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This presentation is about Demographic and Psycho graphic profiling of potential customers for Yamaha in Urban Area.


  • Competitive Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Survey Of Yamaha and its competitors (Special case for Yamaha Motor , India) Submitted by Nitin Baliyan
  • About the Company
    • India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. , is a fully owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Corporation(Japan).
    • Manufacturing Plants of the company in India are located at Faridabad (Haryana) and Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh).
    • Strong work force of 2000 Employees.
    • Country wide network of 400 Dealers.
  • Objective of Research
    • To study Demographic and Psychographic Profile of potential customers of Motorcycles in NCR (who have purchased their Motorcycles in Year , 2009).
    • To study customer satisfaction toward Product and Service offered by Company (Yamaha and its competitors).
    Research Methodology Research Design: Research is based on Descriptive Analysis. Method of Data Collection: Primary Data : Data has been collected directly from customers Secondary Data : Published reports, Magazines, etc.. Sampling Method: Random Sampling Method. Sample size: 280 respondents. Hero Honda : 60 Yamaha : 60 Bajaj : 60 Honda : 40 TVS : 60 Survey Time Period: 2 nd June to 24 th June, 2010
  • Botanical garden Yamuna Bank Kashmiri gate Service centers Dealers Focused Places Amity University
  • Marital Status: Age :
    • Customers Whose Marital Status is Single:
    • Yamaha is the most preferred brand among them.
    • Bajaj , T.V.S and Honda are also doing well in this segment.
    • Hero Honda holds lesser %age of customers in this segment comparative to others.
    • Customers Whose Marital Status is Married
    • Hero Honda is the most preferred brand among them.
    • Bajaj , T.V.S and Honda are also doing well in this segment.
    • Yamaha need to focus on this segment to gain more market share.
    • 21 25 Yrs
    • Yamaha have good Market share in this age group but Honda is ahead to Yamaha, other players are also doing well.
    • 26 30 Yrs
    • Yamaha is lagging in this age group in the comparison to its competitors.
    • Honda have good presence among the customers of this age group, Bajaj and TVS are also doing good.
    • 31 35 Yrs
    • Yamaha have very good presence among the customers of this age group. Hero Honda and TVS also holds good market share but Honda and Bajaj are lagging .
    • 36 40 Yrs
    • The presence of Bajaj among the customers of this age group is remarkable, rest all the players are doing Fine.
    • 41 45 Yrs
    • Yamaha and Honda are absent among the customers of this age group. While performance of TVS is better in the comparison to Hero Honda and Bajaj.
    • 46 50
    • Only Hero Honda holds customer from this age group
    • > 51 years
    • No respondents fall in this category
  • Occupation of Motorcycle Riders Qualification of Motorcycle Riders
    • Maximum no. of Graduate Students favor Hero Honda and next to it is Yamaha.
    • Yamaha , Bajaj and T.V.S also have good presence among 10 12 th std qualified students.
    • Maximum no. of Post Graduates favor Honda followed by Hero Honda. Yamaha and Bajaj equal % age of Post graduate students.
    • Pvt. Company Employee
    • Most of the customers of Bajaj, Hero Honda and Honda belong to this category, while Yamaha also have good no. of customers from this category.
    • Govt. Company Employee
    • Bajaj and Hero Honda have good Presence among the customers of this category . But Yamaha performance is not so good.
    • Self Employed
    • Yamaha, Honda and TVS have goof Presence among the Customers of this Category. While Hero Honda and Bajaj have very less no. of customers belong to this category
    • Student
    • Yamaha is most famous brand among Students.
  • Monthly House hold Income
    • Hero Honda is the only brand which have presence in all the M.H.I. groups
    • Yamaha have highest stake in income group of above Rs.30,001
    Usage of Motorcycle
    • Maximum Utilization of Motorcycle in case of the Players is Commute to office / Work / College, while incase of Yamaha the Maximum utilization is Moving Near by house.
    • Bajaj and Hero Honda commuters have good utilization of bike for Family purpose
    • Yamaha bikes also have great utilization for Racing on Street.
  • Awareness about the Product
    • Incase of Hero Honda and Bajaj and T.V.S maximum awareness of product is taking place through Family Friends and Visibility on Road, While in case of Yamaha these two factors are Very Less effective .
    • Incase of Yamaha Maximum awareness of Product is taking place through Walk in at Dealer and TV Advertisement.
    • Automagzine is playing most effective role in case of Yamaha and next to it incase of TVS.
    • Awareness Via Newspaper is effective incase of Yamaha and Honda.
  • Shopping Watch Movies Most of the Respondents for all the brands go for Shopping during weekends
    • Most of the customers for all the brands rarely go to watch Movies.
    • Those customers who go to watch Movies regularly is maximum incase of Yamaha.
  • Hang out with friends Visit Disc and Pub
    • Yamaha have maximum no. of customers who visit Disc and Pub regularly in the Comparison to others.
    • Most of the Respondents of Hero Honda , Bajaj and T.V.S dont prefer to go Disc and Pub.
    • Maximum no. of Respondents of Yamaha and Honda Prefer to Visit Disc and Pub Rarely.
    • In the Comparison to other brands Yamaha have maximum no. of respondents who prefer Hang out with Friends regularly.
    • Hero Honda and Bajaj have Maximum no. of respondents who Never prefer Hang out with Friends.
  • Long drive
    • Maximum no. of respondents of Bajaj, Hero Honda and Yamaha dont prefer to go on Long Drive.
    • Yamaha Have maximum no. of respondents in the comparison to others who prefer to go regularly on long drive.
  • Km ride per day
  • Bajaj Auto
    • In case of Bajaj Auto Customer Satisfaction, I found
    • Customers dont have any problem regarding
    • 1. Looks and style
    • 2. Riding comfort
    • 3. Resale value
    • 4. Availability of Spare parts
    • 5. Pick up
    • I found customers are concerned about
    • 1. Cost of Maintenance
    • 2. They are looking for more powerful bike , specially the customers of >=150 CC
    • 3. Product cost (inmost of the cases customer ask for cheaper product.
    • Customers are concerned about Engine
    • Most of them said there Is a (Chain set problem)
  • Yamaha
    • Incase of India Yamaha Motor
    • (Customer Satisfaction Survey)
    • I found
    • Most of the Customers are happy with the looks of the Product.
    • Pride of ownership is much better in case of Yamaha.
    • Customers are happy with the pick up of Product and Top speed.
    • Points for Concern are
    • Product Price (Most of the customer said price of the Product is higher)
    • Cost of Maintenance (customer said this time it is free service but at service centre they bill enough by means of adding ingredients or some thing else)
    • Spare parts and After sale service
    • (these two points were common among the customers I targeted at Himgiri and Shiva Motor (East Delhi)
    • Availability of spare parts take time.
    • Service of Motorcycle also take enough time
    • Handling of Product is also not so good)
    The Customers of Yamaha >= 150 CC Are looking for new models Most of them are waiting for 600 CC Product
  • Hero Honda Incase of Hero Honda Customer Satisfaction survey (I found) Customers are happy with brand name (they simply say it is a product of Hero Honda) They are satisfied with Product price. Availability of spare parts and After sales service. Customers of Hero Honda are concerned about Pick up , Customers of Hero Honda are concerned about Self Start (Problem I found in there product) Pick up ( Customers of >150 CC segment are also concerned) Most of the Respondents of Hero Honda I could easily catch at Metro Stations
  • Honda Incase of Customer satisfaction survey (Honda Motorcycles) I found Customer who are using stunner and of young were concerned about Pick up. They were not satisfied with 125CC While in case of Customers of Shine and Unicorn most of the customers were satisfied they simply think about mileage issue. Customers were enough satisfied with the service centers and dealerships.
  • T.V.S Incase of T.V.S. Motors The customers of Star City were most happiest customers among its other products. Generally the customers of >= 150 CC Looking for high pick up and Top speed. After sale service was fine in case of T.V.S Few customers complained about Engine oil
  • Recommend This M/c to your friend Recommend This Dealer to Purchase M/C
    • Maximum no. of respondents of all the brands say Probably they will recommend M/c to their friend.
    • Among the respondents who say they will definitely recommend this M/c to their friend Yamaha also have good Presence.
    • Maximum no. of respondents of all the brands say Probably they will recommend this Dealer to their Friend .
    • Among the respondents who say they will definitely recommend this dealer to their friend Yamaha also have good Presence and Least presence who deny.
  • Preference to next Vehicle Most of the customers of Yamaha and Honda want to purchase Motorcycle again . While in case of Bajaj and Hero Honda customers want to purchase 4 wheeler
  • Suggestions
    • We should increase the awareness of our product by increasing Frequency of Advertisements and Dealers Activity.
    • More Innovative ( I mean to say Hero Honda Launched 100 cc Segment Product in 1985. In 150 CC Segment Hero Honda entered in 1991, Bajaj read the message and Launched Pulsar in 1995. Our entry in this segment was late.
    • so we need to be more innovative so that we could not miss potential buyers.
    • After sale service is need to improved.
    • Customer are also concerned about Product Price, so we should also think about price of our product.
    • Our customers in > =150 CC segment are waiting for new models we should launch new models as early as possible.
    25% customers of the >=150 CC segment are waiting for 180 CC and 600 CC Model of Yamaha.
  • Thanking You