintings are precious visual records of the times gone by. We can dig deeper into the phase of history through these ineradicable pieces of arts. But today India is said to bring together both of Traditional and Modern Art.
  • 4. Famous Indian Paintings Today the magnitude of paintings has augmented to a considerable extent. Many famous and distinguished painters like M.F Husain, Pablo Picasso, Gemini R Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Leonardo Da Vinci artworks are famous across the globe and are being valued by various art lovers and collectors. Now the paintings created by famous painters are displayed either through the medium of various art exhibitions or online art galleries.
  • 5. Different types of art paintings Over the years we have seen a great variety in the different forms of painting. Different types of art paintings are: Abstract Art Modern Art Contemporary Art Figurative Art Landscape Art Wildlife Art Realism Art Still Life Art Folk Art Surreal Art
  • 6. What Is Abstract Art Abstract form of art could be referred to as an imaginative way of exemplifying an artist's view about the world not just the corporeal but also the insubstantial. In disparity to other art forms, abstract art puts more emphasis on thoughts or imagination, articulated on canvas or other mediums. It is through these imaginations in their abstract state that are not twisted into set-in-stone depiction. It is very complicated to be able to craft something in a real and substantive design with ethereal distinctiveness.
  • 7. Define Modern Art Modern art has been considered as the art of the soul, of the intellect, the feeling and the compassion. Like we all change, modern art is also changing incessantly, continually reinventing itself and the way it observes or demonstrates the world.
  • 8. Indian Contemporary Art Indian contemporary art has without a doubt been able to exhibit the complications that India has lived with and persists to brave still at present. It demarcates its boundary indiscernibly: an art form created at the present period in time. However, it is quite different from the modern form of art. People usually get confused with these two terminologies, but in the world of art they are entirely different.
  • 9. Concept Of Figurative Art Figurative art is explained as a form of artwork - predominantly paintings - which are evidently derived from bona fide object source, and are for that reason by definition emblematic. The term "figurative art" is often used to signify art which symbolizes human figures, or even an animal figure, and, despite the fact that this is frequently the situation, it is not inevitable.
  • 10. Landscape Art Landscape painting portrays the corporeal world that environs us and comprises of features such as peaks, valleys, flora, and bodies of water. Landscape art varies right from extremely meticulous and realistic to generalized, idealistic and romanticize.
  • 11. Wildlife Art The wildlife art is the foremost type of art that exerts a strong pull on the wide range of animal lovers. More and more painters are stimulated and take pleasure in the imaginative dare of clearly portraying their experiences about wildlife. The pleasing to the eye wildlife art paintings mirrors their love for wildlife, nature and wild habitat.