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  • To add the colours of glory and bravery to the pleasant morning of 13 August 2019, DAV Public School, Sector 10A celebrated the 73 Independence Day with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion and dedicated it to the backbone of our nation, the soldiers of the Indian Army. Our esteemed Principal Ma'am Ms. Aparna Erry graced the occasion with her presence and motivated the students to love their country by following their responsibilities and duties. On the day of celebration, the vibrant colours of our National Flag adorned each and every corner of the school. The students enthusiastically showcased their love for the country through various cultural events. The programme ensued with the mind blowing orchestra performance on patriotic numbers. It was followed by zestful dances and edifying speeches both by kindergarten and primary graders. The highlight of the programme was the ADIYOGI performance by the Special Wing brigade. Post this cultural extravaganza, the prize distribution ceremony added cheer to the day. The celebration ended with the vote of thanks.

    Independence Day Celebration