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  • “When the world sleeps India

    will awake to life and freedom”

    quoted by Jawaharlal Nehru in

    his famous address to the nation

    from Red fort on the eve of

    India’s first Independence day

    celebration. Thus started India’s

    tryst with destiny. A journey

    never heard of in human his-

    tory. With its diversity varying

    from religion to physical geogra-

    phy each with its own potential

    to shatter the nation to pieces.

    Every Independence Day we

    Indian’s prove that our nation is

    beyond such differences. Inde-

    pendence Day is also the time

    to remind one and all the strug-

    gle, importance and the need to

    protect its freedom.

    At Achala Vidyanikethan we try

    our best every year to remind

    the younger generation the

    significance of our freedom.

    “Colours of India” a metaphor

    for the diversity of India was the

    chosen theme for the years

    celebration. Through this theme

    we highlighted the essence,

    importance and the need to

    Appreciate and celebrate the diversity of India.

    The cultural events of the day amply highlighted the theme, be it in

    language or costume, India’s diversity was the showpiece.

    The chief guest for the day was

    distinguished Seri-culture sci-

    entist Dr. R. Raghuraman.

    The other chief invitee was Dr.

    Gururaj, Patron for the school,

    Shri Ramesh member of the

    school trust and friends and

    parents of our students.

    Colours of India

    S E V E N T H Y E A R

    C E L E B R A T I O N

    Independence Day at


    Parade March


    Cultural events




    Guest of honor Colours of India

    M I C R O S O F T Independence Day

    Celebration at

    Achala Vidyanikethan

    Seated from left to right.

    Dr. Gururaj-school patron

    and Dr. R. Raghuraman, our

    Chief Guest.

    Independence Day celebration at Achala Vidyanikethan

  • Salute to the national flag Colours of India

    Cultural Events Colours of India

    The day starts early at Achala Vidyanikethan. Students had gathered at the premises by 6:30 AM. It’s a routine for our school to invite the

    neighborhood to witness the days events, what better way than a Parade march in the neighborhood of the school.

    The parade was flag off by school Headmistress Mrs. Parvathy Gururaj and Dr. Gururaj. Students accompanied by school band and teachers

    marched with pride to wake up the neighborhood and remind them of the events at the school.

    Here a special thanks to our physical instructor for training the band and for the various tunes played by them which ensured that the

    neighborhood woke from its holiday slumber and for loud enough to raise alarms from parked cars and the occasional barks from chained


    Students waving the national flag and raised slogans to complement it.

    The turn out for the cultural event is a testimony to the attention grabbed by the parade march.

    events which were deployed

    to showcase our theme.

     Prayer song

     Fashion show by kinder

    garden children

     Song on Indian diversity by


     Speeches in Kannada and


     A colourful hoops perform-


     Dance performance by

    To showcase colours

    of India is not an easy

    task, can it sang or

    danced or a speech or

    a fashion show of the

    countries costumes a

    daunting task indeed.

    At AVN we tried our

    best to incorporate or

    more precisely we

    deployed all means

    available to show case

    India’s diversity.

    Here are the list of

    lower primary

     Dance performance

    by higher classes

    In additional to the

    above our students

    also showcased their

    physical prowess

    A new feature to the

    years celebration was

    the Karate display by a

    select few students.

    Independence Day is a day

    to remember the numer-

    ous sacrifices made to

    unfurl the tri-colour flag.

    We were honored to have

    had Dr. R. Raghuram hoist

    the tri-colour flag.

    The ceremonial flag hoist

    was followed by national

    anthem and general pledge.

    Then it was turn of our

    students to pay their re-

    spect to the fluttering flag

    and a general salute to the

    chief guest.

    Parade March Colours of India

    Independence Day celebration at Achala Vidyanikethan

  • The cultural events began with the invocation of the almighty.

    To the best and the easily recognizable diversity of India is its costumes. Our costumes vary from cotton to woolen suitable for the local

    climate and the ease of availability, A south Indian dhoti represents his geography and the ease in availability of cotton.

    Our toddlers from the kinder garden classes paraded in their colourful best showcasing India’s diversity through costumes. It would be

    naïve to call it a fashion show as our teachers and their parents struggled hard to align then in a line, against all odds our toddlers put up a

    great show.

    Toddlers from Kinder garden in costumes from Kashmir (extreme left) to Nagaland (extreme right)

    The physical prowess and their elegance was

    best put forth by class one students and their

    seniors from the lower and upper primary

    classes. Students from class one with their nim-

    ble feet and tiny hands and students from lower

    primary with dumbbells showcased their physi-

    cal strength to rhythmic beats. The display by

    class one students was well appreciated by the


    A colourful Hoops performance by students

    from upper primary was as colour as one could

    think off. “Sound check, mic check, students rapt attention, now it is time for

    your teachers to showcase their talents.” Our teachers trained by our

    music teacher put up their best for a song which showcased our

    theme “Colours of India”.

    Independence Day celebration at Achala Vidyanikethan

    Class one students in addition to regular physical exercises

    clapped, swung from left to right, stretched , postures of

    rocket launch and land and what not, a few more interesting

    facts are they exercised to the drum beats of their class

    teacher, two of their upper primary seniors guided them

    (though an embracement for the seniors).

  • India is home to hundreds of languages our constitution recognizes 22 languages, but we hardly

    get to know about these languages. To emphasize the diversity of Indian languages one of our

    student presented a wonderful speech in Kannada with selective extracts from selective lan-

    guages. To illustrate, the beauty of India's physical geography from the first stanza of our national

    song “Vande Mataram”, the extent of India as mentioned in Sanskrit's “Vishupuram”, the concept

    of world citizen from Tamil’s “Purananuru” and so on. The idea behind the concept was to high-

    light how our languages appreciate diversity.

    Sahana R, who presented the

    speech in Kannada

    In the South-Asian

    region, it hard to find

    a nation which had/has

    issues with its diver-

    sity, recent protest by

    those in the south of

    Nepal demanding

    greater rights in their

    newly framed consti-

    tution is a recent ex-

    ample. India being an

    exception here. An-

    other of our student

    highlighted the same

    in her English speech.

    Her speech was laced

    with ways and means

    in which one can un-

    derstand, appreciate

    and celebrate India’s


    The fiery speech by Shreemya in English

    When one explores India’s diversity, art forms always has a special

    place, being it in architecture or performing arts. To showcase colours

    of India students from lower primary and higher above put up a brilliant

    dance performance.

    The performance by lower primary to the tunes of selected patriotic

    songs, while the one by the higher classes was a mix of languages, and

    varied performing art set to a patriotic fervor.

    Colours of India

    Independence Day celebration at Achala Vidyanikethan

    When one traces the path traversed by India, songs in glory of

    the land are galore. During the Independence struggle it reached

    its zenith. Songs, drama, music, etc were some common tools

    used then to spread the message of Independence.

    After Independence the same tools were used to strengthen our

    nation. During crises they placed a constructive role in galvaniz-

    ing the people of the nation.

    A select few songs formed the base on which the students from

    the lower primary classes exhibited their patriotic fervor. They

    were clad in white with a tinge of


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