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<ul><li>1.India-Pakistan Partition History, through photos</li></ul> <p>2. Iqbal: Two Nation theory First articulated in the Presidentialaddress to the All India Muslimleague in 1930 by Allama Iqbal, thefamous poet, philosopher andpolitician. Argued that the aspirations of twodifferent communities, especiallywhen one was a minority, and theother a majority, could beaddressed within one state Was in disagreement with bothNehru and Gandhi In Indias nationalist discourse thiscame to be known as Muslimseparatism.2 3. 3 4. PAKISTAN is created as a Muslim Country 5. Jinnah Muslim Leader with Gandhi Hindu LeaderWants homelandWants united Indiafor Muslims 6. Jinnah Mountbatten Last English Viceroy to India with Nehru Hindu LeaderWants united IndiaWants homelandfor MuslimsSupposed to be neutral and administer independence and partition 7. Nehru and LadyMountbatten had intimaterelations to which Lord Mountbattenwas indifferent to. Partition, favored India in land, infrastructure, and control of water and critical cities. 8. 8 9. 9 10. Example journey 11. Net result of partition Greatest mass migration of humans in 20thcentury Over 15 Million Muslims, Sikhs and Hindusmoved across borders Communal slaughter over 1 Million killed, Tens of thousands of women raped andkidnapped 12. Net result of partition Families divided 3 Wars between India and Pakistan Large part of Pakistani GNP and Indiandefense dedicated to defense of borders East Pakistan fought for independence andwith aid from India, broke off from WestPakistan. Human rights abuses by Pakistani forces inEast Pakistan. 13. Net result of partition Kashmir a Muslim Majority state at heart ofconflict over self-determination andindependence from India. Human rights abuses against civiliansincluding women by Indian Armed forces whohave 0.5 Million army. Issues of Water Resources controlled by Indiato Pakistan and Bangladesh may lead to futureconflict and wars. 14. What is the price of freedom? 15. Dawn of Freedom (August 1947) Faiz Ahmed Faiz,translated by Agha Shahid AliThese tarnished rays, this night-smudged light -This is not that Dawn for which, ravished withfreedom, we had set out in sheer longing, sosure that somewhere in its desert the skyharbored a final haven for the stars, and wewould find it,. 37 16. Dawn of Freedom contd. We had no doubt that nights vagrant wavewould stray towards the shore that the heartrocked with sorrow would at last reach itsport.Friends, come away from this false light.Come, we must search for that promisedDawn. 38 17. References All photos are copyright of respective ownersand used from the public domain. </p>