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    3 Welcome3 10 Steps to Success3 8 Day Ignite - Corporate Plan 3 Shopping List3 Taking Measurements

    3 Understanding Detox3 Autoship3 Xyngular Rewards3 After the 8 Day3 Day 9-30 Plan

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  • As you can see you have a fabulous support system built in all around you. Lock arms with your coach, our incredible team, commit to your goals and together well fly!

    All our best,

    Your Xyngular Coaches

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    independent distributorWelcome!Welcome to the Xyngular family! We are so, so very glad that youre here. Whether your desired change is to feel better, look better, have more energy or all of the above, youve got a team of coaches ready to cheer you on to success!

    Now that youve ordered, you may be asking yourself, Whats next? First of all, know that whether youre full on excited, nervous, or fall someplace in between you are part of an incredible support system of coaches waiting to help you, achieve your goals and biggest dreams! Well take you through this process step-by-step. You do your part and well do ours. Deal?

    Also in this Welcome Packet, youll find a shopping guide, measurementchart, autoship information, a maintenance plan and more! Be sure to print out the packet and review it before your products come so youre prepared and ready to go. Dont hesitate to reach out to your coach if you have any questions along the way!

    In addition to this packet, please make sure you are added to our Totally Transformed and Lovin It! Facebook page which is our teams product support community. Feel free to share your successes, ask questions, get and post recipe ideas. There are loads of support tools in there. Your participation is welcome. We and look forward to hearing YOUR SUCCESS STORY!

    Now.whats your motivation? Is it health benefits, getting your product paid for, or something else? What is your goal? We challenge you to set a goal and go for it, no matter how high you set it, and then share that goal with your coach. Whatever it is, write it down and post it where you can see it as a daily reminder. This will help keep you motivated as you work toward it.

    A bonus of investing in our products through one of our coaches is the opportunity to receive thank you checks for sharing with others! Within your first 30 days, you could earn enough in thank you checks to completely cover the cost of your initial investment AND even start making income beyond the price of your products! This may not be the motivation for you, but it is an added perk and IS possible with the Xyngular opportunity. We are always here to help you succeed in business, too. Just share your dream to become a business builder with your direct coach and you will gain access to our team business information.

    Not an official corporate document. Created for an independent distributor.


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  • Ten Steps to Success!

    Look better. Feel better. Live better

    1 READ this entire document.2 BE PREPARED by creating your meal plan, going to the grocery store with the Healthy Shopping Guide, and preparing the right foods, etc. Cooking beforehand will make things easier, reduce undesirable snacking and help keep you on track!

    3 Follow one of our recommended plans. Use Xander or set an alarm on your phone to remind you when it is time to do something until it has become habit forming! Stay in close communication with your sponsor and seek advice for questions/concerns.

    4 Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. It will help flush toxins from the body and is the #1 fat burner in the body.

    5 Avoid these three white foods (even on eating days): flour, salt, sugar.6 Eat high fiber foods on eating days: salads and vegetables are great for this. Avoid high carb foods like peas, rice, starches and even whole wheat breads.

    7 Eat enough food. Not eating enough food will KILL your metabolism and hold onto fat.

    8 IMPORTANT: Take your before picture (front, side and back), ALSO, take your measurements following the measurement guide document. Do NOT skip this step!

    9 Limit your exercise during the 8-day due to your low calorie intake. You are encouraged, however, to follow the exercise routine recommended on our plans.

    10 Commit and you will succeed!

    WHY DRINK WATER?*The Miracle of Water What it Does for the Human Body

    Water prevents loss of memory as you age

    Dehydration taxes the heart by causing it to pump faster to get sufficient oxygen to the muscles

    Water is essential for the body to sweat and release toxins

    Water cleanses toxic waste from various parts of the body and carries it to the liver and kidneys for removal

    Water lubricates joints and lessons discomfort from arthritis and back pain

    Water slows the aging process and makes skin smooth

    Water lessens addictive urges, including caffeine,

    alcohol, and certain drugs

    Water allows for efficient cell repair

    Water allows red blood cells to carry oxygen

    more efficiently, resulting in better muscular

    function and increased mental acuity

    Without the flow of water, theres

    insufficient water to remove waste and toxins

    through your stool

    A University of Washington study discovered that one

    glass of water stopped hunger pangs for almost 100% of studies dieters.

    75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated

    D R I N KM O R E


    independent distributor

    Not an official corporate document. Created for an independent distributor.


  • Ignite Meal PlanRECOMMENDED 8-DAY


    Water: Drink 1 gal. (128 oz.) daily during your 8-day. Drinks: Water, Global Blend, Xypstix, SpryngProtein Choices: Fish, Turkey, Chicken, Eggs, Beans,