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    MJ»m rate

    Vol.58 Pjanbiiiy, Lhriacttoo County, Micftig*a Wednettky January 8,1941 MB. 8

    Gov. VanWagoner States His Program

    Independents Wb and LOSO

    HU laattgral Spooch Makes a Goj»d Impression ane! It U Uo*»ttui ir Attempts To Block HU Program

    Will Get Anywhere

    Gov. Murray VanWagoner office last Wednesday and his augeral address seems to have

    took in-

    been well received all over the state.Ev- en the Republican press praised it. The Detroit Free Press knocks those skeptics who wail that his program eellf for increased expenditure*, by classing them as people of faint heart and little faith who think be- cause a thing never has been done it cannot be done. Gov. VanWag- oner expects to get $25,000,000 more revenue this year by increased tales taxes, due to more sales, and » more efficient means of collection.To that end he favors consolidating a number of departments and forming a tax collection dept

    In his inaugeral speech *he gover- nor promised to put the 80,000 peo- ple in Michigan who are entitled to old age pensions but who have been refused them for the past two years, because the governor and legislature were economy minded on the pension rolls. He made the same promise as to aid to crippled children who were also penalized as a economy move. These two promises in the name of mercy and humanity should be carri- ed out and any legislator or bunch of legislators who endeavors to block them should have the light of pub- licit) turned on him or them.

    In regard to school elections the governor would abolish the property owning qualification and let all citi Zens vote upon all matters. 'His rea- son for this is that the schools are no longer supported wholly by the prop- erty tax but the bulk of their rev- enue comes out ofthe sales tax which ali people contribute to. In this matter he has the backing of supt. of public instruction Gene Elliott who has long endorsed /this stand.

    There seems to be one fly in the ointment and that is that the aged tiring governor, Luren Dickinson.He still continues to Attempt to keep in the spotlight. The last legislature did ndt confirm many of his appoint- ments and others he failed to make. K< publican politicians wished him to rail a special session to get the ap- pointments confirmed. As this would put ithe matter squarely up to him he refused but instead passed the buck to the new legislature by sending in a list of 58 names for appointment There is doubt as to the legality of this action. In a similar case the su- preme court has ruled such action by a retiring governor unconstitutional. Gov. VanWagoner likewise sent in }us appointments. Attorney General Roihton who owes his nomination to Dickinson has ruled thai no ap- pointments can take office until eon- firmed by the senate. Heretofore they have taken office when they received their commission. This pat- ronage row is a petty matter and it should be .shelved in favor of more serious matters confronting the leg- islators.

    Gov. VanWagoner's appointment of George Burke of Ann Arbor, for- mer Governor Grosbeck and John Beukoma of Muskegeon to the civil service commission apparently meets with eneral satisfaction.

    LOH Fir* Gson» to Newell M t * M Rut y ^ n i , la •—Mataujsis i— Wii Column by Beerlnf Bax-

    ter 32 to M.


    1 LI94! "AND US. YOUTH

    by Mat Michigan Mirror I f * State tows'

    The Pinckney Independent* bmv k a ball team pulled off a doable reader at the school gym Thursday iiighk, losing the first game to Hbw- ell 32 to 20 and beating Dexter 82 tc 28. Pinckney could probably have won both of these games played if rhe> had not missed so many shots at the basket The Howell Motors had a good aggregation, which in- cluded Rockenbach, former Michigan State star and present high school coach in their lineup. However their star player was Pulkerson who scor- ed ]S points most of them on long ghOts from the center of the floor. No Pinckney player was able to i'corc more than 4 points.

    MOST wtocf mk * THf wont* t


    Pinckney Singer Myer V. Young Reynolds L. Van. Carver J. Young Hulce Lavey Shirey

    F e p p c c G G G G

    Howell Motors Rockenbach

    Miner Dayton

    Andrew Fulkerson

    Benedict WiUiamston

    (Niblock Gannon Dockstater

    1» I -


    UP 5 3 %

    Field goals Singer 2, Meyer 2, Van 2, Reynolds 1, V. Young 1, J. Young 1, Rockenbach 2, Miner 2, Fulkerson 8, Benedict 2. Foul goals J. Young 2, Fulkerson 2. F>a's Pin- ckney 4, Howell 8. Referee-Liekley.

    In the final contest Dexter led Pinckney at the end of the first quu*ter 9 to 4 when they sank 7 foul shots. The contest was tied at i5 to 15 at the half. Pinckney held u rne point lead at the end of the third period. Pinckney ran up 10 point? in the last quarter while Dex- ter pot but 7. The game was fast and furious with each team running neck and neck. Meyer scored 18 points for Pinckney and VanBlari- cum 10. Peters led the scorers for Dexter with 7.


    IN potuumofi UP 40.S&





    /N HALF.

    S.lfiU Partiea&eaip «* the Fes* of ftmilinn ftfTTiiii Hir14*— -*

    Laaaiag M»y Peril Their Nest Campajfa

    U K U t N T O M M E N I

    X OR January X, 1*41 the Pinckney

    Dispatch smarted on its 69th year of publication.

    Pinckney Singer Myer V. Young Reynolds L. Van. Carver J. Young Lavey Shirey

    F F F F C C G G G

    Field goals—Meyer Siiigei 2, Reynolds 1,

    Dexter Pdters

    Rencheler Evinger

    Bates Hainsworth

    Lickley Eagelson

    Devine Klump

    6, Van 5, J. Young 1,

    Peters 2, Evinger 1, Hainsworth 1, Bates 3, Lickly 2. Foul goals Mey- er J, J. Ycung 1, Peters 3, Rench- ler 1, Hainsworth 1, Lickley 4, Eag- elson 1. Fouls Pinckney 11, Dex- ter 7. Referee Hole*


    The Pinckney Chapter No. 145 O. E. S., will hold their regular meet- ing on Friday evening,, Jan. 10th.

    Blanch Martin, Sec'y. » •


    LOSES LIFE IN AUTO ACCIDENT Lyle Morgan, 17 son of Mr. and

    Mrs. Jay Morgan of Deerfield was killed Saturday morning when his car struck a truck driven by Edward Donner on Hicks Road, near Par- shall ville, 16 miles north of Howell. Buell Morgan, passenger in the Mbr-

    gan car was uninjured.


    elected th« following officers and teachers for the coming year Supt. Hierman Vedder ltd. Asst ..... Herman Widmayer 2nd Asst E. L Hulce Sec'y. Jack Hmnnett Tress Mis* Bessie Swarthout Organist Mrs'. J. M. McLucas Asst. Org. .. Jare.Herman Widmayer Choirister .... Mrs. Florence Baughn

    The teachers areas followp: Men's Bible Class .Rev. McLuesa Philathea Class . Mrs. S. K. Elliott Yomig Peoples Mrs L. J. flamy WiHtaf Workers . . . J in . R L. Hides Sunshine CUss..Miss Basel Chamber Primary .... Mrs. Herman Widmayer and M*» Thomas Wi

    Judge Collins came to Howell Fri- day and held a one day term of court. He heard a motion by Shields & Smith to dismiss the case against Daylc Kettler and Marshall Camp- belt charged with arson, in connec- tion with fire in a cottage at Patter- son Lake owned by Kettler. The petition also asked that each be tried separately and that the case be put over to the March term of coust on account of the fact that Mrs. Ida Reason, a witness for the defense, was in Florida. Judge Col- lins denied all the motions but the last one and the case is accordingly set for trial at (the March term of court. Kettler is now in Detroit

    Court convened Monday and the jury was called in. The case of the people va Ben Yonnier is set for trial. He is charged with unlawfully driving away a ear. The bastardy case against Gerald Abbott of Fow- lerville was settled and also the ap- peal case against F. Sehroeder. Sev- eral other casts are listed, as ready for trial.

    Cithohc Cbvrch Rev. Frauds Murphy

    Sunday Jan. 12, Feast of Hie Holy Family. Masses at 8:30 and 10:45. Novena in Honor of Our Lady of Sorrows on Friday at 7:20 p. m. Public invited.

    Catechism class Saturday, 9 a. m. and Sunday after Mass, Instruction wi'l follow the reading schedule as in the outline of the liturgical year and on Sunday Catholic Paper read- ing. Sunday is Communion Sunday for all men under the Patronage of the Holy Name Society. Enrollment of new members Sunday throughout the Diocese, it is the custom on the Feast of the Holy Family. Each member enrolled is remembered each day of the year post mortem, (after death) and while living in all masses said by the Society of 9t. Deminic v hich was organized in the early centuries to spread the Devotion of the Divinity of Christ and reverence of r the Holy Name.

    The Rt. Rev. Bishop's latter Sun- cay referrs to the marvelous spirit- ual benefits attached to men united in this Devotion.

    Draft Inductions Are Postponed

    County Draft Induction* Are Po»-

    Poned Unti